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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Microsoft gets its cool on
Posted: 30 January 2015  
Yes, we can't ignore Microsoft and Windows. Many millions of people use Windows, me included, and it's time Microsoft made it work like an innovative, leading product. It sure looks like they're planning to do that with Windows 10, which should be a major step up from 8.1. It will make integration between devices ...
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Microsoft’s in danger of becoming cool again
30 January 2015
This week's Windows 10 event was arguably the most exciting technology industry keynote address since Steve Jobs took to a stage in 2007 to introduce the ...
Apple in decline as consumers, and businesses, vote with their wallets
Dateline: 7 November 2016
The votes are in, and there's a new winner in the global race to be the biggest and best tech company. And the winner is Microsoft! Just four years ago, ...
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Simply become immortal
Posted: 29 January 2015  
There's certainly demand for a service that preserves your memories. Someday we may be able to upload our brains to an avatar, but right now you can subscribe to Eterni.me and start saving your memories.

"It works like this: while you’re alive you grant the service access to your Facebook, Twitter and email ...
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Back-up brains: The era of digital immortality
29 January 2015
How do you want to be remembered? As Simon Parkin discovers, we may eventually be able to preserve our entire minds for generations to come – would you?
You can't live forever, but your avatar can - with your brain
Dateline: 23 June 2025
There's a battle brewing in the avatar industry. The battle for your mind. Your brain. Or to be more specific, the backup of your brain. The contenders ...
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
It's the year of the drones
Posted: 29 January 2015  
Drones are crash landing everywhere, from the White House lawn to northern Nigeria. I'm sure we will see more and more drone stories as the year goes on.

Here's a great use for swarms of drones - planting millions of trees, with a 'seed cannon' no less! ...
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Drones Will Be Everywhere Watching, Listening, and...Planting Millions of Trees?
29 January 2015
More and more people are getting to know drones, and not just the military kind. Drones were one of the hottest gifts over the holidays because they’re not ...
No batteries needed for these delivery drones
Dateline: 7 March 2017
The biggest hurdle for electric aircraft has always been the weight of the batteries, and as nimble as they are, quadrotors and octocopters typically had ...
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MindBullets Editors MindBullets Editors
Published on: 29 January 2015  
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Inequality next in the firing line
Dateline: 12 January 2021
The first resolution to come out of the United Nations for the new year is somewhat startling. Poverty has been declared 'illegal'. "A minimum living standard should be regarded as a basic human right," said the secretary general. "In this day and age, governments must ensure that for all their citizens, or step aside and let more competent people govern!" Another item on the agenda is to reduce global inequality, not only within nation states, an increasingly archaic concept, but also between top ...
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