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World's first digital teacher
Posted: 13 September 2018

A number of countries suffer from a shortage of good teachers - or as in South Africa, unionised teachers many of whom seem more interested in slacking off than teaching. So here's a solution to both problems - the world's first digital teacher, just launched in New Zealand.

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The world’s first digital teacher just debuted in New Zealand
13 September 2018
The digital avatar teaches students about renewable energy.
3D printing goes BIG!
Posted: 12 September 2018

3D printing is now pretty much mainstream - and it's going BIG! The US military has just built a 46 sq m barracks hut in just 40 hours, on what they're calling the world's biggest 3D printer. Check it out here.

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US military builds barracks using "world's largest" 3D printer
12 September 2018
3D-printed construction is portable and inexpensive, and could help build a safe barracks in a shorter time. With this in mind, the US Marine Corps Systems ...
No more paper or ink, but everything else goes
Dateline: 17 June 2012
I spent a frustrating few days at the World Printing Industry Showcase in Beijing this weekend. As an old-timer of the printing industry, I simply didn't ...
Third arms are a blessing and a curse
Dateline: 1 September 2023
Since scientists and doctors collaborated almost a decade ago to fit amputees with robotic arms controlled by their brains, bionic limbs have come a long way. Now it's possible to strap on a wearable robotic appendage, even if both your arms are fully functional. Connected wirelessly to your brain by a 'thinking cap', you can move your third arm and manipulate your extra limb, just by ...
7-Eleven recognises YOU!
Posted: 4 July 2018

Radical new technologies are no longer quite so radical - they're starting to appear everywhere, even in your corner convenience store!
Well, if you live in Thailand, that is...where all 11,000 7-Eleven stores have been fitted with sophisticated face recognition technology to drive loyalty and sales. ...

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Thailand’s 7-Eleven stores get facial recognition tech
4 July 2018
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China adds 10GW of solar power - in three months
Posted: 2 May 2018 1 Comment

This is equal to the output from 10 giant nuclear power plants - and China added it in just three months!
What on earth is South Africa doing with a profligate and inefficient Eskom, and continuing with plans for one of the sunniest countries of the world! ...

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China is installing a bewildering, and potentially troublesome, amount of solar capacity
2 May 2018
It added almost 10 gigawatts of photovoltaic generation to its grid in the first three months of this year—allow us to provide a little context about how ...
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities ...
Getting inside your head
Posted: 2 May 2018

One wonders what George Orwell, author of 1984, would make of this. It has taken a few years longer than the date of his seminal book, but it seems that - in China at least - Big Brother is truly here. As for us in the West - well, hello Facebook!

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Chinese surveillance is literally getting in workers' heads
2 May 2018
China is monitoring workers' brainwaves for signs of stress.
Keeping ahead of the pack - just
Posted: 22 March 2018

One of the harsh realities of today's business world is that competitors are on your heels, 24 hours a day, sevenj days a week. Launching a new innovation gives only a brief advantage before competitors catch up or even overtake.
So the world was astonished when Amazon last year launched its 'Amazon Go' technology which enables shoppers to just walk out of an Amazon store with payment ...

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Wagamama partners Mastercard for 'walk out and pay' app
22 March 2018
Diners at pan-Asian restaurant wagamama will soon be able to save valuable minutes thanks to a new app, developed with Mastercard, that lets them pay for their meal by simply walking out of the building.
MIT Tech's breakthrough technologies 2018
Posted: 21 February 2018

Always an insightful read: MIT Technology Review's Top 10 breakthrough technologies, this time of 2018. From Quantum Computing to 3D metal printing, its evidence of the shifting world i which we ive.

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You’ll want to keep an eye on these 10 breakthrough technologies this year
21 February 2018
Some of these advances have been in the works for years. Others were happy accidents. Either way, these are the breakthroughs that we think will have a significant effect on the way we work and live for many years to come.
Amazon's amazing architecture
Posted: 30 January 2018

Amazon's new $4-billion headquarters in Seattle is an astonishing architectural feat. Imagine an open workplace consisting of glass spheres, compete with 12 metre-high trees and a mountain tropical rainforest garden.

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Amazon's Spheres blends workplace with tropical forest
30 January 2018
Amazon's Spheres blur the lines between workplace and conservatory by combining an open work environment with the surroundings of a mountain tropical rainforest garden, complete with trees over 40 ft tall.
Autonomous ethics
Posted: 13 February 2018

The world of autonomous vehicles is upon us! And big ethical issues arise.

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Philosophers are building ethical algorithms to help control self-driving cars
13 February 2018
Artificial intelligence experts and roboticists aren’t the only ones working on the problem of autonomous vehicles. Philosophers are also paying close attention to the development of what, from their perspective, looks like a myriad of ethical quandaries on wheels.
Tesla in space! Just stand by!!
Posted: 6 February 2018 3 Comments

Stand by for the world's powerful rocket launch tomorrow (Wednesday 07 February 2018) as Elon Musk hits the button to send the Falcon Heavy into space - powered by 27 engines delivering thrust equal to 18 Boeing 747s.
And apart from being a visionary, what a showman Musk is! Guess 'who' the passenger is? A spacesuited dummy sitting casually at the wheel of a Tesla roadster!
Musk himself admits ...

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SpaceX animation sets the scene for Falcon Heavy launch tomorrow
6 February 2018
This time tomorrow Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster may well be hurtling towards Mars after being fired into space by the world's most powerful operational rocket. An animation shared by the company shows how this spectacular journey will play out should everything go to plan.
China's new social credit score for citizens starts paying dividends
Dateline: 15 April 2021
Yesterday was a good day for Mei-Hua Li. Her offer on her dream apartment was accepted, her internet speed got bumped up three notches (for free) and she was offered a paid internship in the Chinese president's office. Sure sounds like she hit the trifecta! Li has clearly mastered the gamified social security system that is Sesame Credit. She has stopped buying non-Chinese products and ...
Can a chatbot be your best friend?
Posted: 30 January 2018

Are you prepared to disclose your darkest and deepest thoughts to a chatbot? Can a machine become your friend? Read about how tens of thousands of people are having intimate, meaningful conversations with Replica, a chatbot about which (whom??) some people are asking: does it (he/she?) have a soul?

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AI chatbot wants to be your new best friend
30 January 2018
“Has anyone else’s AI decided that it has a soul?"
Printing a six-string violin
Posted: 30 January 2018

Want an amazing but different musical instrument? Simple! Just print it. This musican created a special six-string violin to play a special piece of music. 3-D printing moves ever closer to the world we live in.

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Student team breaks the mold with 3D-printed 6-string violin
30 January 2018
Student Sean Riley needed a violin to play a particular piece of music, but not one with the customary four strings. The piece called for an instrument with six strings. Instead of heading to the local music store, he opted to design and 3D-print a custom violin of his very own.
Chess, anyone?
Posted: 11 December 2017

The breakneck development of artificial intelligence is simply awe-inspiring - and more than a little spooky,

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In just 4 hours, Google's AI mastered all the chess knowledge in history
11 December 2017
This system didn't even have to watch humans to learn how to play.
Robot backflip
Posted: 17 November 2017

The ability of robots to perform amazingly human tasks is improving by the day - and Boston Dynamics are at the forefront. Their humanoid robot Atlas has just perfected a backflip - watch this amazing video.

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Combining renewables into utility-scale energy facilities
Posted: 24 October 2017

Everyone, with the possible exception of corrupt politicians seeking to profit from old-world energy installations, knows that renewables are the future. We tend to separately track the different technologies such as hydro, solar, wind, etc. Which makes this Australian project, reportedly the world's first utility-scale combined renewable power facility, particularly interesting.

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Combined wind, solar and storage energy park to be built in Queensland
24 October 2017
Windlab has announced that construction will soon start on a combined wind, solar and battery storage facility in north Queensland, Australia. Kennedy ...
Combinatorial tech evolves to constant mashups
Dateline: 21 May 2020
A few years ago, all the tech gurus talked about amazing new technologies that would disrupt businesses in all industries. One common theme was that these ...
Will the Internet giants become banks?
Posted: 3 October 2017

One of the big questions we regularly encounter in our discussions with clients, particularly in financial services, is whether the Internet giants - Google, Facebook, Amazon et al - will become banks.
We've argued consistently that the last thing they want is to enter the regulated, constricted world of traditional banking. Rather, they will reinvent the entire process of lending and spending ...

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Do you really think that Google or Amazon want to be a bank? - Chris Skinner's blog
3 October 2017
I’ve said continually that firms like Google and Amazon will never open a bank. I still believe that this will be the case – Facebook and Apple also fall into this view – and mainly hold this view because these companies would find full service banking a difficult and unprofitable …
Travel anywhere in the world - in under one hour
Posted: 2 October 2017

There is, it seems, no end to Elon Musk's determination to reshape life as we know it. Just watch this video - his latest idea is to use SpaceX rockets to transport people to anywhere on earth in under an hour!
He's disrupting finance with PayPal, space with SpaceX, transport with Tesla, hyperloop and The Boring Company, man-machine interface with NeuralLink, energy with SolarCity, from ...

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Read my heart to know me!
Posted: 26 September 2017

Biometrics is becoming a massive focus area, as cyber-security moves to centre stage in a troubled and uncertain world. But fingerprints and face scans are just so yesterday!
Latest technologies include everything from body-odour recognition (phew!) to vein mapping, brain prints - and now, tracking your heart rhythms as a means to identify you. ...

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Forget face scans or fingerprints, your heart could be your new passcode
26 September 2017
The launch of the iPhone X and its new facial unlocking technology has thrust biometric security back into the popular discourse. A team at the University of Buffalo has now developed a new biometric tool that analyzes the dimensions of your heart? to unlock your phone or log in to your computer.

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