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Quantum supremacy coming soon
Posted: 7 March 2018

Once quantum computers operate with sufficiently low error rates, they should be able to tackle traditional computing tasks exponentially faster than super computers, making quantum computers the 'supreme' solution.

When that happens, existing crypto could be vulnerable to instant cracking, which could spell the end for cryptocurrencies that require heavy mining. ...

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Google Unveils 72-Qubit Quantum Computer With Low Error Rates
7 March 2018
Google unveiled that it's working on a 72-qubit quantum computer with error rates below 1%, which is what the company said it's required to have minimally ...
This year will be both happy and unhappy - at the same time, in the same place
Dateline: 1 January 2019
Alphabet's announcement last week that its quantum computer breakthrough is both real and commercially practical is going to make a lot of people happy, ...
Scary futures for 2018? Maybe not...and so what does a future filled with change in many spheres all mean for you?
Posted: 7 February 2018

As unexpected events continue to surprise we need to be ready for constant volatility, not only in investment markets but also in global events, geo-politics, finance, human behaviour and so on...

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Outrageous predictions for 2018
7 February 2018
A look at Saxo Bank's annual list.
MindBullet logo 2010-2020: A DECADE OF STEP-CHANGE THINKING
A review of the past decade’s most important trends – PART 2
Dateline: 1 January 2020
Boeing Buys Bombardier as Air Travel Goes SmallBoeing last month outlined their view of the future: pilotless small planes that can land at any local ...
China's new social credit score for citizens starts paying dividends
Dateline: 15 April 2021
Yesterday was a good day for Mei-Hua Li. Her offer on her dream apartment was accepted, her internet speed got bumped up three notches (for free) and she was offered a paid internship in the Chinese president's office. Sure sounds like she hit the trifecta! Li has clearly mastered the gamified social security system that is Sesame Credit. She has stopped buying non-Chinese products and ...
Flying taxi
Posted: 5 February 2018

Renting a flying car from Avis might be something for the future, but the concept of an autonomous flying taxi is getting some traction. Last week Airbus announced that their prototype called Vahana successfully completed a first takeoff and landing, without a pilot in charge. Read all about it at the Verge:

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Computer piloted 'transformer' vehicles cleared for public use
Dateline: 8 May 2021
Ever since DARPA's 'Flying Hummer' known as the Transformer X made its debut, people have been champing at the bit to get a chance to use them for personal ...


Published on: 1 February 2018

Government tries to follow the money

Dateline: 1 February 2021

Now that the bulk of the so-called 'capitalist political economy' operates on digital platforms and through digital channels, it's inevitable that government wants more influence and control. But will it work? In the aftermath of the dotcom boom, everybody wanted more access and better networks, and it wasn't long before broadband came to be regarded as a basic human right. Wireless networks and smartphones connected everyone else, and suddenly the whole world was on the 'net! Sure, some ...

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Don't look now, but everybody is watching
Posted: 30 January 2018

Privacy is dead. Even if you're not aware of it, somebody or some system somewhere is watching or tracking you. That may not be true in darkest Africa, unless you are a person of interest to the drone operators, but in major cities like London and Beijing, it's certainly true. An increasingly it's Big AI that's watching you.

So who is watching the watcher watchers? I guess we all are! ...

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They Are Watching You—and Everything Else on the Planet
30 January 2018
Technology and our increasing demand for security have put us all under surveillance. Is privacy becoming just a memory?
Mass surveillance has come full circle
Dateline: 19 April 2019
We're all connected, and most of our smart devices have cameras and sensors which can detect and analyze peoples' behaviour. What's more, our smart systems ...


Published on: 28 December 2017

Ringing in the changes ahead of schedule

Dateline: 29 December 2020

There's something significant about 1/1/21. Maybe it's just the symmetry of the numbers that has got everyone excited; remember Y2K, and all that fuss over nothing? Well, now that this millennium is turning 21, there's another hullabaloo. Like we're all suddenly adults. Whatever the reasons, all over north America people are planning a double New Year's party, and both 31 December and 1 January are public holidays. They'll be saying a nostalgic farewell to 2020, a year that promised and brought so ...

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Virtual, fast, friendly and efficient Government a reality...maybe soon!
Posted: 24 November 2017

Automated AI enabled driving tests, vehicle registrations and more to come in our new world. Finally we might have the answer to friendly, efficient, fast Gov services...without humans!

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China's new AI police station won't have humans
24 November 2017
It'll be like a worker-less DMV that's open 24/7.
MindBullet logo AI FOR PRESIDENT
The next Commander in Chief is an avatar
Dateline: 3 November 2020
When a Presidential decision can affect millions of people's lives, it's a weighty matter; one that must balance ethics, integrity and pragmatism with what ...
Reinventing Waterfront Toronto
Posted: 24 October 2017

This neighbourhood needs a makeover, and who better than Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company. Just as was proposed in our recent MindBullet, the truck traffic would be underground, buildings would be multiuse, and streets would be pedestrian friendly, and devoid of private cars. And it would be filled with sensors and smart infrastructure, naturally.

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Sidewalk Labs to build the city of the future in Toronto
24 October 2017
What's not to love about a mix of 19th century planning and building mixed with 21st century technology?
In today’s modern cityscape, there are no streets or cars
Dateline: 19 October 2028
We live in a strange new world. Odourless aftershave. Wheat-free bread. Virtual assistants. Pointless pastries, devoid of sugar, made with boosted broccoli ...


Published on: 19 October 2017 1 Comment

In today’s modern cityscape, there are no streets or cars

Dateline: 19 October 2028

We live in a strange new world. Odourless aftershave. Wheat-free bread. Virtual assistants. Pointless pastries, devoid of sugar, made with boosted broccoli from basement farms, yet deliciously popular. And cities without streets. China's latest planned urban extravaganza, a megalopolis known as Yuyuan or 'Harmony Garden', isn't built around roads and streets. The walkways and thoroughfares linking the multiuse 3D-printed buildings can accommodate pedestrians, ebikes and hoverboards. Jogging and ...

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No more helium shortage
Posted: 16 October 2017

You may not have been aware of it, but the world was facing a possible shortage of helium, which is used in space rockets and MRI medical devices. Helium, besides being lighter than air, and a safe way to inflate party balloons, is an inert, stable element that won't combust or explode under pressure, making it almost unique in some scientific applications. But it can't be made in a ...

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Massive 'Life-Saving' Helium Field Just Turned Out to Be Far Bigger Than We'd Hoped
16 October 2017
New analysis of a gargantuan helium deposit discovered in Tanzania last year has revealed that there may be much more of the gas than initial surveys ...
China's medical and consumer electronics manufacturers in turmoil
Dateline: 15 August 2015
In a widely expected, but controversial, move the US has banned all helium exports to China and its major trade partners, following China's banning of all ...
Blockchain businesses
Posted: 26 September 2017

We published this MindBullet more than two years ago about autonomous businesses on the blockchain. Now they're getting airtime as DAO or decentralised autonomous organisations. I prefer the name 'blockchain businesses', better than an acronym and more descriptive. Were we ahead of the game? Read the attached news link by Chris Skinner and decide for yourself!

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What is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation?
26 September 2017
I was asked to explain what I meant by haven’t central bankers realised that democratised trust is in the technologies and code? when I blogged about the ...
The rise of the distributed autonomous company has disrupted markets and nations
Dateline: 17 February 2027
CarCoin has ubered Uber. AppCoin has upstaged Apple. And Africoin has made African countries irrelevant; fiscally and economically at least. Based on the ... a world of broken a crucial asset or a massively scary challenge!
Posted: 24 September 2017

All of us in the "rest of the world" need to be very alert to the forces shaping our future...and the reality of a world experiencing and coping with myriad examples of broken trust is but one of our challenges!

Pres. Trump's current rhetoric is alarming and a warning for all of us as he is destroying one of the key vestiges of whatever remains of trust in the world - the reliability of a ...

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Opinion | Mr. Trump Squanders the World’s Trust
24 September 2017
At a crucial moment, Donald Trump is forcing the world to confront core questions it really shouldn’t have to ask: Can he be trusted? And, more saliently, ...
MindBullet logo AI FOR PRESIDENT
The next Commander in Chief is an avatar
Dateline: 3 November 2020
When a Presidential decision can affect millions of people's lives, it's a weighty matter; one that must balance ethics, integrity and pragmatism with what ...
India's PostBank bring high-tech to rural areas
Posted: 23 September 2017

Modern day Postmen...armed with micro ATMS, pedal (literally) hight tech solutions to rural areas across India.

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Your postman may soon become the point of contact for all your financial work. Read how
23 September 2017
India Post is targeting a dozen key bill payments, like school fees and utility bills, for those who arent familiar with operating an app on their own.
Who will lead the global chaincash system?
Dateline: 13 March 2019
Several emerging economies are in a desperate tech race to be the first to establish a blockchain based fiat currency with global acceptance. The ...
India leads the way in digital financial future...where is Silicon Valley?
Posted: 23 September 2017

India talks of "Digital India"...and they mean business. With a population beyond 1 billion young people, remote villages with scrappy infrastructure they needed to focus on what will enable and empower a nation in the digital future. many threads have converged fast - from withdrawing 75% of all cash from society in a weekend to the Gov's AARDHAR program, to Jin's aggressive reduction of ...

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Why the world has much to learn from India's big digital leap
23 September 2017
Mobile Aadhaar-based technology and the upcoming privacy law will soon radically transform financial services industry in the country.
Cellphone-based 'voiceweb' bridges digital divide
Dateline: 20 June 2012
Once we talked about the "digital divide", back in the dark days when the ability to read and write separated the wired from the unwired. Today, more than ...


Published on: 21 September 2017

Millions relocated to Latin America as superstorms wreak havoc

Dateline: 23 September 2023

Celia Estefan broke down and wept as she stepped onto the runway in Sucre, Bolivia. She is the last person evacuated from Cuba and marks the end of an appalling and heroic six-year migration of 44 million people from the Caribbean to new lives all across Latin America. "It is just in time," says Miriam Gomez of Mexico's National Hurricane Centre. "We've just upgraded Hurricane Franklin to Category 5, and we have Gert, Harvey and Irma right behind him. There is no way anyone will be able to live on ...

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Published on: 7 September 2017

Black-market organ transplants performed by microbot

Dateline: 6 September 2027

The WHO (World Health Organization) predicts an increase in illegal surgeries and black-market organ transplants because of the increasing capability of medical microbots. They are designed for patients to swallow, as if it were a pill made out of digestible enzymes. Fitted with tiny microblades or needles, they quickly move to clean blocked arteries, detect disease and treat cancer. Microbots are also useful for delivering medication to specific parts of the body and addressing hormone or metabolic ...

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Nuclear on the wane in Europe
Posted: 30 August 2017 1 Comment

Despite the new nukes being planned or built in the UK and Finland, it seems that the general appetite for nuclear power in Europe is declining. Germany has long had a plan to phase out nuclear, to appease the Greens, and now France - a big proponent of nuclear power - has publicly committed to closing down several nukes in the next few years.

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France will need to close nuclear reactors-minister
30 August 2017
French Environment MinisterNicolas Hulot reiterated on Wednesday that France will need toclose several nuclear reactors in order to meet a target to cutthe ...
New Energy replaces nukes, saves money
Dateline: 6 June 2020
Germany has shut down its last remaining nuclear power plant, two years ahead of schedule. Supporters of the Greens and the Pirate Party staged a peaceful ...
Second order consequences of auto electric cars
Posted: 29 August 2017

Benedict Evans shares his thoughts on the second order consequences of autonomous vehicles and says they will have an impact on all sorts of things, from cigarettes to cities! ...

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Private cars banned in New York and London
Dateline: 17 August 2019
Four years ago, it was proposed that gasoline and diesel vehicles be banned from certain cities and states; but the new trend towards mobility as a service has caused a major re-think. It's not enough to insist on electric vehicles; privately owned cars are just so wasteful. Now it's becoming illegal to own your own car. It takes up too much of the city's resources, parking and charging; and ...
Everything is discoverable
Posted: 25 August 2017

Whether we like it or not, we are all traceable through our electronic on-line footprint. Our phones, credit cards, open table restaurant booking apps confirm where we are and when we were there. If you use twitter, facebook and instagram, your already sharing your life in some small or even large way. Embrace it, but don't be an over sharer of every minute of every waking day of your ...

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The internet of everything exposes all our faults
Dateline: 9 August 2020
There's an old adage of mobsters everywhere: "You're only guilty if you get caught!" Now it seems that everyone is guilty. Who can say they've never, ever committed a crime? Perhaps you cheated on a tax expense, or told a little white lie that made you look good; maybe you embellished your resume - just a bit - or left out a part of your history when you told all to your ...

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