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Rogue code and Social Networking
Posted: 20 December 2010

By 17 December 2010, rogue code is causing Facebook to shut down. Developer mistakes, malicious hacking or entrepreneurial ideas - whatever the cause, the future may be full of unintended consequeces.

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Networks collapse as Machine-to-Machine app connects users
Dateline: 16 June 2012
The source of a viral Application giving smartphone users free connectivity was revealed at the World Broadband Conference today. It is a rogue App using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) links and it is progressively connecting every 4G digital device worldwide. Phone makers have confirmed that M2M technology is embedded in recent devices, ready to launch premium services like the dating App ...
Relationship Economies
Posted: 10 May 2007 2 Comments

As the Relationship Economies grow, traditional trading power shifts away from those corporations that exercise purchasing power to those who have relationship and trading influence. The benefits from a Relationship Economy become driven by the deconstruction of expensive hierarchical organisational structures and substitution of dynamic, mutually beneficial partnering enterprise. Those that ...

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If you're not an entrepreneur, prepare to be unemployed
Dateline: 12 December 2012
Last week's Fortune 500 conference hosted in Berlin reported sobering numbers. Globally, 2007 was the peak year for the number of people in formal employment in large companies. For the past five years the numbers have dropped each year. Now they are down by more than 20 million jobs. Today's global leaders are increasing their economic power, but are shedding formal jobs at an alarming ...

Filtered by author: Sam Simons