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Future of corporate structures and models?
Posted: 23 September 2017

Chris Skinner has opened a great debate - what does the future corporate structure need to be...what can it be...what should it be? With IoT showing that power moves to the fringe and kills the cloud, communication models enabling instant global impacts, we have to ask the big questions!

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What is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation? - Chris Skinner's blog
23 September 2017
I was asked to explain what I meant by haven’t central bankers realised that democratised trust is in the technologies and code? when I blogged about the ...
Sensors and gadgets clamour to be heard
Dateline: 13 May 2024
After all these years, we're still stuck with basic artificial intelligence. AI has not matured to the 'general' level, where machines are as smart as ...
India's PostBank bring high-tech to rural areas
Posted: 23 September 2017

Modern day Postmen...armed with micro ATMS, pedal (literally) hight tech solutions to rural areas across India.

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Your postman may soon become the point of contact for all your financial work. Read how
23 September 2017
India Post is targeting a dozen key bill payments, like school fees and utility bills, for those who arent familiar with operating an app on their own.
Who will lead the global chaincash system?
Dateline: 13 March 2019
Several emerging economies are in a desperate tech race to be the first to establish a blockchain based fiat currency with global acceptance. The ...
Rent a robot and retire
Posted: 6 September 2017

More than a decade ago we speculated on the ability for robots and automation to enable people to retire earlier, and published a MindBullet along those lines. Now we see this looming concern with robots 'replacing' jobs for people, and the support for basic income for people made redundant by technology. I think I'm inclined to agree with Gerd Leonhard, we are on the cusp of a tipping point ...

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The bright side of the AI and robot revolution: You might get to retire earlier | ZDNet
6 September 2017
Productivity gains should be used to make the quality of our working life better, and not just make corporations richer.
HSBC lets you earn while you snooze
Dateline: 11 September 2095
With 60% of the population of the US and EU now over the age of 65, economists have expressed astonishment at the continued strength of the world economy. ...
Second order consequences of auto electric cars
Posted: 29 August 2017

Benedict Evans shares his thoughts on the second order consequences of autonomous vehicles and says they will have an impact on all sorts of things, from cigarettes to cities! ...

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Private cars banned in New York and London
Dateline: 17 August 2019
Four years ago, it was proposed that gasoline and diesel vehicles be banned from certain cities and states; but the new trend towards mobility as a service has caused a major re-think. It's not enough to insist on electric vehicles; privately owned cars are just so wasteful. Now it's becoming illegal to own your own car. It takes up too much of the city's resources, parking and charging; and ...
AI on a new path?
Posted: 24 August 2017

Thinking smaller about the future of AI is a fascinating thought...and could change its future profoundly. It demands a shift in design thinking...from solutions frameworks to semantic thinking ...more humanlike...

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Researcher makes physics breakthrough with artificial help
Dateline: 2 October 2010
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences shocked the scientific community yesterday by announcing that the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to an ...
The infernal combustion engine's days are numbered
Posted: 11 August 2017

The Economist weighs in with an analysis of the future impact of the shift to electric cars, and says the death of the internal combustion engine will have many ramifications for industry and government in the future. As batteries become more efficient and cheaper, the advantages of electric propulsion accelerate, and cities will enjoy cleaner, healthier air.

But there are downsides, including ...

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The death of the internal combustion engine
11 August 2017
It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world.
But they're driving the Energy Internet and saving the city
Dateline: 2 June 2030
It's official. It's now cheaper, on average, to buy a new electric car than one that burns gasoline, without subsidies. But it's not having any effect on ...
3 D Manufacturing gets real and disruptive
Posted: 9 August 2017

When a brand like Mercedes uses the technology in production then its real and disruptive.

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Mercedes begins 3D printing of metal parts | IOL Motoring
9 August 2017
Need an out-of-date or specialised aluminium part for a Mercedes-Benz van or Unimog? Now they can print it for you.
China no longer center of the manufacturing universe as the paradigm shifts
Dateline: 9 June 2025
Just as BT announces that it will no longer supply or support fixed-line phones, a report issued by the United Nations confirms two major paradigm shifts ...
Electric cars' economic problems
Posted: 8 August 2017

Electric cars are making quite a splash, and now several EU governments are moving to ban petrol and diesel cars in the future. But what are the economic ramifications of widespread electric car ownership? Where will all the charging capacity come from, and how will current fuel taxes be replaced? Here's an article that looks at the potential impact in the UK. Quite a daunting scenario!

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The economic black hole at the heart of the shift to electric vehicles
8 August 2017
One option to replace lost fuel duty might be a tax on electric vehicle charging
Power utilities caught by surprise as charging demand soars
Dateline: 18 July 2019
The sudden surge in the popularity of electric vehicles has taken everyone by surprise - and is causing unexpected problems. The late night hours, when ...
Quo Vadis for Mobile Operators?
Posted: 21 July 2017

We have been suggesting for a while that voice and data will soon be free...well in India it is upon us! Competitors of Jio, launched by the Ambani Group, saw share prices tumble today as the reality of free voice and very low cost data for life becomes a reality. Business models work until they don't...that moment has just arrived for Telco's.

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India's richest man launches R300 phone with unlimited data
21 July 2017
The Indian tycoon who started a carrier with free services took another swing at rivals, unveiling a cheap feature phone with access to unlimited data.
India gets free internet and messaging, non-video calls
Dateline: 20 December 2017
Following the successful blanketing of most of the African continent with Facebook's free internet service, Zuckerberg has announced the roll out of ...
A flock of space doves
Posted: 20 July 2017

Here's a fascinating look at Planet Labs' mission to establish a constellation of hundreds of nanosatellites that scan the planet on a daily basis. The largest constellation of satellites in history - now operating since February of this year. That's the promise of UBER FOR SPACE, and it's just beginning!

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The Tiny Satellites Ushering in the New Space Revolution
20 July 2017
Planet Labs and other companies are sending hundreds of low-cost satellites into orbit.
Now anyone can put a sputnik into orbit
Dateline: 5 October 2020
Rocket Lab has gone fully commercial, offering launches for small satellites at a tenth of the cost of SpaceX. The 3D printed rockets are less than three ...
Uber for Space, Impact on Manufacturing
Posted: 13 July 2017 1 Comment

With this uber for space and 3-d printing at disposal even to print rockets in such a small lead time - what will be the competitive advantage of large manufacturing players? Do they even exist? What will be their value proposition?

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Now anyone can put a sputnik into orbit
Dateline: 5 October 2020
Rocket Lab has gone fully commercial, offering launches for small satellites at a tenth of the cost of SpaceX. The 3D printed rockets are less than three stories tall, but they still make it to orbit, in just a few minutes. It's like Uber for space launches. You book your slot on the app, and get a real-time quote on your phone, which varies with the size and weight of your satellite. Most ...


Published on: 13 July 2017 3 Comments

Now anyone can put a sputnik into orbit

Dateline: 5 October 2020

Rocket Lab has gone fully commercial, offering launches for small satellites at a tenth of the cost of SpaceX. The 3D printed rockets are less than three stories tall, but they still make it to orbit, in just a few minutes. It's like Uber for space launches. You book your slot on the app, and get a real-time quote on your phone, which varies with the size and weight of your satellite. Most popular are cubesats, only slightly larger than a smartphone, and controlled by users on the ground. The ...

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Artificially intelligent art
Posted: 7 July 2017

Paintings created by an AI system have received the thumbs up from the public.

"The idea is to make art that is “novel, but not too novel”, says Marian Mazzone, an art historian at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, who worked on the system.

Mazzone and her colleagues at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Facebook’s AI lab in California modified what’s known as a generative ...

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Artificially intelligent painters invent new styles of art
7 July 2017
Big stylistic shifts in art usually come from genius painters like Picasso – but an AI is being trained to create unconventional pictures of its own
Machines that think for themselves are taking over the world
Dateline: 22 February 2022
In our quest to develop smarter, more powerful, less power-hungry computers and devices, we have created artificial intelligence that rivals that of the ...
Computers learning to deceive
Posted: 20 February 2017 1 Comment

With software built on deep learning platforms, you can make someone say exactly what you want in a way that is nearly indistinguishable from reality - in a video. In essence, the computer learns how that person speaks, and how they move their face while speaking, from actual video footage. Then you instruct the software to re-enact something you've written and performed, and it will be ...

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AI and the End of Truth
20 February 2017
Think the current fake news issue is bad? It won’t get any better with AI.
'Pants-on-fire' detector comes to the rescue
Dateline: 29 May 2021
The Internet and globalization brought hordes of information with it, but unfortunately no easy way of verifying the truth or validity of all those search ...
Your phone won't be a phone
Posted: 27 June 2017

Expect your phone to evolve into a voice controlled set of wearables. Just as we suggested in our MindBullet.

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In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone Anymore
27 June 2017
Apple Inc. will still sell an iPhone, but expect the device to morph into a suite of apps and services, enhanced with AI and AR, part of a ‘body area ...
Voice is the new mobile computer interface
Dateline: 21 September 2019
The company that brought us the world's first true smart phone has done it again. A dozen years after the launch of the iPhone, Apple has completely ...
Reusable rockets
Posted: 10 April 2017 2 Comments

SpaceX has successfully recovered eight of their first stage boosters, and has also reflown, and recovered again, the rocket known as Core 1021. Now Elon Musk says they want to be able to recover the second stage as well, and reuse almost 100% of the rocket. His vision for human space flight includes landing the crew capsule under power for reuse too!

Soon space tourism will be a regular ...

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Elon Musk Wants To Reuse All Of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket By 2018, Slashing Cost Of Space Travel
10 April 2017
As noted by Fortune, space entrepreneur Elon Musk now says he wants to achieve complete reuse of the entire SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2018.
Welcome to the hotel at 'the edge of the world'
Dateline: 22 December 2017
The Stella Hilton officially opened for guests in time for the Christmas holidays. The glittering 'first night' featured Senator Charlize Theron and ...
Free cross-border payments with blockchain
Posted: 21 June 2017

Circle is now a payments company that doesn’t make money from payments. Using blockchain technology, Circle has launched a fee-free ethereum-powered cross-border person-to-person payments capability.

That sounds like a mouthful, and it is, but it's exactly the sort of development that we 'predicted' in our MindBullet from last year! When will banks wise up? ...

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Circle Launched Free Cross-Border Payments on Blockchain — When Will FIs Follow?
21 June 2017
Person-to-person payments have gained traction among banks and other financial institutions recently. Many of the incumbents, like Bank of America, Wells ...
Say goodbye to forex spreads and broker commission
Dateline: 27 July 2019
The new Blockchain Equitable Spread Trading system or BEST has banks and brokers in a tizzy. They've effectively been disintermediated, which is probably ...
Stratolaunch megaplane for orbital rocket launches
Posted: 20 June 2017

We've been saying for years that space is the next big business frontier, and Elon Musk has been dominating the news in that area. But another entrepreneur, Paul Allen, has been behind building the world's biggest plane to launch space rockets from the stratosphere into orbit. After four years it has emerged from its hanger for testing and could demonstrate launch capability by 2019. Will ...

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Meet the Stratolaunch Megaplane Taking Satellites Into Orbit
20 June 2017
Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen rolls out the Stratolaunch, a 385 ft. plane designed to carry satellites into low Earth orbit.
Space tourism and satellite launches compete for profits
Dateline: 27 September 2015
The race to launch a successful private space business has been won - and the victor, surprisingly, is not Virgin's Sir Richard Branson, but a 40-year-old ...


Published on: 15 June 2017

New players dominate financial services

Dateline: 26 August 2022

It was Microsoft founder Bill Gates who famously said in 1994 that we need banking, but we don't need banks. It's taken nearly 30 years, but he was dead right. Worldwide, financial services have moved out of the hands of traditional banks and into an array of mobile, FinTech and data companies. Some forward-thinking banks grasped the new world of collaboration and entered into early partnerships and have survived, albeit in a different form. Others have failed or, at best, become simply the ...

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Elon defends his boring tunnels
Posted: 8 June 2017

In this TED interview, Elon Musk defends his boring idea, saying that they will make tunneling so much cheaper that there could be an 'arbitrary' number of tunnels to absorb any level of demand. He also has some interesting views of the future.

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Tesla Tunnels aren't boring, they're totally congested
Dateline: 7 June 2027
Since Elon Musk's Boring Company provided automated underground highways to move traffic underground, it's been wonderful to walk the streets again. The high street has become more like a pedestrian mall, and the occasional, electric, car that passes is quiet and discreet. Electric cars quickly get swallowed up by the new Tesla Tunnels, or TT, that permeate the city links; the airport and ...

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