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Don't look now, but everybody is watching
Posted: 30 January 2018

Privacy is dead. Even if you're not aware of it, somebody or some system somewhere is watching or tracking you. That may not be true in darkest Africa, unless you are a person of interest to the drone operators, but in major cities like London and Beijing, it's certainly true. An increasingly it's Big AI that's watching you.

So who is watching the watcher watchers? I guess we all are! ...

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They Are Watching You—and Everything Else on the Planet
30 January 2018
Technology and our increasing demand for security have put us all under surveillance. Is privacy becoming just a memory?
Mass surveillance has come full circle
Dateline: 19 April 2019
We're all connected, and most of our smart devices have cameras and sensors which can detect and analyze peoples' behaviour. What's more, our smart systems ...
Virtual, fast, friendly and efficient Government a reality...maybe soon!
Posted: 24 November 2017

Automated AI enabled driving tests, vehicle registrations and more to come in our new world. Finally we might have the answer to friendly, efficient, fast Gov services...without humans!

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China's new AI police station won't have humans
24 November 2017
It'll be like a worker-less DMV that's open 24/7.
MindBullet logo AI FOR PRESIDENT
The next Commander in Chief is an avatar
Dateline: 3 November 2020
When a Presidential decision can affect millions of people's lives, it's a weighty matter; one that must balance ethics, integrity and pragmatism with what ...
Mugabe joins the BB Club
Posted: 22 November 2017

In 2011, we 'predicted' that social media would empower individuals and generate transparency to see off dictators and despots like Gaddafi and Mugabe. We called this fictional club of exiles the BB Club, and speculated that they gathered for breakfast on the riviera in Montreux.
We were spot on with Gaddafi, although he didn't survive to join the club, but Robert Mugabe somehow seemed immune ...

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Newsflash: Robert Mugabe resigns, Zimbabweans celebrate
22 November 2017
Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, has officially resigned, 37 years after getting into office. By MAYNARD MANYOWA and AFP.
Ex-presidents and previous potentates lament their fate at the hands of the internet
Dateline: 14 July 2012
It's a beautiful summer's day as I stroll into the lobby of the Montreux Suisse Majestic Hotel on the shores of Lake Geneva. The group of famous, perhaps ...
Challenges to capitalism mount
Posted: 25 October 2017

The world seeks news answers to growing inequality. Some won’t like it... others will be excited by the chance to redefine fairness and equitable reward for a future relevant and flourishing system!

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Aetna CEO: Capitalism Will Suffer “Death By A Thousand Cuts” If Income Inequality Persists | Fast Co
25 October 2017
Mark Bertolini, who’s lifted wages and improved health benefits for employees, offers stark rationale for creating more good-paying jobs.
Is there a new model arising out of the ashes?
Dateline: 21 May 2015
Ongoing violent protests in major cities around the world are crippling developed economies. What started with an overt war against business in India by ...
No more helium shortage
Posted: 16 October 2017

You may not have been aware of it, but the world was facing a possible shortage of helium, which is used in space rockets and MRI medical devices. Helium, besides being lighter than air, and a safe way to inflate party balloons, is an inert, stable element that won't combust or explode under pressure, making it almost unique in some scientific applications. But it can't be made in a ...

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Massive 'Life-Saving' Helium Field Just Turned Out to Be Far Bigger Than We'd Hoped
16 October 2017
New analysis of a gargantuan helium deposit discovered in Tanzania last year has revealed that there may be much more of the gas than initial surveys ...
China's medical and consumer electronics manufacturers in turmoil
Dateline: 15 August 2015
In a widely expected, but controversial, move the US has banned all helium exports to China and its major trade partners, following China's banning of all ... a world of broken a crucial asset or a massively scary challenge!
Posted: 24 September 2017

All of us in the "rest of the world" need to be very alert to the forces shaping our future...and the reality of a world experiencing and coping with myriad examples of broken trust is but one of our challenges!

Pres. Trump's current rhetoric is alarming and a warning for all of us as he is destroying one of the key vestiges of whatever remains of trust in the world - the reliability of a ...

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Opinion | Mr. Trump Squanders the World’s Trust
24 September 2017
At a crucial moment, Donald Trump is forcing the world to confront core questions it really shouldn’t have to ask: Can he be trusted? And, more saliently, ...
MindBullet logo AI FOR PRESIDENT
The next Commander in Chief is an avatar
Dateline: 3 November 2020
When a Presidential decision can affect millions of people's lives, it's a weighty matter; one that must balance ethics, integrity and pragmatism with what ...
Negativity towards Tourism
Posted: 25 August 2017

Unfortunately, this fictional article is becoming a reality in some parts of Europe. I can see it become even more of a reality in future, but I hope it doe not. Travelling and seeing the many wonders of the world is something I enjoy and have been privileged to do a lot in my career. That ahs made me a better person, with more exposure to different cultures and lifestyles, that I would never ...

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Local activists stirring up resistance to the invasion
Dateline: 11 August 2019
"It's worse than migration," says an Arran spokesperson, "they are destroying our neighbourhoods and culture!" Arran is the radical anti-tourist movement in Spain. In Barcelona, Rome and Venice, protest marches have turned violent, and travel advisories have been issued by British and American authorities. Tensions between hordes of foreign tourists and nationalist locals have been ...
Migrants are good for business
Posted: 24 August 2017

We've pointed out before that migration is a natural human phenomenon and has been responsible for building some of the greatest nations on earth, like the United States. The current trend toward closing borders is bad for growth. Here the Economist shows, with data, that Europe needs more migrants to avoid shrinking populations, and by implication, shrinking economies.

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Why Europe needs more migrants
24 August 2017
Without them the continent’s population will start to shrink
After running the gauntlet across North Africa and the Mediterranean, refugees face one more challenge: random chance
Dateline: 2 April 2017
Europe might have had its head in the sand, but we all know that problems do not go away on their own. Months and months of inaction in the Middle East, ...


Published on: 17 August 2017 1 Comment

Local activists stirring up resistance to the invasion

Dateline: 11 August 2019

"It's worse than migration," says an Arran spokesperson, "they are destroying our neighbourhoods and culture!" Arran is the radical anti-tourist movement in Spain. In Barcelona, Rome and Venice, protest marches have turned violent, and travel advisories have been issued by British and American authorities. Tensions between hordes of foreign tourists and nationalist locals have been escalating for the past two years, and are now boiling over. Share bikes and Uber cars have had their tyres slashed, ...

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Megabot in action
Posted: 9 August 2017

And here's the latest video of the Megabot in action. ...

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Lessons from Battling Bots are shaping industry
Dateline: 16 August 2018
Who would have believed even three years ago that wrestling matches between giant robots would become the world's most popular TV entertainment - and would explosively advance the development of industrial and commercial robots? Transformers Smackdown, the weekly televised bot-battle, has entranced virtually every nation on the planet. The sight of giant metal beasts fighting to the death ...
British police form a drone unit
Posted: 17 July 2017

Police departments have been experimenting with drones for some time now. But this is a step forward; three British police departments creating a formal drone unit.
Says a spokesman: 'Drones will aid officers as part of missing person searches; crime scene photography; responding to major road traffic collisions; coastal and woodland searches and to combat wildlife crime.'
Of course, all ...

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Police drone unit joins the beat in the UK
17 July 2017
Three police forces – Devon, Cornwall and Dorset? – have teamed up to create the UK's first dedicated drone unit that will provide 24/7 support to ...
Swarms of quadrotors overwhelm law enforcement with tons of cocaine worth billions of dollars
Dateline: 27 April 2017
More than 150 fast and high-flying aerial drones flew over the border from Mexico and crossed the Atlantic and Pacific coasts in the last 24 hours. Each ...
Are Governments relevant in a new world?
Posted: 10 July 2017

Technology and global virtual communities might be challenging the traditional role of Governments...dont tell Trump!

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Futurist Ray Kurzweil Predicts That Technology Will End Nation States
10 July 2017
It's the end of the nation as we know it.
WikiLeaks anniversary challenges a transparent future
Dateline: 12 May 2019
On the tenth anniversary of WikiLeaks opening its electronic doors, it's perhaps appropriate to consider the impact that the crusade for increased openness ...
Hacking the grid
Posted: 13 June 2017

We have published a number of MindBullets over the years, that examine the potential for cyber criminals or hackers to damage or destroy physical infrastructure, like the power grid. It seems the Russians or someone may have tested this capability against the Ukraine last year, with powerful malware known as 'Crash override' or 'Industroyer'. Remember Stuxnet? This is a lot scarier!

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Meet Industroyer - malware that can bring down a city's power grid -
13 June 2017
Researchers at ESET believe that Industroyer may have been responsible for shutting down power in the Ukraine last year.
It's the most dangerous malware ever developed, and it's available free to anyone
Dateline: 2 January 2013
During 2011 the Stuxnet worm targeted Iran's Natanz nuclear facility, specifically the Siemens components in it, and several other key industrial ...
Cyborg dragonfly takes to the air
Posted: 1 June 2017

A cyborg dragonfly, fitted with sensors, and whose flight can be controlled by an operator? Yes, its happening - could this be the new world of industrial and government espionage?

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Video shows maiden flight of cyborg dragonfly
1 June 2017
Back in January, researchers from Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) outlined plans to fit dragonflies with tiny ...
Cyborg locusts open new frontier
Dateline: 28 April 2014
The first 'cyborg-war' has just been won after millions of wirelessly-controlled locusts swamped the North Korean army as it massed on the border with ...
China launches 20 human trials of CRISPR gene-editing technology
Posted: 31 May 2017 2 Comments

CRISPR, the revolutionary gene editing technique that makes the science of altering genetic structures as easy as cut-and-paste, is screaming ahead .
New trials are about to start in China to alter the genome in cells inside the body, aimed at eliminating cancer before it starts.
But there is concern as the long-term effects of this technique have not been explored. Nonetheless, as many as 20 ...

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Boom in human gene editing as 20 CRISPR trials gear up
31 May 2017
The CRISPR genome editing revolution continues to advance at an astounding pace. As many as 20 human trials will be under way soon, mostly in China, New ...
It may already be too late to ask
Dateline: 17 May 2025
New technologies to 'reinvent and upgrade' the human species are causing widespread alarm around the globe. Scientists have perfected a number of ways to ...


Published on: 18 May 2017

China leads the push for Globalization 2.0

Dateline: 4 July 2035

It's taken two decades, but the demise of the United States as top nation was predicted way back in 2015. Now China is firmly #1 in economic terms, and the west looks decidedly lower-middle class. The global power shift to the east has been driven partly by demographics, but also by China's determination to expand its sphere of economic influence, and to co-opt key nations en route. Central to this ambition was the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, which links up dozens of nodes from Guangzhou to ...

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Universal basic income inevitable?
Posted: 18 April 2017

As automation, fueled by AI, IoT etc grows the world will need to think very differently about business models, success criteria, capitalism as we know it and many more significant consequences of a new world of work, manufacturing, employment and human relevance.

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Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Governments to Introduce Universal Basic Income
18 April 2017
Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence that is much smarter than the smartest human on Earth could result in dangerous situations. Musk argues that ...
Redundant workers cashing in on robot jobs
Dateline: 3 February 2024
Up until now, we have managed to survive recessions and every economic slump, but experts believe we are finally reaching a plateau, as the majority of ...


Published on: 6 April 2017

Citizens vs. governments as the next generation of the internet unfolds

Dateline: 11 March 2020

It's 31 years since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web; and he is the first to admit that many things have gone wrong since his original dream. Sir Tim envisaged, in his own words, "an open platform that would allow everyone, everywhere to share information, access opportunities, and collaborate across geographic and cultural boundaries." Certainly the internet has achieved that - but increasingly it is a place where trolls attack with crude, vicious posts; where governments and political ...

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Drones getting a bad reputation
Posted: 5 April 2017

Drones are becoming a pest, and complaints are soaring in the UK over non-military drones invading privacy and abetting criminals. How long before we see 'drone hunting' becoming a popular sport, as suggested in this MindBullet?

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Drone complaints soar as concerns grow over snooping
5 April 2017
Complaints to police include claims of burglary ‘scoping’, mid-air near-misses and the smuggling of contraband into prisons
Bullet-proof paint creates need for cyber weapons
Dateline: 27 August 2017
Since the development of bullet-proof paint two years ago, drone manufacturers were quick to protect their products from the 'drone hunters' who typically ...


Published on: 23 February 2017

Global downturn follows isolationist resurgence

Dateline: 7 March 2021

Brexit, Trump and now Le Pen. As the old, established economies turn inward and nationalist, global trade and co-operation suffer. It's been left to the new, New World, what used to be called Emerging Markets, to carry the torch of free trade. As Tim Harford notes: "The first and most fundamental insight is that all human civilisation is built on some sort of trade." ALL human civilisation. Productivity and progress rely on exploiting comparative advantages with trade, to everyone's gain. But the ...

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