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VodaFone becomes a payments provider
Posted: 5 May 2011 3 Comments

By allowing cusomers to have cab fares charged to their phone account, Vodafone is offering eCash, bypassing banks and credit cards with direct settlements between two parties. When will they start offering this service to you and me for personal payments? Providing the regulators let them, when will they be an alternative to banks?

Our 2006 MindBullet pointed the way. ...

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No money for a cab? No problem as phone giant launches 'pay by text message' service
5 May 2011
It's something that can happen to anyone. Taking a cab for the late ride home, you suddenly realise that the crisp 20 pound note you thought was tucked ...
Ban on gambling payments creates new financial utility for one billion customers
Dateline: 20 April 2009
Yesterday's exposé in the New York Times has put the cat among the pigeons of the financial services industry. The report claims that the NYT investigation ...
Is this Apple's 'Perfect Storm'?
Posted: 19 January 2011 7 Comments

These spectacular results seem to engender a little sense of Deja vu - reminding me of the time in the early 1990s when IBM's results went from the biggest profit in business history to its biggest loss in just one year.
Just think of these forces acting around Apple's success: Job's health (even a genius does not live forever), the success of Android smart phones (outselling iPhone for the ...

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Apple announces record profits of $6bn as Steve Jobs hails 'phenomenal' sales
19 January 2011
Shares increase after Apple reports 7m iPads sold during Christmas quarter, as chief executive prepares to go on leave
Step-change thinking moves Apple to an old/new business paradigm
Dateline: 23 October 2012
Apple has not previously been known to favor opening up its software to other hardware platforms. This control obsession has seen it lose out to Microsoft ...
Is your bling the real thing?
Posted: 22 December 2015

It's interesting to read that De Beers has such a large business in synthetic diamonds - and it's becoiming an ever more lucrative business.

Industrial uses are booming but now a growing industry – largely in the Far East – is making synthetic bling for rings and necklaces.

Are you sure yours is the real thging? Does it matter? ...

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Diamonds in the rough: De Beers on spotting fakes among the flawless
22 December 2015
Mention diamonds and many may happily conjure up an image of Marilyn Monroe performing Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend in the 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer ...
De Beers hit hard by new market realities
Dateline: 11 February 2007
Some years ago, Carol Shriner of Marquette, Nebraska, was turned into a yellow diamond. Her family was one of the first customers of LifeGems, an American ...
You always have a choice...
Posted: 26 November 2015

...and there's always Dignitas!

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The agony of being in your 120s
Dateline: 20 December 2027
It's tough being 122. If you thought puberty or being a twenty-something was challenging, just wait until you get to 120-something! You've got the body of a 90-year-old; so what? It's still an effort to get out of bed, and those neuroprosthetic implants keep your mind sharp, but the constant software updates are literally giving you headaches. Slowing and reversing physical aging has become ...
The future of oil is here
Posted: 12 September 2015

Interesting to see the press reports in the past week reflecting on the futurte of the oil price. Don't say we didn't tell you in our MindBullet more than 10 years ago! The causes may be a little different but at least we were in the correct price ball park! ;)

The implications of an oil price anywhere near $20 a barrel are profound for the world economy and Middle East stability. ...

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Oil prices could fall to $20 a barrel says Goldman Sachs - as it happened
12 September 2015
...but the IEA thinks OPEC’s strategy is working and forcing expensive oil out of the market.
MindBullet logo OIL $5 A BARREL!
Dateline: 3 February 2009
Global markets reeled today as America announced a total embargo on oil imports from the Middle East. The move effectively smashes the stranglehold of ...
Amazon now more valuable than WalMart
Posted: 24 July 2015 1 Comment

In our 2000 book Ten Lessons from the Future we intimated that this would happen, even that by 2020 Amazon would have joined forces with WalMart - well this newsclip seems to indicate that we are on the way.

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Amazon overtakes Walmart as record profits make it a $250 billion firm
24 July 2015
The web giant reported an 19.9 percent rise in quarterly revenue, helped by higher sales in North America, its biggest market, and continued growth in its Amazon Web Services unit.
How fossil fuels are greening the planet
Posted: 24 March 2015

Interesting stuff from Matt Ridley (author of the Rational Optimist) and how the doom-mongers' case against fossil fuels is going up in smoke!

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Matt Ridley on How Fossil Fuels are Greening the Planet
24 March 2015
Matt Ridley dropped by a studio in Los Angeles last month to talk about a curious global trend that is just starting to receive attention.
The wrong side of history?
Posted: 18 January 2015

Over the years so many critics have debunked electronic cash that talk of it has almost gone underground. So it was nice to hear Larry Summers, the former US treasury secretary, say:
"The people who rejected the internet as a curiosity for scientists were on the wrong side of history, so it seems to me that the people who confidently reject all the innovation in monetary systems are on the wrong side of history (too)".
Perhaps it will soon dawn on banks, the credit card companies and governments as well that their dominance is not for ever. ...

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Simplicity to complexity
Posted: 23 December 2014

The Big History project is a fascinating intiative...have a look at this video...and see how big thinking may give new insights into the future.

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What is the 'bottom' level for the oil price?
Posted: 14 December 2014

A few years ago $40 a barrel seemed 'impossible'. But what would happen if the oil price dropped way below that? Take a look at this scenario from more than a decade ago.

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Opec willing to push oil price to $40 says Gulf oil minister
14 December 2014
Senior Opec ministers says cartel has no fear of oil prices falling to levels as low as $40 per barrel amid price war with Russia and US shale
MindBullet logo OIL $5 A BARREL!
Dateline: 3 February 2009
Global markets reeled today as America announced a total embargo on oil imports from the Middle East. The move effectively smashes the stranglehold of ...
Now here's a quantum shift
Posted: 9 December 2014

First evidence that traditional TV is falling out of favour.

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Television ownership falls for first time EVER
9 December 2014
The number of UK households with a television has fallen for the first time, with viewers switching to computers, tablets and smartphones to watch their favourite programmes.
Thought-provoking writing...
Posted: 3 December 2014

...that really gets those grey cells going. Highly recommend this online magazine!

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Science - Aeon Magazine
3 December 2014
Some of our greatest cultural and technological achievements took place between 1945 and 1971. Why has progress stalled?
The pace of technology advances slows as all invention is outsourced to computers
Dateline: 3 March 2033
We are in trouble. We've reached the end of the road. Like the mythical serpent devouring itself from the tail, we have progressed in ever decreasing ...
Wearable tech from Sony
Posted: 29 November 2014

Minimalist approach...

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So THIS is Sony's e-ink smartwatch? Gadget uses its strap as a display
29 November 2014
The Fashion-Entertainments (FES) watch (pictured) is currently raising money on crowdfunding site Makuake, and was created with help from the Japanese tech giant.
Lest we forget the old industry leaders..
Posted: 19 November 2014

This article just reminded me that there may still some life and innovation left in Microsoft! As a Surface Pro 3 user, perhaps I'm a little biased?

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Microsoft is doing great, and so are Surface Pro 3 and Office 365
19 November 2014
The cloud has been a solid source of income for Microsoft in recent times, and while the company is still in the middle of a huge transition, the future
Apple in decline as consumers, and businesses, vote with their wallets
Dateline: 7 November 2016
The votes are in, and there's a new winner in the global race to be the biggest and best tech company. And the winner is Microsoft! Just four years ago, ...
Watch out Apple...
Posted: 3 November 2014

...Bleen is after you. A very strong design statement and the promise of brand new immersive entertainment - let's hope it doesn't go the way of 3D television.

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Technology of Future Entertainment
3 November 2014
The future is bright. The future is Bleen. Store Content Features About Contact ...
Good article on why banks are still here!
Posted: 27 October 2014

Banks guarantee your money. They provide a promise, underwritten by that state-backed licence, that you will never lose your assets if you bank them. That promise does not exist anywhere else.

READ ON... ...

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Watch your back door first, rather than the horizons
27 October 2014
The Finanser's Week: 20th October - 26th October 2014 »
If you're not safe then you're not a bank, says regulator
Dateline: 1 September 2011
EU regulators have followed US trends by putting a big wedge between retail and investment banking. Effective tomorrow, if you're not a pure commercial ...
The established retailer tries to compete with low-cost upstart...
Posted: 26 October 2014 2 Comments

What do you think happens next? This example is absolutely typical of a bloated process-bound retailer's response...and I just LOVE Lidl's response in this full-page ad!!!

READ THE TEXT - it's worth it. ...

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It's a hard life for entrepreneurs!
Posted: 21 October 2014

This fascinating article reminds us that we need to look behind the headlines of the few entrepreneurs who DO make it!

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Entrepreneurs anonymous
21 October 2014
SEVEN years ago Joe Jones (not his real name) left his job with a big NASDAQ-listed company to strike out on his own. He was sick of corporate life and he ...
As traditional employment falls, entrepreneurship has never been stronger
Dateline: 17 September 2016
Isn't it interesting how often predictions about the future turn out to be completely wrong? Take the astonishing explosion of technology. The fear was ...
China and innovation: Control vs Creativity
Posted: 15 October 2014

This has always been an issue but now it appears the Chinese government is trying to do something about it. But, can one drive innovation from the top? This BBC report tries to get to the bottom of the dilemma.

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Can China become a leading global innovator?
15 October 2014
Assembled in China but designed in California, Japan, or Europe. That's been the story of China's economic rise for the past 30 years.

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