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George Battye George Battye
SySTEMic problems
Posted: 26 March 2015   1 Comment
Protecting any kind of career through artificial means is generally a bad idea. If a free economy indicates that an activity is no-longer valuable then that activity isn't valuable - shoring it up is just wasting money. It's natural for us to want to protect our heritage and legacy, to avoid any change, but it's ...
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SySTEMic problems necessitate policy expansion on basic wages
Dateline: 4 February 2021
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MindBullets Editors MindBullets Editors
Published on: 26 March 2015   2 Comments
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SySTEMic problems necessitate policy expansion on basic wages
Dateline: 4 February 2021
The world has gotten so 'skewed' towards STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as more and more of everyday life is ruled by these fields. Overall we're better off - STEM has helped to curb carbon emissions, we just saw the first drug-based therapies for reversing strokes and heart attacks and we're desalinating enough seawater to supply half of Australia. We rely on STEM and we want STEM, but as a result many other careers and people are falling by the wayside. STEM jobs and ...
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Doug Vining Doug Vining
Molecular printing machine
Posted: 25 March 2015  
Manufacturing small organic molecules, chemical compounds which are used mainly in medicines, is costly and time consuming. Now Martin Burke and his team have unveiled a machine which can automate this synthesis from basic chemical building blocks, enabling experimentation and discovery.

It's not quite the scenario ...
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Breakthrough Molecular 3D Printer Can Print Billions of Possible Compounds
25 March 2015
Sure we are likely multiple decades away from widespread molecular manufacturing, but a group of chemists led by medical doctor Martin D. Burke at the ...
And we'll mend them and send them right back - by email
Dateline: 15 August 2022
Now that the bio-replicator is a reality, it is easy to transfer biological fragments from place to place - electronically! In fact, you can send the code ...
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Wolfgang Grulke Wolfgang Grulke
How fossil fuels are greening the planet
Posted: 24 March 2015  
Interesting stuff from Matt Ridley (author of the Rational Optimist) and how the doom-mongers' case against fossil fuels is going up in smoke!
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Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet
24 March 2015
Matt Ridley dropped by a studio in Los Angeles last month to talk about a curious global trend that is just starting to receive attention.
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