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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Diesel's future
Posted: 17 April 2014   1 Comment
Personally I am much more optimistic about the future of diesel, and don't think this scenario of diesel being banned will materialize. Diesel is a very efficient store of energy, and is the backbone of heavy trucking globally. While it might be feasible to convert some trucks to natural gas, converting them to ...
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New Generation of Clean Diesel Technology Is Fueling U.S. Economic Growth
17 April 2014
In The Past 10 Years, Emissions From Diesel Trucks And Buses Have Been Reduced By 99% For NOx And 98% For Particulate Emissions
Germany first to put health before economy
Dateline: 12 July 2017
Germany's Berliner Zeitung put it succinctly: Diesel Backfires - Decades of government support can't hide the ugly truth. It was only three years ago ...
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MindBullets Editors MindBullets Editors
Published on: 17 April 2014   2 Comments
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Germany first to put health before economy
Dateline: 12 July 2017
Germany's Berliner Zeitung put it succinctly: Diesel Backfires - Decades of government support can't hide the ugly truth. It was only three years ago that government researchers began to admit that irritating private research may just be correct - the nitrogen dioxide emissions generated by diesel engines have increased substantially over the past two decades and there was no sign of a reversal. Tiny toxic particulates emitted by diesel engines, have been shown to pass through the lungs and enter ...
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Google gets its drone on
Posted: 16 April 2014  
Perhaps upstaging Facebook, Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, the maker of those solar powered drones that can fly high enough to act as comms satellites. Guess that means we'll be seeing the Googlenet come alive sooner rather than later.
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Zucker punched: Google gobbles Facebook-wooed Titan Aerospace
16 April 2014
Web giant Google is buying Titan Aerospace, presumably to help it blanket the world in internet connectivity beamed from drones and balloons.
Google's robots do the heavy lifting, drive the dump trucks and haul the garbage
Dateline: 17 July 2018
Now that Google has become the leading developer of robots, including humanoid robots, we can leave them to do all the unpleasant, dangerous, and boring ...
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Are you a servant or driver?
Posted: 15 April 2014  
"Gourley said that there are two types of relationships we are already used to, where we are the product or the owner. We are the product on sites like Facebook, where algorithms match us with ads. We are the owner when we subscribe to a service that serves up content we would like or automatically does a task for ...
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Algorithms will do more and more of the thinking in the world
15 April 2014
“This is a world where the speed of light has to be factored into the equations for buying and selling,” Quid founder and CTO Sean Gourley said at the ...
Cloud-based algorithms determine our daily routine and schedule - and our love lives
Dateline: 27 April 2017
We can't predict the future, but the clues are all around us. We're all connected, to each other, to everything, in so many ways. Our daily lives are part ...
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