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Published on: 28 August 2014  
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Homeowner dies as home automation system goes haywire
Dateline: 14 August 2018
It's a dream gone horribly wrong. The automated, connected world was supposed to make our lives and our homes better, easier and safer. But now it's turned into a dreadful nightmare. Sure, there were plenty of minor glitches with early smart home systems. The vacuum cleaner switching on in the middle of the night. Electronic locks that wouldn't open. Heating and air-conditioning playing up. Irritating, but hardly lethal. Until now... It seems the whole world has watched the morbidly riveting online ...
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Wolfgang Grulke Wolfgang Grulke
Britain and the World in 2030
Posted: 23 August 2014  
An interesting scenario exercise by historian Dominic Sandbrook - could you translate this into local impact in your region?
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The coming apocalypse
23 August 2014
This is Britain in 2030: frightened, fractious and weary, its economy sunk in the longest depression in history, its people haunted by terrorism and war.
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Waiting in the wings
Posted: 21 August 2014  
There's a powerful, growing economy that is still under the radar in monetary terms. What happens when China uses digital Darwinism to leapfrog the old established reserve currencies? It could change everything, forever.
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The Secret Life of the Renminbi
21 August 2014
The IMF chooses not to track the use of the renminbi as a reserve currency, which isn't stopping central banks from accepting it as such.
US Dollar slides as gold-backed RMB becomes the online and offline currency of choice
Dateline: 15 March 2015
China's monetary authority has done it again. After surprising everyone but a small group of futurists by partially adopting a gold standard to back their ...
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Humans Need Not Apply
Posted: 21 August 2014  
If you missed my recent post about the robopocalypse, here's the video referenced in the Mashable story. It's well worth a look if you've got 15 minutes to spare, and makes an interesting counter argument to the optimism of Erik Brynjolfsson in The Second Machine Age.
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