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Naked Leadership in 60 seconds
Posted: 19 March 2012  
As part of a knowledge sharing initiative for MBAs, I was recently asked to talk about Naked Leadership - for about one minute only.

Here's my version of Naked Leadership in 60 seconds. ...
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Big Data only works if you can use it!
Posted: 7 April 2012  
Big Data only works if you can use it. Lessons for the survivors of the last big market crash.
Less risk, more reward: expanding the borders of financial analysis | SmartPlanet
7 April 2012
Using lessons learned from the 2008 stock-market collapse, financial firms ramp up the use of big data and high-performance computing to provide faste
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The future of the mobile carriers
Posted: 7 April 2012  
As the entire world goes mobile, will the wireless carrier companies becomes the Masters of the Universe? Or are they missing the boat. Good insights.
2020: The Rise or Demise of Wireless Carriers?
7 April 2012
If we fast forward just eight years to 2020, what role will wireless carriers fill?
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A cellphone that can hammer nails...
Posted: 7 April 2012  
We all know that it's mobile devices that are driving the connectivity revolution. But a cellphone that can hit tennis balls and hammer nails...????
In Beijing, cellphones that hammer nails and hit tennis balls | SmartPlanet
7 April 2012
BEIJING — One Chinese firm has abandoned its foreign partners to make cellphones which double as videogame controllers and, erm, hammers.
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Google glasses will make Sixth Sense look like old hat
Posted: 5 April 2012  
We've published MindBullets on the vision for sixth sense technology to be integrated into everyday devices and activity. Now Google provides us with a tantalizing vision of how this could be done with their Project Glass connected spectacles.

The video says it all. Augmented reality at the blink of an eye. ...
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Iceland..everyone is a friend unless proven otherwise!
Posted: 16 March 2012  
I love this story...and the quote above...its just so opposite to what is happening in the rest of the world. The Cynics will immediately say that in Iceland you need friendship more than anywhere else due to its climate, small size, isolation etc. The rest of us will ask what we can learn from their example of embracing openness, social media, and the choices they are making to create their ...
How Iceland Is Rebuilding Its Economy With Social Media
16 March 2012
A look at how Iceland is using social media and tech to rebuild an economy.
Governments drop plans to block social media as PeoplePower takes to the streets
Dateline: 27 January 2014
Two years ago the threat that governments as ideologically diverse as Britain and China would seek to control and even shut down social media during times ...
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The Future is better than you think
Posted: 15 March 2012   1 Comment
It's also three-dimensional and infinite.

If Diamandis and Kotler are to be believed, then there will be an abundance of infinite computing power and presumably communications capability. When these are combined with 3-D printing (digital manufacturing) it gets really exciting:

"Suddenly an invention developed in China can be perfected in India, then printed and utilized in Brazil on the same ...
Peter Diamandis’ Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
15 March 2012
In their new book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, Peter H. Diamandis, the CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, and Steven Kotler argue that new technologies and other forces will make the coming years better, not worse, as we so often worry.
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Play me your paper, man!
Posted: 13 March 2012  
Devices that enable people to connect electronically - and more importantly, to transact - are becoming more and more common, but this one deserves attention - paper with inbuilt printed circuits that play music and enable users to purchase concert tickets - very cool indeed!
We talk in our newest theme, 'The Future is Never Urgent - Leaders make it so' about a new world of want-nots instead ...
Printed poster plays music clips
13 March 2012
Paper posters that play music via printed circuits made with conductive ink have been unveiled.
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Extended Wi-Fi or the new Li-Fi...a step change either way
Posted: 4 March 2012  
With the data tsunami building, connectivity is set to escape bottlenecks in transmission capability with these new ideas. The impacts will spur further development and use and the overall impact will drive new step changes in how we use and come to rely ever more on data transmission.
Twisted radio waves offer infinite Wifi capacity - Telegraph
4 March 2012
A new twist on radio waves could massively boost the capacity of Wifi and other wireless networks.
Amazon, Google and eBay dominate internet hardware
Dateline: 5 September 2009
Why buy cows when all you need is milk? Have you noticed how no-one buys any server hardware anymore? In fact, I can't remember the last time a company ...
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By-pass the internet...fact or fiction?
Posted: 1 February 2012  
In a world reliant on ubiquitous access, information transmission and openness can we allow Governments to slowly but surely introduce extreme censorship and ultimately, control? Of course not! And so, as always, a 'workaround' will be fund that bypasses the system and evades attempts to control how we use and share information!
KurzweilAI | Accelerating Intelligence.
1 February 2012
I’m sick of hearing about how we need to cave in to repressive governments and throttle back Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other information services and ...
Amazon, Google and eBay dominate internet hardware
Dateline: 5 September 2009
Why buy cows when all you need is milk? Have you noticed how no-one buys any server hardware anymore? In fact, I can't remember the last time a company ...
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The ultimate tool for democracy?
Posted: 30 December 2011  
As we approach a new year, we remember the unexpected changes that 2011 ushered in...many brought about by the ubiquitous mobile phone. This is the worlds most often used camera, telephone (at times) tweet machine, FB logger, blogging device, GPS etc. It may also be voted as the most important tool in ensuring openness, transparency, collaboration, sharing and the ability to vote, influence ...
Arab spring leads surge in events captured on cameraphones
30 December 2011
In 2011, cameraphones entered the mainstream of photojournalism due to a combination of the Arab uprisings, the Occupy protests and improved technology.
Phone blogs and podcasting transform traditional media
Dateline: 7 September 2009
Imagine you are a network news exec. What could you do with 900 million news reporters, all armed with cameras, and globally dispersed to capture ...
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Real world needs to catch up!
Posted: 29 December 2011  
Another example of how the real world needs to keep pace with rapid developments in the virtual world...when will educators catch on to the learning benefits of using gaming to teach maths, science and others. Companies will also have to wake up to the learning and development potential of using gaming theories to excite employees in training sessions.
Ministry of Defence forced to update its war games for Xbox generation
29 December 2011
Troops used to playing commercial games tend to lose concentration unless MoD simulations look equally realistic
South Africa exploits 2010 success to expand the game
Dateline: 21 January 2011
South Africa has announced that it will host the first Alternative Football World Cup in 2012. Following the spectacular success of the 2010 World Cup, ...
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Black Swan for Christmas
Posted: 27 December 2011  
In this Skype interview Kim does a great job of presenting some of my thoughts in an engaging manner, and with a slight twist!
Chewing on Black Swan for Christmas
27 December 2011
Rather than looking back at 2011, we chose to talk to Doug Vining - chief technology adviser to the FutureWorld Global Think Tank and Editor of MindBullets: News from the Future - about the futu...
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Personalized bill boards
Posted: 5 December 2011  
As we roar towards a world of mass customization and ultimate personalization, imagine a bill board that recognizes your face, 'reads' your digital profile and changes the ad to suit your needs, mood, twitter wishes etc? Scary...yes...amazing...for sure and valuable...of course! Is your business ready for the world of instant personalization and service? Are you tuned in to the realtime needs ...
Face Recognition Moves From Sci-Fi to Social Media
5 December 2011
Immersive Labs in Manhattan has developed software for digital billboards that gauges the characteristics of passers-by in order to display ads likely to ...
San Diego shopping center shows the way to the future
Dateline: 7 July 2013
The incandescent light bulb is 135 years old this year, and officially dead! The death knell was announced at the annual congress of the International ...
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Openness drives value
Posted: 28 October 2011  
Every day we see more examples of courageous moves to 'open up' access to information and how these are creating new value. But its not easy and sometimes the consequence may be scary...but value will ultimately emerge...like more effective policing and more engaged communities!
Police launch crime map 2.0
28 October 2011
Website, which has had 430m-plus hits since February, now includes wider range of crime and performance of local forces
Watch that phone hanging from your employee's neck - it's a webcam!
Dateline: 19 April 2008
In the UK, Big Brother is watching, and shouting at you. Dutch TV is hounding someone caught sunbathing topless on Google Earth - so everyone now knows ...
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Amazing...whats the future of data transmission?
Posted: 26 August 2011  
Just when the mobile phone operators thought that data transmission would save their business model, this new technology comes along!
Wireless data can be delivered by LED lights, anywhere: call it ‘Li-Fi’
26 August 2011
Think about it: around the world, there are millions of street lamps, in every city and town on every continent. One visionary has a proposal to put each ...
Human-to-human transmission wins the day for mobile broadband
Dateline: 14 September 2019
First we tied the world in a tangle of copper cables. Next came miles of fiber optics. And all the time, the ultimate communications conduit was right ...
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Lessons from the real world
Posted: 19 August 2011  
Apparently big brands and corporations are still struggling to come to grips with this transparent world we live in. Beware the 'cognitive surplus' of people who give a damn!

We highlight these issues in our newest theme, Naked Leadership, which is all about strategy and leadership in this transparent, connected world. ...
The Big PR Lesson Companies Still Need to Learn about Facebook
19 August 2011
Corporate communications folks, listen up. Nestle fell on its social networking sword to teach you this lesson, but apparently you still haven’t learned: If people are posting unwanted links or information on your Facebook wall, you need to address it. What you emphatically do not need to do is shut down your wall. Or get pissy with Facebook “fans”. Or delete wall posts or comments. Or even ...
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Innovation, Google style
Posted: 17 August 2011   1 Comment
Google aims to lend insights and outlooks on the digital future with their Think Quarterly publication. This issue focuses on innovation, and leads with how a company like Google can keep innovating year after year.

Many of these pillars are reflected in FutureWorld's own themes, Radical Innovation and Naked Leadership. ...
The Eight Pillars of Innovation
17 August 2011
As Google's employee #16, Susan Wojcicki has learned a thing or two about innovation. Here's what she's learned, and what she continues to work on.
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How the mighty fall?
Posted: 9 August 2011   6 Comments
As Apple steams ahead in the global biggest company stakes, one can't help but ask ' will the mighty fall?' So often market leaders, for a host of reasons, seem to hit maturity and then slide into oblivion. Is it hubris, arrogance, size or organizational bureaucracy that stifles the very growth that elevated their position in the market in the first place?

Will Apple succeed with its 'walled ...
Apple pips Exxon as world's biggest company
9 August 2011
Apple has surpassed oil group Exxon to become the world's most valuable company by market capitalisation
Step-change thinking moves Apple to an old/new business paradigm
Dateline: 23 October 2012
Apple has not previously been known to favor opening up its software to other hardware platforms. This control obsession has seen it lose out to Microsoft ...
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Power of the network - even in a closed society
Posted: 14 April 2011  
The incarceration of Chinese activist Ai Weiwei, architect of the renowned "Bird's Nest" Olympic stadium, has attracted international media attention, demonstrating yet again the power of the digital network that glues the world together. This fascinating article from The Economist highlights how Weiwei used the tools of connectivity to express himself and disseminate his attitudes, even in ...
A digital rallying cry
14 April 2011
THE Twitter account of Ai Weiwei, China's foremost artist-activist, fell silent when he was arrested on April 3rd. Chinese state media suggest that he is guilty of "economic crimes" and a bevy of other reputation-killers such as plagiarism and being "erratic." But his imprisonment is clearly a means of shutting him up. A forceful advocate of democracy and free speech, Mr Ai used his blog to ...
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Filtered by tag: communication
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