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Is postcapitalism the solution?
Posted: 18 July 2019

If capitalism is the real 'problem' for the world's ills - as some authors believe, like this article in Fast Company, could the solution be postcapitalism? And is it inevitable?

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Are You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem?
18 July 2019
Before you say no, take a moment to really ask yourself whether it’s the system that’s best suited to build our future society.
Long live postcapitalism!
Dateline: 27 September 2031
Capitalism has run its course and expired. Now we live in the age of postcapitalism, a technology enabled society where work is disconnected from wages, ...


Published on: 18 July 2019 1 Comment

Long live postcapitalism!

Dateline: 27 September 2031

Capitalism has run its course and expired. Now we live in the age of postcapitalism, a technology enabled society where work is disconnected from wages, and profit is tempered by purpose. Some people call it 'technotopia' or 'luxury communism'. We call it the 2030s. We've been told for decades that capitalism was doomed, that it was the architect of its own destruction, and to a certain extent that was true; but the experiments known as communism and central planning were abject failures. Without ...

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Published on: 11 July 2019

Everyone wants a tastier caffeine fix - and an energy boost!

Dateline: 27 October 2028

Climate change, crop disease and deforestation - things were not looking good for the coffee bean in recent years. For some coffee connoisseurs, the panic reached crisis levels, and so they intervened, only to revolutionize the joe we all know. December 2018 saw the launch of Atomo molecular coffee - coffee made, well, without coffee! Through a process of reverse engineering, they also managed to remove the traditionally bitter taste that coffee lovers have learned to accept. In fact, there ...

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Sharing homes and lives, not just power drills
Dateline: 2 June 2024
Co-living has been on the block for a while, but it's no longer a fringe phenomenon. You won't see singles scouting for bachelor flats or studio apartments. Instead, digital nomads are co-living by choice, opting for shared residences that are part dorm and part hotel, giving their inhabitants private bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, but communal kitchens and living rooms. It's quite a ...


Published on: 20 June 2019

Car manufacturers in trouble for colluding with insurance companies

Dateline: 29 May 2022

Big data has been big business for some time now. The more you know about your customer, the more you can personalize offers, and the easier it is to sell more people more things. Even better, you also get to on-sell all that data that your customers pay you to collect on them, to other third-party businesses to use in their own marketing and product development: win-win! However, big car companies are starting to learn that the so called "surveillance capitalism" economy cuts both ways. Two large ...

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Published on: 13 June 2019 1 Comment

Sharing homes and lives, not just power drills

Dateline: 2 June 2024

Co-living has been on the block for a while, but it's no longer a fringe phenomenon. You won't see singles scouting for bachelor flats or studio apartments. Instead, digital nomads are co-living by choice, opting for shared residences that are part dorm and part hotel, giving their inhabitants private bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, but communal kitchens and living rooms. It's quite a stretch from renting out your power drill in the sharing economy, to sharing home life 24/7, but multiple ...

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Published on: 6 June 2019

Smart software is so convincingly smart, we trust it more than people

Dateline: 3 June 2022

"Trust me, I'm a doctor!" is an old cliché, that we've all learned to take with a pinch of salt, but now there's a new benchmark for trust. How often, when a friend or colleague spouts a factoid or news bite, do you check it out on Google for accuracy? And when driving to a new destination, or trying to beat traffic, you rely on your smart device - car or phone - for navigation, don't you? You'd never ask a stranger for advice. All these things are driven by artificial intelligence, and we've come ...

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Published on: 30 May 2019

Now the rich are outsourcing their aching neck muscles

Dateline: 9 May 2023

Back when mobile phones just arrived on the market, it was all the rage to walk around with the Nokia brick in your hand. As the years went by, the more screens you had, the higher your status; laptop, tablet, phone, smart watch - the more you had, the better. Time and again though, what happens after ubiquity? Yes, you guessed it, the exact inverse. It's the poor who are living, learning, and dying by screens because the rich are opting for real people. A single mom in the Bronx can't afford a ...

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Published on: 9 May 2019

Our planet will be a lot emptier than we first expected

Dateline: 18 June 2024

It's always been hard to question the status quo, whether it's speaking out against Apartheid or tackling climate change. Very few people take on the UN over one of the most widespread assumptions in society. But thank goodness someone did. In 2019 the weak signals were there for those who wanted to see. Whereas the UN projected 9 billion people in 2050 and 11 billion by 2100, a select group of scientists and demographers modelled a different future; one in which the global population stabilizes ...

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Beyond meat, beyond belief
Posted: 6 May 2019

In a sensational stock exchange debut, new listing Beyond Meat surged 160% on the first day's trading. But is this whole idea sustainable? Company revenues are up, but so are losses. Investors obviously have a lot of faith in a vegan powered future. As we said in our MindBullet, nerds will eventually make cows obsolete; well, at least for steak and hamburgers. But I wonder if this isn't ...

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Clean meat comes to market
Dateline: 28 June 2019
It's common cause that the meat industry is not very kind to animals, and intensive cattle farming is not very good for the environment in general. What's more, more than enough food is grown globally to adequately feed the world's growing population, but a large part of crop production goes to feeding cows, so that affluent people can enjoy nice juicy steaks. All this while the poor go ...
Microsoft's new peak: $1Tn
Posted: 25 April 2019

Sometimes our MindBullets scenarios are predictive of future reality!


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Apple in decline as consumers, and businesses, vote with their wallets
Dateline: 7 November 2016
The votes are in, and there's a new winner in the global race to be the biggest and best tech company. And the winner is Microsoft! Just four years ago, Apple was king of the heap, selling millions of (Chinese made) devices a month, and being rated as the world's most valuable company, and tech brand. Now it's Microsoft's turn to shine, as Apple stumbles. Surprisingly, tech upstarts who ...


Published on: 18 April 2019

Big tech scrambles to hire bio-ethicists as inter-species genetic engineering debate heats up

Dateline: 11 April 2028

It's 2019 all over again. Silicon Valley is on a hiring spree - for bio-ethicists. Advances in genetic engineering involving integrating animal DNA into human embryos, and human DNA into animals, using CRISPR technology, to enhance health and cognitive ability, have caused an ethical and legal conundrum. If some humans are technically partly animals, and some animals are part-human, who decided who qualifies for human rights? And who counts as a real person? Human rights groups are ...

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The coming glut of electric cars
Posted: 17 April 2019

You saw it on MindBullets first!


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China accused of dumping as prices plummet
Dateline: 5 March 2029
China's success as the biggest producer of cars - mainly electric cars - the world has ever seen, has led to a problem of massive over capacity. There are not enough adults in the world, with driving skills, to drive all the cars produced every year. Admittedly many of the latest vehicles are self-driving, but at the budget end of the scale, devoid of radar and software, basic cars are just ...


Published on: 28 March 2019

Japan calls digital timeout to save society

Dateline: 17 April 2025

The Internet will bring us closer, they said. It will improve social connection, they said. Yeah, about that... In the early days of the web and social media, we all thought that it's simply an add-on to actual, face-to-face, relationships. However, with time it became all too easy to create the facade of a perfect life on Instagram. Real-life conversations gradually morphed into superficiality, devoid of any vulnerability (Brené Brown regularly cried herself to sleep at night). The explosion of ...

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Rebuilding the earth
Posted: 15 March 2019

A decade ago - yes in 2009! - we speculated in MindBullets that climate change could be 'fixed' with geoengineering, but we also warned against unintended (harmful) consequences. Now a new study says it can be done safely, using "small doses". We remain unconvinced that tinkering with atmospheric and solar systems is a good idea.

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Small Doses Of Solar Geoengineering Could Safely Cool Earth's Warming Climate, Study Finds
15 March 2019
A new study found that injecting small doses of aerosol into the stratosphere could safely slow down global warming without unwanted side effects. It said ...
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Geo-engineering creates a new environment for a smart planet
Dateline: 21 September 2027
Our planet couldn't cope with all the demands our modern civilization placed on it. So we built a new one. Welcome to Earth 2.0. A new planet for a new, ...
Augmented reality selling for cars
Posted: 25 February 2019

Imagine if you had X-ray vision, and could see inside things that you wanted to buy. That would help you to make a 'good' decision, or at least reassure you that you had made an informed decision, right? Toyota thinks so. Their smart showrooms let you look inside the car.

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Augmented reality selling seals the deal
Dateline: 26 January 2023
How do you let someone test a product or article of clothing without using samples? A virtual reality demo, that's how. And to highlight your product on a ...
Solar powered surveillance
Posted: 20 February 2019

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Mass surveillance has come full circle
Dateline: 19 April 2019
We're all connected, and most of our smart devices have cameras and sensors which can detect and analyze peoples' behaviour. What's more, our smart systems can aggregate and dissect everything happening online; mobile, financial, social - you name it. Nothing escapes the attention of the internet of things. In the age of transparency, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to police the ...
India leads the way in digital financial future...where is Silicon Valley?
Posted: 23 September 2017

India talks of "Digital India"...and they mean business. With a population beyond 1 billion young people, remote villages with scrappy infrastructure they needed to focus on what will enable and empower a nation in the digital future. many threads have converged fast - from withdrawing 75% of all cash from society in a weekend to the Gov's AARDHAR program, to Jin's aggressive reduction of ...

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Why the world has much to learn from India's big digital leap
23 September 2017
Mobile Aadhaar-based technology and the upcoming privacy law will soon radically transform financial services industry in the country.
Cellphone-based 'voiceweb' bridges digital divide
Dateline: 20 June 2012
Once we talked about the "digital divide", back in the dark days when the ability to read and write separated the wired from the unwired. Today, more than ...
Organic vs GM: The debate rages towards GM
Posted: 13 January 2013 1 Comment

How does your company's public attitude stack up against current debates? How will you position yourself by 2020?

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Leading Environmental Activist’s Blunt Confession: I Was Completely Wrong To Oppose GMOs
13 January 2013
If you fear genetically modified food, you may have Mark Lynas to thank. By his own reckoning, British environmentalist helped spur the anti-GMO movement ...
Consumers shun organic, local and fair trade food after exceedingly bad press
Dateline: 24 January 2011
It must have been the lull in news after the holiday season in Europe that caused the recent excessive focus on the downside of everything organic and fair ...
A business model for mind-reading AI
Posted: 27 September 2018

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Latest craze is 'living' other people's lives - to the full
Dateline: 19 September 2019
This weekend I climbed Everest. Next weekend I'm thinking of walking on the moon. But for both, I don't have to leave my armchair in London. Environmental pressure and costs may have pushed global travel beyond the means of most people, but technology has come to the rescue. Full-sensory immersive computing means that vivid 'living' memories of real adventurers doing things like climbing ...

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