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Which - as yet uninvented - jobs will we be doing in the next 10 years?
Posted: 14 June 2018

Ten years ago jobs like Social Media Manager and App Developer were practically non-existent. Now almost everyone knows someone who works in one of those roles.
Although there will be losers, who are unable or unwilling to re-skill themselves for the future, AI and robotics will probably not lead to a "job cliff"; instead, the "machines" will open up doors to as yet uninvented professions. ...

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America is unprepared for the "jobs apocalypse" automation will bring
14 June 2018
Millions of low-skilled workers who are already being pushed out will need to adapt to the new economy
Fears of jobless growth recede as markets demand new human skills
Dateline: 17 June 2023
The prophets of doom have been hard at work for the past decade, telling us that automation, robotics and machine learning are going to destroy jobs and ...
Metal 3D printing goes supersonic and huge
Posted: 13 June 2018 2 Comments

A new method of metal 3D printing, which uses high speed jetting to fuse metal particles together, rather than sintering or melting them, makes it possible for very large objects to be manufactured in quick time. The "world's largest" metal 3D printer is being tested in Australia.

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'Aircraft wings and submarines': World's largest 3D printer launched in Melbourne
13 June 2018
The world's largest metal 3D printer is being put to the test for the first time at a mega-manufacturing warehouse in Melbourne.
3D printing in space solves problem of launching huge rockets
Dateline: 3 November 2025
A decade ago the first 3D printer to go to space was sent to the International Space Station. It proved to be so useful, more, bigger printers soon ...


Published on: 7 June 2018

EU shareholders are selling out - to China

Dateline: 23 April 2023

If you want to exit from a large, EU-based, multinational concern, just sell it to the Chinese. They're buying. Everything. In the last five years, Chinese acquisitions and investments in Europe have tripled, compared to the previous decade. China's 'economic imperialism' in Africa and Latin America is widely recognized and well documented, but its forays into Europe have been more stealthy. Published details of deals to acquire or invest in power and logistics, property and football clubs, are ...

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Trade wars are bad for trade, and everyone
Posted: 6 June 2018

In our MindBullet published over a year ago, we suggested that when walls go up, trade comes down, and when trade comes down, we all suffer, economically at least, and also in the sense of freedom of choice. And now here it starts...

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This means war: Canada and Mexico retaliate against Trump’s tariffs
6 June 2018
Canada responded to the US tariffs on steel and aluminium by imposing billions worth of countermeasures, while Mexico put duties on food and steel and the ...
Global downturn follows isolationist resurgence
Dateline: 7 March 2021
Brexit, Trump and now Le Pen. As the old, established economies turn inward and nationalist, global trade and co-operation suffer. It's been left to the ...


Published on: 24 May 2018

We've seen it all before, but this time it's different

Dateline: 6 June 2020

It's just like 20, or maybe 200 years ago, but it's completely different! Disruption has always plagued established markets and societies, throughout the ages. The first waterwheel or windmill for grinding wheat into flour was disruptive technology at work; nascent and naïve, but a foretaste of things to come, in a tumultuous tsunami of ever accelerating change. Steam power and traction engines, threshing machines and cotton gins; it seemed as though there was no end to our ability to employ ...

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Cars: made in China
Posted: 25 April 2018

“China has made no secret of its ambition to have a really big and powerful auto industry,” said Michael Dunne, president of consulting firm Dunne Automotive Ltd. in Hong Kong. “China does intend to lead and dominate the electric-vehicle industry.”
The Chinese government sees EVs as its best chance to seize global leadership in an emerging powertrain technology. Cleaning the notoriously smoggy ...

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China’s Car Revolution Is Going Global
25 April 2018
China's rising automakers want to sell the future of driving all over the world.
China accused of dumping as prices plummet
Dateline: 5 March 2029
China's success as the biggest producer of cars - mainly electric cars - the world has ever seen, has led to a problem of massive over capacity. There are ...
3D printed spaceships
Posted: 25 April 2018

When we published this MindBullet about 3D printing spaceships for Mars, many might have thought it was a crazy concept. Well, now NASA is turning to 3D printing to overcome problems with their next Moon rocket.

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Nasa is heading back to the Moon with a 3D-printed spacecraft
25 April 2018
The Orion mission will be the furthest humans have travelled in space for fifty years, but getting out of low Earth orbit meant reinventing the plastic ...
3D printing in space solves problem of launching huge rockets
Dateline: 3 November 2025
A decade ago the first 3D printer to go to space was sent to the International Space Station. It proved to be so useful, more, bigger printers soon ...
Declaring biological war on waste
Posted: 17 April 2018

As we have written in a number of MindBullets published over the years, the solution to plastic and oil pollution might lie in developing genetically modified organisms that 'eat' the waste and produce useful chemicals. Now scientists have accidently created an enzyme that could eventually clean up the plastic bottles filling the ocean.

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Scientists accidentally create mutant enzyme that eats plastic bottles
17 April 2018
The breakthrough, spurred by the discovery of plastic-eating bugs at a Japanese dump, could help solve the global plastic pollution crisis
EU to ban plastic packaging for groceries - unless you can eat it
Dateline: 29 January 2018
It started slowly. First we stopped giving away plastic bags for free. Then water bottles died a quick death. Now, in a revolutionary move, European ...


Published on: 5 April 2018

Who killed the retail auto showroom?

Dateline: 7 April 2022

Buying a new car is often the second most important financial decision we make, after buying or building a home. It's a rite of passage for many middle class adults; it shows you have arrived, you've achieved a life-stage milestone. It's not a decision taken lightly, or driven by impulse. You've had a feeling for some time, that you might be getting close, so you've been checking out your options. Which models make for a sweet ride, and fit with your self-image? If you're at all interested in cars ...

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3D printing times 4-in-1
Posted: 23 March 2018

Perhaps it should be called 12D printing, but that would be trite. An experimental multi-manufacturing printer that uses four different printing methods in a single layer has been shown to be able to print complete electronic components. SO in the future, you could just download the latest smartphone and print it out, complete with battery, screen, internal electronics and speaker. All in one ...

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Four-in-one 3D printer paves way for custom-made robots and phones
23 March 2018
Experimental device is a route to printing smartphones and other electronics.
Printing holograms - in seconds
Dateline: 16 December 2020
Let's say you need a couple of shiny, glittery baubles for your festival tree, or maybe something to fix the garden hose. Now, if you can imagine it, it's ...
First trillion-dollar company
Posted: 10 February 2018

Here's an "outrageous prediction" from Saxo Bank for 2018:

Tencent will outstrip Apple and become the world’s largest company
Saxo’s head of equity strategy Peter Garnry writes that China is opening up its capital markets and the country’s enormous size and surging living standards are attracting investors from across the globe. Given this, it’s no surprise that tech-sector leader Tencent is ...

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The first company to reach a value of US$1 trillion is...
Dateline: 3 March 2025
Chinese. No, wait, American. Actually, it's a global company, with tech from the United States, and manufacturing in several countries, but mainly China. You would be forgiven for surmising that Apple Inc would be the first company to cross the US$ 1 trillion threshold. A couple of years ago, Apple came close, with a market capitalization of US$ 947 billion, but has subsequently seen its ...


Published on: 8 February 2018

Smart contracts threaten legal industry

Dateline: 23 January 2020

Now that the open source blockchain known as Hyperledger Sawtooth has gone commercial, there's no need for lawyers and attorneys to draw up legal agreements and contracts. Your PA or AI assistant can do it for you, online and for free. Hyperledger is a platform which can run your customized Smart Contract app. Once installed, a smart contract automatically performs routine tasks, like paying the rent, and validating that it's been received. Using technology similar to bitcoin, the smart contract ...

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Published on: 21 December 2017 1 Comment

Printing holograms - in seconds

Dateline: 16 December 2020

Let's say you need a couple of shiny, glittery baubles for your festival tree, or maybe something to fix the garden hose. Now, if you can imagine it, it's there in seconds! Back in 2017, scientists at MIT demonstrated that it was possible to print things in 3D resin, using lasers and a holographic image. Starting with a beaker full of photosensitive liquid polymer, they exposed the resin to a set of three intersecting lasers, which caused the liquid to harden, but only at the point of maximum ...

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Will Apple crack the $1 trillion cap?
Posted: 5 December 2017

"While the iPad and Mac continue to contribute, Apple’s fate largely rests on the success of the iPhone X. Apple this year has increasingly looked like it’s on a real pathway to becoming a $1 trillion company, and now the holiday quarter is going to show if it’ll be able to pull that off.

And the signals are definitely there. Apple briefly tapped a $900 billion market cap, though it’s slipped ...

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Apple’s hand is down and its $1 trillion dream now rests with consumers
5 December 2017
As we head into the end of 2017, it's pretty safe to say that Apple's fate — barring any major issue with its phones — is now in the hands of its..
The first company to reach a value of US$1 trillion is...
Dateline: 3 March 2025
Chinese. No, wait, American. Actually, it's a global company, with tech from the United States, and manufacturing in several countries, but mainly ...
Recycled cycles reach the end of the hype cycle
Posted: 25 November 2017

It seems we called this one pretty accurately. Now several bike sharing companies in China have gone bust - a bit like a Ponzi scheme - and the bikes are being consigned to a 'bike graveyard'. Amazing pictures of piles of trashed bikes!

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Chinese bike share graveyard a monument to industry's 'arrogance'
25 November 2017
Future of dockless bike sharing under a cloud amid concerns there are too many bikes and not enough demand
There are 29 million bicycles in Beijing - and that's a problem
Dateline: 29 October 2019
The craze for 'dockless' share bikes in China and elsewhere soon led to a massive problem; piles of discarded bikes all over big cities, clogging up ...
Big time for metal printing
Posted: 16 November 2017

GE's new metal printer can print parts over a metre in diameter and, in the future, even larger. Another example of how this technology is advancing exponentially!

"General Electric’s beta version of its newest metal 3-D printer (pictured) was unveiled Tuesday at Formnext, the largest trade fair for additive manufacturers. Like most metal printers, it uses lasers to transform powder into a ...

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Metal 3-D Printing Is, Finally, Overcoming Its Limitations
16 November 2017
Techniques for 3-D-printing metal have long been too expensive and slow, and the parts produced too weak, to compete with traditional manufacturing—but ...
3-D printing creates unusual alliances
Dateline: 26 August 2016
Five years ago, it would have seemed an unlikely partnership. But the alliance announced today between BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining group, and ...


Published on: 2 November 2017

Food, shelter and clothing - they're all IT

Dateline: 3 November 2022

We're all familiar with Maslow's hierarchy, and we know that basic needs like food, shelter and personal comfort come first. But it seems information technology, that enabling force for modern civilization, was focused far up the scale, at education, entertainment and research, and of course, finance. Now the world of smart robotics and nanotech production has turned basic businesses into digital technologies. Energy is solid state solar and batteries, and traded like information on the internet. ...

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Combining renewables into utility-scale energy facilities
Posted: 24 October 2017

Everyone, with the possible exception of corrupt politicians seeking to profit from old-world energy installations, knows that renewables are the future. We tend to separately track the different technologies such as hydro, solar, wind, etc. Which makes this Australian project, reportedly the world's first utility-scale combined renewable power facility, particularly interesting.

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Combined wind, solar and storage energy park to be built in Queensland
24 October 2017
Windlab has announced that construction will soon start on a combined wind, solar and battery storage facility in north Queensland, Australia. Kennedy ...
Combinatorial tech evolves to constant mashups
Dateline: 21 May 2020
A few years ago, all the tech gurus talked about amazing new technologies that would disrupt businesses in all industries. One common theme was that these ...
3D printing managed by robots
Posted: 20 October 2017

Just as we suggested might become the case, a small manufacturing plant using 3D printers has scaled up by adding a robot to do the work at night. See the attached MindBullet for further scenario options!

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This robot-run 3D printing farm is the future of light manufacturing
20 October 2017
Even small businesses are now running lights-out facilities using robots and automation
Free energy spawns hordes of wetbots and kills off big brands
Dateline: 13 July 2033
"We're closing up shop. Wetbots made us broke." The production chief of iRobot consumer products grins ruefully. "Luckily we've still got our military ...
Mainstream metal printing
Posted: 13 October 2017

We've talked a lot about 3D printing over the years, and its potential to disrupt traditional manufacturing businesses. Now metal 3D printing is about to go mainstream, with office-friendly studio systems and high-speed manufacturing systems from Desktop Metal. And in a variety of metals, from titanium to stainless steel. Let the 4th Industrial Revolution begin!

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100x faster, 10x cheaper: 3D metal printing is about to go mainstream
13 October 2017
Desktop Metal - remember the name. This Massachussetts company is preparing to turn manufacturing on its head, with a 3D metal printing system that's so much faster, safer and cheaper than existing systems that it's going to compete with traditional mass manufacturing processes.

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