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Car kills pedestrian - who's to blame?
Posted: 20 March 2018

We asked this question in our MindBullet published five years ago. Now it has happened. What will the answer be?

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Self-driving Uber kills Arizona woman in first fatal crash involving pedestrian
20 March 2018
Tempe police said car was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and that the vehicle hit a woman who later died at a hospital
MindBullet logo CAR KILLS 20: WHO'S TO BLAME?
Court rules driver not responsible if car has on-board computer
Dateline: 12 September 2017
Yesterday's court ruling shows two things - just how far technology has gone and why we should fear our kids! The driver of the car that crashed into a ...
A computer the size of a salt flake
Posted: 19 March 2018

IBM has announced a system that includes a processor, memory, optic communications and a photo-power cell, all on a tiny silicon package 1mm square. It's so small, 64 of them can fit on the tip of your finger! Great for self-powered sensors and embedded devices that can provide data to systems like, shall we say, blockchain controlled logistics?

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IBM has created a computer smaller than a grain of salt
19 March 2018
This thing is really tiny.
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
Bitcoin getting the boot from Google
Posted: 14 March 2018

Online advertising is being self-regulated, probably to avoid it being regulated by government. Google sees to be taking the step to prevent risky (ad)ventures like spread betting, and is including cryptocurrencies and forex trading in that group.

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Google is banning all bitcoin, ICO, and cryptocurrency ads from June
14 March 2018
Google plans to ban all cryptocurrencies and binary options adverts, and is cracking down on ads for other speculative financial instruments.
Controversial digital currency collapses as clones saturate the market
Dateline: 15 March 2015
In essence, Bitcoins are digital artifacts created by using computers to solve complex mathematical formulae, essentially cracking a code. The reward one ...


Published on: 8 March 2018

When your intelligent assistant is a digital you

Dateline: 11 March 2035

There are two types of cloning; biological clones of a plant or animal, and digital copies of data, programs, or even an entire system. Microsoft has just announced a breakthrough - digitally cloning your brain. But the vision for this new service goes far beyond just making a backup of your memories, in case you become forgetful. They want to energize your personal robotic assistant with a digital copy of you. Think of it as a full-size Mini Me. A humanoid robot with artificial intelligence, that ...

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Quantum supremacy coming soon
Posted: 7 March 2018

Once quantum computers operate with sufficiently low error rates, they should be able to tackle traditional computing tasks exponentially faster than super computers, making quantum computers the 'supreme' solution.

When that happens, existing crypto could be vulnerable to instant cracking, which could spell the end for cryptocurrencies that require heavy mining. ...

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Google Unveils 72-Qubit Quantum Computer With Low Error Rates
7 March 2018
Google unveiled that it's working on a 72-qubit quantum computer with error rates below 1%, which is what the company said it's required to have minimally ...
This year will be both happy and unhappy - at the same time, in the same place
Dateline: 1 January 2019
Alphabet's announcement last week that its quantum computer breakthrough is both real and commercially practical is going to make a lot of people happy, ...


Published on: 1 March 2018

We got VR glasses instead

Dateline: 7 May 2024

We wanted flying cars. All we got were passenger drones, eventually. We were hoping for limitless fusion energy; instead we got solar panels. Everybody did. The future doesn't always deliver on our hopes and dreams. We dreamed about cheating death, an elixir from the fountain of youth, that would keep us forever young. Instead we have developed CRISPR and stem cells that keep us healthier in old age, but we still get old. That's the thing about the future. Our sci-fi fantasies and high tech ...

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Published on: 22 February 2018

It's finally happened, according to my smartphone app

Dateline: 8 March 2021

That's the thing about our phones, they listen to everything we have to say. That fact alone might drive you nuts, but even if it keeps your conversations private, your phone can learn a lot about you, just by listening to how you speak. It's called metadata and there's a lot of it; who you called and how often, when you called and for how long, your location when you called, and so on. Phone companies and law enforcement have been making use of metadata for a long time; even without recording your ...

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First trillion-dollar company
Posted: 10 February 2018

Here's an "outrageous prediction" from Saxo Bank for 2018:

Tencent will outstrip Apple and become the world’s largest company
Saxo’s head of equity strategy Peter Garnry writes that China is opening up its capital markets and the country’s enormous size and surging living standards are attracting investors from across the globe. Given this, it’s no surprise that tech-sector leader Tencent is ...

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The first company to reach a value of US$1 trillion is...
Dateline: 3 March 2025
Chinese. No, wait, American. Actually, it's a global company, with tech from the United States, and manufacturing in several countries, but mainly China. You would be forgiven for surmising that Apple Inc would be the first company to cross the US$ 1 trillion threshold. A couple of years ago, Apple came close, with a market capitalization of US$ 947 billion, but has subsequently seen its ...
When driverless cars can't cut it
Posted: 8 January 2018 1 Comment

I spent Christmas in Canada, and besides being an awesome White Christmas experience, it was unusually cold, with heaps of snow. After driving from Montreal to Toronto in what was at times a light blizzard, it struck me that driverless cars and trucks are absolutely useless in those conditions. Yet human drivers cope quite well.

On a busy highway, crammed with trucks and cars, and patrolled by ...

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Critical system failures that don't trigger corrective action cause disasters
Dateline: 21 March 2016
Yet another airliner has fallen out of the sky without warning. And the reason is fail-safe systems that fail to alert the pilots to the real problem when they fail. If that sounds a little confusing, that's exactly what human operators experience, when autonomous systems default to manual control - the ultimate fallback when there are critical failures. Even double-redundant systems can be ...


Published on: 8 February 2018

Smart contracts threaten legal industry

Dateline: 23 January 2020

Now that the open source blockchain known as Hyperledger Sawtooth has gone commercial, there's no need for lawyers and attorneys to draw up legal agreements and contracts. Your PA or AI assistant can do it for you, online and for free. Hyperledger is a platform which can run your customized Smart Contract app. Once installed, a smart contract automatically performs routine tasks, like paying the rent, and validating that it's been received. Using technology similar to bitcoin, the smart contract ...

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Scary futures for 2018? Maybe not...and so what does a future filled with change in many spheres all mean for you?
Posted: 7 February 2018

As unexpected events continue to surprise we need to be ready for constant volatility, not only in investment markets but also in global events, geo-politics, finance, human behaviour and so on...

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Outrageous predictions for 2018
7 February 2018
A look at Saxo Bank's annual list.
MindBullet logo 2010-2020: A DECADE OF STEP-CHANGE THINKING
A review of the past decade’s most important trends – PART 2
Dateline: 1 January 2020
Boeing Buys Bombardier as Air Travel Goes SmallBoeing last month outlined their view of the future: pilotless small planes that can land at any local ...
Has the bubble burst?
Posted: 6 February 2018

In 2013 we speculated that, ultimately, bitcoin would collapse due to the large number of alternative or clone coins saturating the market. We still believe that blockchain technology is disruptive, and will change the way fintech and contracts work, but the essential problem with bitcoin is it's based on scarcity, and in the digital world there's massive abundance, of everything. Digital ...

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Controversial digital currency collapses as clones saturate the market
Dateline: 15 March 2015
In essence, Bitcoins are digital artifacts created by using computers to solve complex mathematical formulae, essentially cracking a code. The reward one receives is itself an encrypted code, which can be transferred to others, hence the term 'crypto currency'. Inspired by Bitcoin, Primecoin's protocol searches for chains of prime numbers. Digital currencies like Primecoin and Bitcoin have ...
Magic glasses
Posted: 6 February 2018

Smart glasses that let you get the data you want without looking like a cyborg. Sounds good, and it's coming from Intel.

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Intel is making smart glasses that actually look good
6 February 2018
Smart glasses that won’t make you look like a Google Glasshole.
Augmented reality selling seals the deal
Dateline: 26 January 2023
How do you let someone test a product or article of clothing without using samples? A virtual reality demo, that's how. And to highlight your product on a ...
Facebook falls
Posted: 2 February 2018

After a few months of tweaking the News Feed in order to make it more personal and harder for fake stories to spread, Facebook says that overall usage has dropped by “roughly 50 million hours every day.” says the Verge.

Our MindBullet from several years ago suggested that Facebook could face a declining future. ...

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Facebook usage falls in the US as it begins to tinker with the News Feed
2 February 2018
Facebook said usage fell by "roughly 50 million hours every day" overall after making changes to the News Feed. That came along with a decrease in daily ...
Flower children of the twenties look for analogue bullet
Dateline: 12 January 2021
In what might be considered a typical anti-establishment rebellion of youth, teenagers of the 2020s seem to be disenchanted by their parents' excessive ...


Published on: 1 February 2018

Government tries to follow the money

Dateline: 1 February 2021

Now that the bulk of the so-called 'capitalist political economy' operates on digital platforms and through digital channels, it's inevitable that government wants more influence and control. But will it work? In the aftermath of the dotcom boom, everybody wanted more access and better networks, and it wasn't long before broadband came to be regarded as a basic human right. Wireless networks and smartphones connected everyone else, and suddenly the whole world was on the 'net! Sure, some ...

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Published on: 25 January 2018 1 Comment

Augmented reality selling seals the deal

Dateline: 26 January 2023

How do you let someone test a product or article of clothing without using samples? A virtual reality demo, that's how. And to highlight your product on a cluttered shelf, you would use augmented reality to add visual cues, and data. This is the new world of Digital Reality, a blend of VR, AR and well, just normal 'reality'. And whether it's through a smartphone, digital glasses or an in-store display, digital reality is becoming big business. A customer walks past your magic mirror, and suddenly ...

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Toothpaste to kill malaria
Posted: 24 January 2018

Recently we published a MindBullet suggesting that, in the future, the machines would be better suited to scientific discoveries, because they can run many more research experiments than humans in a similar time frame. Well, a research robot in Britain has done exactly that, and discovered that an ingredient used in toothpaste can prevent drug-resistant strains of the malaria parasite from ...

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When AI and chips are the best researchers, let them get on with it
Dateline: 8 February 2021
There's only so much a scientist can do. Which is why we all use smart agents to do most of our research for us. Smart software can read and parse papers many thousands of times faster than any human. A typical example is fingerprint identification or facial recognition. Computers are just way more efficient at matching patterns. But what happens when you are looking for new data in real ...
A robot clone
Posted: 24 January 2018

Humans Will Have A ‘Robot Second Self’ In The Next 20 Years, Say Experts At Microsoft

Eight years ago we published this MindBullet about a point in the future, when you would be able to choose a physical avatar, either a clone or a robot. Now Microsoft experts are predicting that within 20 years we will have robots enhanced with AI that will know everything about us - to ...

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You can't live forever, but your avatar can - with your brain
Dateline: 23 June 2025
There's a battle brewing in the avatar industry. The battle for your mind. Your brain. Or to be more specific, the backup of your brain. The contenders are CloneME and iDroid. Both want to get you subscribed to their 'immortality' service. So you can live forever - virtually of course. You might say that 130 years is enough for one lifetime, and you know your children will live to 150, or ...
Shoplifting from Amazon
Posted: 24 January 2018

Amazon recently opened their 'Go' store to the public, after about a year of internal testing. It's pretty cool, you check in with your smartphone app at the door, select what you want to buy from the shelves, and just walk out.

The technology in the store watches what you take (and put back) and charges you automatically when you leave. Errors are "very rare" but a journalist managed to walk ...

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We accidentally stole a yogurt from Amazon's new grocery store, but Amazon told us to keep it
24 January 2018
We promptly confessed to Amazon, and VP of Amazon Go Gianna Puerini in return offered a hall pass and assurance in the technology.
MindBullet logo AMAZON OPENS 100th CITY STORE
Amazon eStore Hong Kong joins the high street line-up
Dateline: 22 October 2013
Amazon opened its one-hundredth city store yesterday, with queues of eager shoppers waiting to snatch up the opening specials on offer. And no, it's not ...


Published on: 18 January 2018

New attempt to observe the unobservable

Dateline: 2 February 2022

For decades scientists have speculated about the nature of black holes, but their existence has never been proven - yet. The theory says supermassive stars that have collapsed on themselves exert such powerful gravitational force, that even light can't escape; hence the name 'black holes'. We know that light and other forms of electromagnetic waves like radio and X-rays travel at constant speeds, depending in their wavelength. But what travels faster than light? Perhaps gravitational waves. Gravity ...

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