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A computer the size of a salt flake
Posted: 19 March 2018

IBM has announced a system that includes a processor, memory, optic communications and a photo-power cell, all on a tiny silicon package 1mm square. It's so small, 64 of them can fit on the tip of your finger! Great for self-powered sensors and embedded devices that can provide data to systems like, shall we say, blockchain controlled logistics?

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IBM has created a computer smaller than a grain of salt
19 March 2018
This thing is really tiny.
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
Bitcoin getting the boot from Google
Posted: 14 March 2018

Online advertising is being self-regulated, probably to avoid it being regulated by government. Google sees to be taking the step to prevent risky (ad)ventures like spread betting, and is including cryptocurrencies and forex trading in that group.

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Google is banning all bitcoin, ICO, and cryptocurrency ads from June
14 March 2018
Google plans to ban all cryptocurrencies and binary options adverts, and is cracking down on ads for other speculative financial instruments.
Controversial digital currency collapses as clones saturate the market
Dateline: 15 March 2015
In essence, Bitcoins are digital artifacts created by using computers to solve complex mathematical formulae, essentially cracking a code. The reward one ...
Plenty vertical farms in China
Posted: 1 March 2018

A startup company is planning to build 300 urban farms in China. Sounds like our MindBullet on this subject is spot on.

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US startup secures $200m in funding to build 300 vertical farms across China
1 March 2018
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The world’s population will grow by another 2 billion by 2050 and many think today’s agricultural systems won’t cope, as a ...
Urban farming is here to stay, and that's a good thing, isn't it?
Dateline: 1 March 2021
For some time now, various cities have been experimenting with vertical farming, rooftop farming, and even basement farming with LED lighting. Now it's ...


Published on: 15 February 2018 1 Comment

Urban farming is here to stay, and that's a good thing, isn't it?

Dateline: 1 March 2021

For some time now, various cities have been experimenting with vertical farming, rooftop farming, and even basement farming with LED lighting. Now it's maturing into a fully-fledged industry, just like fish farming. Farming without land, or even soil, sounds like a contradiction in terms, but hydroponics is not a new idea - it's just become more profitable. Being physically close to the consumers is the ultimate competitive advantage. Beyond the need for land, traditional farming has to contend ...

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Scary futures for 2018? Maybe not...and so what does a future filled with change in many spheres all mean for you?
Posted: 7 February 2018

As unexpected events continue to surprise we need to be ready for constant volatility, not only in investment markets but also in global events, geo-politics, finance, human behaviour and so on...

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Outrageous predictions for 2018
7 February 2018
A look at Saxo Bank's annual list.
MindBullet logo 2010-2020: A DECADE OF STEP-CHANGE THINKING
A review of the past decade’s most important trends – PART 2
Dateline: 1 January 2020
Boeing Buys Bombardier as Air Travel Goes SmallBoeing last month outlined their view of the future: pilotless small planes that can land at any local ...
Has the bubble burst?
Posted: 6 February 2018

In 2013 we speculated that, ultimately, bitcoin would collapse due to the large number of alternative or clone coins saturating the market. We still believe that blockchain technology is disruptive, and will change the way fintech and contracts work, but the essential problem with bitcoin is it's based on scarcity, and in the digital world there's massive abundance, of everything. Digital ...

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Controversial digital currency collapses as clones saturate the market
Dateline: 15 March 2015
In essence, Bitcoins are digital artifacts created by using computers to solve complex mathematical formulae, essentially cracking a code. The reward one receives is itself an encrypted code, which can be transferred to others, hence the term 'crypto currency'. Inspired by Bitcoin, Primecoin's protocol searches for chains of prime numbers. Digital currencies like Primecoin and Bitcoin have ...
Facebook falls
Posted: 2 February 2018

After a few months of tweaking the News Feed in order to make it more personal and harder for fake stories to spread, Facebook says that overall usage has dropped by “roughly 50 million hours every day.” says the Verge.

Our MindBullet from several years ago suggested that Facebook could face a declining future. ...

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Facebook usage falls in the US as it begins to tinker with the News Feed
2 February 2018
Facebook said usage fell by "roughly 50 million hours every day" overall after making changes to the News Feed. That came along with a decrease in daily ...
Flower children of the twenties look for analogue bullet
Dateline: 12 January 2021
In what might be considered a typical anti-establishment rebellion of youth, teenagers of the 2020s seem to be disenchanted by their parents' excessive ...


Published on: 1 February 2018

Government tries to follow the money

Dateline: 1 February 2021

Now that the bulk of the so-called 'capitalist political economy' operates on digital platforms and through digital channels, it's inevitable that government wants more influence and control. But will it work? In the aftermath of the dotcom boom, everybody wanted more access and better networks, and it wasn't long before broadband came to be regarded as a basic human right. Wireless networks and smartphones connected everyone else, and suddenly the whole world was on the 'net! Sure, some ...

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Liquid batteries could gain from new discovery
Posted: 23 January 2018

As we wrote in our MIndBullet in 2009, massive liquid batteries have the potential to easily absorb spare solar or wind power, and release it later to keep a whole city on the go, balancing out grid demand. If the technology could be made reliable, and efficiently scaled up.

Now MIT have made a discovery which promises to make grid-scale liquid batteries a feasible proposition. Perhaps big ...

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MIT discovery resurrects potential of molten salt batteries for grid level power storage
23 January 2018
Cheaper than lithium, and constructed using very common materials, molten salt batteries could be back on the menu thanks to a new steel-based membrane ...
New York City runs all night on a single charge
Dateline: 21 April 2015
In the city that never sleeps, the lights burn all night. But don't worry, they're not consuming precious fuel or polluting the environment, because the ...


Published on: 4 January 2018

Greenpeace calls for light curfew to bring back the dark

Dateline: 9 January 2023

What happened to those lovely dark nights, when all the stars came out? They're gone, along with hurricane lamps and black outs. Now that LED lighting has conquered the world, seen from space our planet is a bright, glittering jewel at night. Even darkest Africa is filled with a billion points of light, and more's the pity. It's unnatural and astronomers hate it. The obsession with climate change has waned, and activists are focusing heavily on pollution, especially light pollution. They want ...

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Printing bacterial batteries
Posted: 4 December 2017

Is it a battery? Is it a solar cell? Is it organic? Perhaps all three. Scientists have successfully created a cell that produces power from sunlight, and continues even in the dark. And it's made from printing bacterial 'ink' on conductive paper.

Could this be the breakthrough that ushers in 'free' energy? ...

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Scientists Create A Solar Cell By Printing Bacteria
4 December 2017
By using the bacteria, they have overcome the primary issue with conventional solar cells, which need constant sunlight to generate electricity.
Nano-machines do photosynthesis better than leaves
Dateline: 12 June 2030
What started as a bold project at Imperial College London in 2009, has now reached its first stage of commercialization in the deserts of north ...
Virtual, fast, friendly and efficient Government a reality...maybe soon!
Posted: 24 November 2017

Automated AI enabled driving tests, vehicle registrations and more to come in our new world. Finally we might have the answer to friendly, efficient, fast Gov services...without humans!

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China's new AI police station won't have humans
24 November 2017
It'll be like a worker-less DMV that's open 24/7.
MindBullet logo AI FOR PRESIDENT
The next Commander in Chief is an avatar
Dateline: 3 November 2020
When a Presidential decision can affect millions of people's lives, it's a weighty matter; one that must balance ethics, integrity and pragmatism with what ...


Published on: 16 November 2017

That's no tasty tuna, it's Robofish

Dateline: 12 September 2027

When is a robofish actually a cowboy or a sheepdog? When it looks after your fish, farmed in the open sea. Fishing as a food source has long been big business, but wild stocks have been severely over exploited in some areas, and fish farming has become a viable alternative. But farming fish in sheltered estuaries and bays offers limited scope for improving global food security. The best place for serious fish farming is the open sea, in deep water, but the infrastructure costs were considered ...

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Banking buzz in a bar...really? Yes!
Posted: 29 October 2017

Monzo, startup UK bank with 500,000 users, seems to be creating a buzz in a way no other bank has ever done! Whats different you might ask? Well not much except openness, transparency and asking its community to participate in setting key business decisions! Rocket science it's not but unusual for business leaders ...absolutely!

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The bank that's apparently so cool it has become a chat up line in London's bars
29 October 2017
Monzo has attracted something of a cult following in the British capital.
New players dominate financial services
Dateline: 26 August 2022
It was Microsoft founder Bill Gates who famously said in 1994 that we need banking, but we don't need banks. It's taken nearly 30 years, but he was dead ...
Challenges to capitalism mount
Posted: 25 October 2017

The world seeks news answers to growing inequality. Some won’t like it... others will be excited by the chance to redefine fairness and equitable reward for a future relevant and flourishing system!

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Aetna CEO: Capitalism Will Suffer “Death By A Thousand Cuts” If Income Inequality Persists | Fast Co
25 October 2017
Mark Bertolini, who’s lifted wages and improved health benefits for employees, offers stark rationale for creating more good-paying jobs.
Is there a new model arising out of the ashes?
Dateline: 21 May 2015
Ongoing violent protests in major cities around the world are crippling developed economies. What started with an overt war against business in India by ...
Should we tax the robots?
Posted: 23 October 2017

"It would be reckless not to explore the scenario of rising technological unemployment over the next decade, and how we will fund either a higher total unemployment benefit bill or the provision of some form of guaranteed basic income and / or guaranteed basic services."

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Should we tax the robots?
23 October 2017
However, we don't know how far and how fast AI and these other disruptive technologies will spread. Furthermore, we don't know how many jobs they will take ...
With robots paying labour tax, the 99% can be as idle and as comfortable as the elites
Dateline: 4 July 2025
We're living in the age of abundance. The age of the algorithm. The age of... well, automated utopia. Who would have thought that this soon, with machines ...
3D printing managed by robots
Posted: 20 October 2017

Just as we suggested might become the case, a small manufacturing plant using 3D printers has scaled up by adding a robot to do the work at night. See the attached MindBullet for further scenario options!

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This robot-run 3D printing farm is the future of light manufacturing
20 October 2017
Even small businesses are now running lights-out facilities using robots and automation
Free energy spawns hordes of wetbots and kills off big brands
Dateline: 13 July 2033
"We're closing up shop. Wetbots made us broke." The production chief of iRobot consumer products grins ruefully. "Luckily we've still got our military ...
No more helium shortage
Posted: 16 October 2017

You may not have been aware of it, but the world was facing a possible shortage of helium, which is used in space rockets and MRI medical devices. Helium, besides being lighter than air, and a safe way to inflate party balloons, is an inert, stable element that won't combust or explode under pressure, making it almost unique in some scientific applications. But it can't be made in a ...

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Massive 'Life-Saving' Helium Field Just Turned Out to Be Far Bigger Than We'd Hoped
16 October 2017
New analysis of a gargantuan helium deposit discovered in Tanzania last year has revealed that there may be much more of the gas than initial surveys ...
China's medical and consumer electronics manufacturers in turmoil
Dateline: 15 August 2015
In a widely expected, but controversial, move the US has banned all helium exports to China and its major trade partners, following China's banning of all ...
Blockchain businesses
Posted: 26 September 2017

We published this MindBullet more than two years ago about autonomous businesses on the blockchain. Now they're getting airtime as DAO or decentralised autonomous organisations. I prefer the name 'blockchain businesses', better than an acronym and more descriptive. Were we ahead of the game? Read the attached news link by Chris Skinner and decide for yourself!

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What is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation?
26 September 2017
I was asked to explain what I meant by haven’t central bankers realised that democratised trust is in the technologies and code? when I blogged about the ...
The rise of the distributed autonomous company has disrupted markets and nations
Dateline: 17 February 2027
CarCoin has ubered Uber. AppCoin has upstaged Apple. And Africoin has made African countries irrelevant; fiscally and economically at least. Based on the ... a world of broken a crucial asset or a massively scary challenge!
Posted: 24 September 2017

All of us in the "rest of the world" need to be very alert to the forces shaping our future...and the reality of a world experiencing and coping with myriad examples of broken trust is but one of our challenges!

Pres. Trump's current rhetoric is alarming and a warning for all of us as he is destroying one of the key vestiges of whatever remains of trust in the world - the reliability of a ...

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Opinion | Mr. Trump Squanders the World’s Trust
24 September 2017
At a crucial moment, Donald Trump is forcing the world to confront core questions it really shouldn’t have to ask: Can he be trusted? And, more saliently, ...
MindBullet logo AI FOR PRESIDENT
The next Commander in Chief is an avatar
Dateline: 3 November 2020
When a Presidential decision can affect millions of people's lives, it's a weighty matter; one that must balance ethics, integrity and pragmatism with what ...

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