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Mainstream metal printing
Posted: 13 October 2017

We've talked a lot about 3D printing over the years, and its potential to disrupt traditional manufacturing businesses. Now metal 3D printing is about to go mainstream, with office-friendly studio systems and high-speed manufacturing systems from Desktop Metal. And in a variety of metals, from titanium to stainless steel. Let the 4th Industrial Revolution begin!

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100x faster, 10x cheaper: 3D metal printing is about to go mainstream
13 October 2017
Desktop Metal - remember the name. This Massachussetts company is preparing to turn manufacturing on its head, with a 3D metal printing system that's so much faster, safer and cheaper than existing systems that it's going to compete with traditional mass manufacturing processes.
Battle of the internet giants
Posted: 23 April 2015

Ever wondered how much money Apple makes, every second? Or if Microsoft is outperforming Google, in real time?

Here's a great interactive graphic that demonstrates the astonishing earnings of these exponential organisations.

Click above to view the full version [h/t PennyStocksLab]. ...

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Scientific invention from the south
Posted: 18 September 2013

Adding to South Africa's list of inventors and innovators such as Elon Musk comes the story of a world first - digital laser control.

Researcher Sandile Ngcobo and his team at the CSIR in South Africa have developed a laser with a digital, rather than optical control mechanism. This means the laser can be shaped and tuned to the application at hand, by computer, rather than expensive optics.

I ...

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Discovery gives CSIR an edge in laser market
18 September 2013
CSIR researcher Sandile Ngcobo has developed the world's first digital laser with internal control mechanisms.
More electronic underwear
Posted: 12 September 2013

Or should it be underware? We've written about the iChastity belt, now here comes underwear with the fun put in - Funderwear.

An experimental product from Durex, it allows couples to, well, make contact over the internet.

That reminds me so much of a MindBullet we wrote years ago: LONG DISTANCE LOVERS HOOK UP IN CYBERSPACE.

I'm sure by 2024 this will be commonplace. Gives a new meaning to ...

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Data World is where it is all happening
Posted: 10 September 2012

Smart machines, smart data sensors and an explosion of data points will create massive new opportunities for those alert to the opportunities...and swamp everyone else in the data deluge. New innovation will either be enhanced by these new smart insights or it will be slowed down by 'filter failure' and the over whelming amount of information available to us. The data world is about to ...

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Data-Driven Discovery Is Tech’s New Wave - Unboxed
10 September 2012
Fueled by hardware and software improvements, data-driven discovery is expected to transform a plethora of fields.
Amazon, Google and eBay dominate internet hardware
Dateline: 5 September 2009
Why buy cows when all you need is milk? Have you noticed how no-one buys any server hardware anymore? In fact, I can't remember the last time a company ...
End of Cash Approaching?
Posted: 8 August 2012

Are we reaching a stage where cash as a form of value exchange will disappear? Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, launched 'Square' some time back. Initially seen as a geek toy it is gaining support and the recent Starbucks announcement will build huge awareness. All it takes is the purchase of the tiny device for USD10 (refunded after registration of the device), online registration and hey ...

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Starbucks adds Square mobile payments - Telegraph
8 August 2012
Starbucks has teamed up with Square, the American mobile payments tool created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, to allow its customers to pay for ...
In this high-tech age why does your money still travel at a snail’s pace?
Dateline: 12 February 2009
That May 2005 statement from Ed Mayo of the UK's National Consumer Council certainly started a revolution in banking practice and has speeded up money ...
3D Printing evolves really fast
Posted: 22 May 2012

Even this new technology is experiencing rapid innovation, the older 3D technologies are facing new threats and will need to embrace step changes even faster! Its a flat, fast and furious world out there. Are you fast enough?

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This 3D Printer Creates Thinner Prints with Photosensitive Resin
22 May 2012
The B9Creator is a 3D Printer that can create objects on a much smaller and finer scale than other 3D printers. It uses photosensitive resin instead of ...
No more paper or ink, but everything else goes
Dateline: 17 June 2012
I spent a frustrating few days at the World Printing Industry Showcase in Beijing this weekend. As an old-timer of the printing industry, I simply didn't ...
The future is better than you think!
Posted: 7 April 2012 1 Comment

The book "Abundance - the future is better than you think" is increasingly being talked about as a remarkably fresh look at the world and where we are. It is unashamedly optimistic, and argues that yes, we can solve the problems of the world - poverty, hunger, scarcity of jobs, climate change and more - through technology, new thinking and a change of mindset. It's a great read, and in this ...

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Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future
7 April 2012 Onstage at TED2012, Peter Diamandis makes a case for optimism -- that we'll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that ...
The big business flops of 2011
Posted: 9 April 2012

We all know about the great success stories of our time, the Googles and Apples and the reinvented IBM. But what about the oines that didn't work? What about the flops? There are as many, and perhaps more, lessons to be learned from these.

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Learn from the 7 business models that failed in 2011
9 April 2012
Last year we featured the 10 business models that rocked 2010. Now we studied 7 business models that got shot in 2011! Discover the learnings from the business models of Southwest, Airbnb, Bitcoins, Netflix, Dexia, HiGear, Nokia, RIM, and Swoopo.
Big Data only works if you can use it!
Posted: 7 April 2012

Big Data only works if you can use it. Lessons for the survivors of the last big market crash.

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Less risk, more reward: expanding the borders of financial analysis | SmartPlanet
7 April 2012
Using lessons learned from the 2008 stock-market collapse, financial firms ramp up the use of big data and high-performance computing to provide faste
The future of the mobile carriers
Posted: 7 April 2012

As the entire world goes mobile, will the wireless carrier companies becomes the Masters of the Universe? Or are they missing the boat. Good insights.

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2020: The Rise or Demise of Wireless Carriers?
7 April 2012
If we fast forward just eight years to 2020, what role will wireless carriers fill?
The world according to Google
Posted: 7 April 2012

What does Google have in store? Is it still a search company? And what about the battle between Android and Apple? An interesting interview with Google CEO Larry Page.

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Google's Page: Apple's Android Pique 'For Show'
7 April 2012
On April 3, Google (GOOG) co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Larry Page sat down with Bloomberg Businessweek to discuss his first year at the helm of the technology giant, his plans for the future, and the company’s relationships with its competitors. Excerpts from our forthcoming magazine story:
A cellphone that can hammer nails...
Posted: 7 April 2012

We all know that it's mobile devices that are driving the connectivity revolution. But a cellphone that can hit tennis balls and hammer nails...????

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In Beijing, cellphones that hammer nails and hit tennis balls | SmartPlanet
7 April 2012
BEIJING — One Chinese firm has abandoned its foreign partners to make cellphones which double as videogame controllers and, erm, hammers.
Technology will drive marketing into a new realm
Posted: 21 March 2012

As the data tsunami approaches, those ready for the moment will reap handsome dividends. But this will demand a step change in attitude to the use of and investment in data analytics - from new hardware to new and diverse people in the synthesis teams. The ability to 'read' much more complex streams of data will be what creates new valuable insights and customer personalization solutions.

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Marketing is the next big money sector in technology
21 March 2012
Businesses can now leverage big data for the benefit of driving marketing insights. According to Ajay Agarwal of Bain Capital Ventures, this fundamental ...
Consumers take ownership and topple service providers' marketing strategies
Dateline: 14 December 2006
Mobile phones have become the de facto standard contact point for many people - especially with the explosion of small and networked business structures. ...
Why won't Nokia switch Symbian off?
Posted: 21 March 2012

After years of investment, time and passion, it is now right to kill Symbian. WHat prevents Nokia from taking this step? Is it talented self belief, hubris, blinkered thinking or a dogged belief that the system will remain relevant in the changed world?

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Nokia Symbian sales plunge - Telegraph
21 March 2012
New data reveals that the iPhone’s market share is rising, and Windows Phone is now outselling Nokia’s Symbian operating system.
Symbian cleans up in the hottest tech space since the PC
Dateline: 15 March 2007
It's official. Research group Gartner has reversed its 2003 prediction that Microsoft would triumph in the battle for the Smartphone platform. In a rare ...
The Future is better than you think
Posted: 15 March 2012 1 Comment

It's also three-dimensional and infinite.

If Diamandis and Kotler are to be believed, then there will be an abundance of infinite computing power and presumably communications capability. When these are combined with 3-D printing (digital manufacturing) it gets really exciting:

"Suddenly an invention developed in China can be perfected in India, then printed and utilized in Brazil on the same ...

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Peter Diamandis’ Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
15 March 2012
In their new book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, Peter H. Diamandis, the CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, and Steven Kotler argue that new technologies and other forces will make the coming years better, not worse, as we so often worry.
Play me your paper, man!
Posted: 13 March 2012

Devices that enable people to connect electronically - and more importantly, to transact - are becoming more and more common, but this one deserves attention - paper with inbuilt printed circuits that play music and enable users to purchase concert tickets - very cool indeed!
We talk in our newest theme, 'The Future is Never Urgent - Leaders make it so' about a new world of want-nots instead ...

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Printed poster plays music clips
13 March 2012
Paper posters that play music via printed circuits made with conductive ink have been unveiled.
Extended Wi-Fi or the new Li-Fi...a step change either way
Posted: 4 March 2012

With the data tsunami building, connectivity is set to escape bottlenecks in transmission capability with these new ideas. The impacts will spur further development and use and the overall impact will drive new step changes in how we use and come to rely ever more on data transmission.

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Twisted radio waves offer infinite Wifi capacity - Telegraph
4 March 2012
A new twist on radio waves could massively boost the capacity of Wifi and other wireless networks.
Amazon, Google and eBay dominate internet hardware
Dateline: 5 September 2009
Why buy cows when all you need is milk? Have you noticed how no-one buys any server hardware anymore? In fact, I can't remember the last time a company ...
Mastercard a tech Co?
Posted: 14 February 2012

What could a credit card business be without a credit card? It seems that Mastercard are quite open about what their game plan is...and it's different! In an age of innovation, commoditization, turbulence and uncertainty, the quality of strategic thinking is paramount. Incremental change will often not be enough to ensure survival, not to even mention step change success! WIll Mastercard ...

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MasterCard Changes Its Culture To Be A Tech Company
14 February 2012
CEO Ajay Banga says MasterCard is transforming into a global tech company focused on providing electronic payments via smartphones, other digital devices.
Taxman loses in the race to dominate the online payments market
Dateline: 9 February 2010
Since eBay and PayPal allowed users to charge and pay with Skype credits, the banks and credit card companies have been running scared. That was until ...
The ultimate tool for democracy?
Posted: 30 December 2011

As we approach a new year, we remember the unexpected changes that 2011 ushered in...many brought about by the ubiquitous mobile phone. This is the worlds most often used camera, telephone (at times) tweet machine, FB logger, blogging device, GPS etc. It may also be voted as the most important tool in ensuring openness, transparency, collaboration, sharing and the ability to vote, influence ...

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Arab spring leads surge in events captured on cameraphones
30 December 2011
In 2011, cameraphones entered the mainstream of photojournalism due to a combination of the Arab uprisings, the Occupy protests and improved technology.
Phone blogs and podcasting transform traditional media
Dateline: 7 September 2009
Imagine you are a network news exec. What could you do with 900 million news reporters, all armed with cameras, and globally dispersed to capture ...

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