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Filtered by author: Doug Vining
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Future of motoring
Posted: 23 May 2016  
Will the future of motoring be defined by next generation cars like Tesla and BMW iNext, or will a completely different model for mobility as a service dominate? Watch this space!
BMW's First Self-Driving Car to Come Out in 2021
23 May 2016
CEO Harald Krueger has announced a third electric model in their BMW i series: a self-driving, intelligent luxury car named i Next, to be released by 2021.
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Beyond Moore's Law
Posted: 20 May 2016  
It's uncanny how exponential technologies continue to surprise, even when we think we've reached the limit of advancement along a particular path. Googles secretive Tensor chip claims to advance algorithmic computing by three doublings over current technologies. Just a month or two ago, NVidia unveiled their latest supercomputer for machine learning, claiming 12-times faster performance over ...
Google's Tensor Processing Unit could advance Moore's Law 7 years into the future
20 May 2016
Google unveils custom TPU chip, which it says advances computing performance by three generations.
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
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Black market brains
Posted: 26 April 2016  
As we speculated in this MindBullet from a year ago, it's only a matter of time before rich people will buy additional brain capacity in the form of electronic enhancements, making them super-intelligent compared to the average person. And if it's outlawed, they will go to the black market - the gains are just too tempting!
Biohackers are turning to the black market for BRAIN implants
26 April 2016
Presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan, claims he knows two Americans who are travelling abroad to get the technology. He says it could become a widespread ...
That wunderkind has got a chip in her head
Dateline: 12 June 2029
We used to think of AI as artificial intelligence, but that's an old concept. Now we use it to mean augmented intelligence; natural human intelligence ...
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Finding faces
Posted: 18 May 2016  
Ever spotted a stranger and been curious to know who they are? Findface, an app launched in Russia, will search through billions of faces in seconds to find a match. Perhaps our MindBullet on this subject - published three years ago - was on to something?
Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity
18 May 2016
FindFace compares photos to profile pictures on social network Vkontakte and works out identities with 70% reliability
MindBullet logo I KNOW YOUR FACE...
Even though we've never met
Dateline: 12 January 2015
"I'm sure I recognize you from somewhere. Have we met before?" We've all heard or used this line before, to initiate a conversation with someone who looks ...
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Gas power in Africa
Posted: 17 May 2016  
In Rwanda they are finally getting electric power from gas, and they don't even have to go to the trouble of fracking. The gas is simply extracted from the deep waters of Lake Kivu, where it occurs naturally. Although this is a relatively small scale plant, it's the first of its type in the world, and could be expanded to provide significant power in a region that is critically under-served. ...
Rwanda Inaugurates Groundbreaking Methane Power Project
17 May 2016
First-of-its-kind project to extract gas—and avert catastrophe—comes online on Central Africa’s Lake Kivu.
Unconventional oil and gas alters the geopolitical balance
Dateline: 4 July 2025
Over the last 20 years, North American oil and gas reserves have been boosted by the large scale exploitation of so-called unconventionals - mainly shale ...
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Exponential technologies
Posted: 12 May 2016  
One of the exponential technologies that are going to radically change the world - in combination with others - is driverless cars. Ford says it's going to do this within five years.
Ford: Self-driving cars are five years away from changing the world
12 May 2016
The technical leader of Ford's autonomous car project speaks about what it's like to be driven by a driver-less car, and how big a deal self-driving ...
Like vinyl records of old, retro automobiles are suddenly back in fashion
Dateline: 28 April 2029
It's been a while since manually driven, gasoline automobiles gave way to electric vehicles with autopilot. Just as horses and buggies gave way to motor ...
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The energy internet goes live
Posted: 9 May 2016  
The Brooklyn micro-grid uses the blockchain to create a solar power sharing mechanism for neighbors, and it has now made its first sale of excess electricity. This is the start of what we refer to as the Energy Internet, where energy can be shared as easily as information, directly peer-to-peer, without the need for a central authority or power utility. And everyone benefits!
Brooklyn’s ‘Microgrid’ Did Its First Solar Energy Sale
9 May 2016
Brooklyn Microgrid is trying to build a neighbor-to-neighbor green energy market using the Ethereum blockchain.
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities ...
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Robots are the future
Posted: 2 May 2016  
Robots are coming to take jobs - but first they are going to take the dull and dangerous jobs. This article makes the case for why increased automation won't be doom and gloom for workers. Whatever happens, disruption to 'business as usual' is guaranteed!
Robots Are Coming for Dirty, Dangerous, and Dull Jobs - Inc
2 May 2016
Why automation won't result in massive layoffs everywhere--and will help companies and people stay more competitive.
Google's robots do the heavy lifting, drive the dump trucks and haul the garbage
Dateline: 17 July 2018
Now that Google has become the leading developer of robots, including humanoid robots, we can leave them to do all the unpleasant, dangerous, and boring ...
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Combinatorial power to disrupt
Posted: 20 May 2015   1 Comment
When presenting our newest theme 7 Megatrends from the Future we often don't have enough time to fully explore the powerful disruptions that can occur at the intersections of these innovative technologies, and the potential for exponential change as a result.

For example, if widespread use of driverless cars results in far fewer car crash fatalities, then the supply of donor organs will be ...
Disruptive Power Lies at the Intersections | Frank Diana
20 May 2015
When I first started using the term “Combinatorial”, people thought I was making words up. Although I’d like to take credit for the word, I first came ...
Collision claims have fallen to a record low
Dateline: 2 February 2027
The roads have never been safer - 12 years ago, more than one million people died in car accidents worldwide, every year. This number has shrunk to an ...
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Will cities rule society?
Posted: 20 April 2016  
Eight years ago we published a MindBullet highlighting the increasing importance of the city as a business and economic entity in its own right. Here's an interesting column by futurist Thomas Frey on the Rise of City Power:

"Today there are roughly 498 metro areas in the world with over 1 million residents. According to the Martin Prosperity Institute, the world's top 100 cities alone ...
Ugly battles for differentiation: Kuwait wins
Dateline: 14 January 2015
Hong Kong's New Year celebrations were dampened by the news that Kuwait's Silk City had topped the financial services league to become "The #1 Global Financial Center". The mood in New York and London was as glum as the weather. Over the past five years the banking and financial sector in Kuwait has evolved to global standards at a pace that would have been unthinkable in the early 2000s. ...
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Blowing up a space room
Posted: 18 April 2016  
Six years ago, when we published this MindBullet about blow-up space modules, possibly the building blocks for the first space hotel, I thought it sounded a little far-fetched. Now the first experimental module from Bigelow has been attached to the International Space Station and will be expanded next month.

Never underestimate the future! ...
Space Station
18 April 2016
Following extraction from Dragon, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) was installed to the International Space Station at 5:36 a.m. EDT. At the ...
Bigelow pips Branson as leading space tourism pioneer
Dateline: 16 July 2015
The final module of the Bigelow 'Last Outpost' space entertainment center was successfully inflated and attached today. This brings the space station to a ...
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Drone racing from the inside
Posted: 1 April 2016   1 Comment
"The World Drone Prix in Dubai was the first million dollar drone race, with the winning team taking home a cool $250,000. We meet the tech-loving thrill-seekers behind the sport who want to turn it into the next big thing."

from YouTube ...
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Facebook invades WiFi
Posted: 14 April 2016  
Just announced is Facebook's new antenna array that can beam broadband well beyond the city limits. And we all know that, once the cost of the infrastructure is covered, the cost of bandwidth is negligible. Which is why, with the expansion of 4G, Fibre and now Super-WiFi, we can expect broadband to be uncapped, all the time. Mobile operators who still base their business models on charging ...
Facebook’s Massive New Antennas Can Beam Internet for Miles
14 April 2016
Facebook says its new antenna array can beam the internet far beyond city limits; another can blanket urban centers in broadband.
India gets free internet and messaging, non-video calls
Dateline: 20 December 2017
Following the successful blanketing of most of the African continent with Facebook's free internet service, Zuckerberg has announced the roll out of ...
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Posted: 12 April 2016  
In my keynote, Technology Megatrends from the Future, I talk about a future where Formula 1 racing is for driverless cars. The race is for computer programmers, not racing drivers. Well the first such race is already being planned; it's called Roborace and they've already designed the car. This article tells us more.

Everything We Know About Roborace, the First Driverless Car Race
12 April 2016
Roborace, the first fully autonomous car race, recently released the design concept for its electric race car, and it looks just as futuristic and ...
"We can save a million lives a year" says Automobile Association
Dateline: 2 November 2018
The British Government today passed legislation banning all human-driven motor vehicles from highways, effective one year from today. The move has been ...
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Natural hydrogen
Posted: 12 April 2016  
As we've mentioned before, hydrogen is not found in abundance in nature, and has to be manufactured, usually by splitting water with electrolysis, which can be done with excess solar power, but is not very efficient.
But what if you could use nature to do the job? Earlier this year, scientists produced a nano-particle consisting of an enzyme modified by a virus, which produces hydrogen from ...
A 'Nano-Reactor' May Soon Be Producing Hydrogen Biofuel
12 April 2016
Scientists have modified a virus to catalyze the formation of hydrogen from water.
Hydrogen will be the dominant fuel of the future
Dateline: 15 July 2017
After two decades of disappointment, hydrogen is finally becoming a viable fuel and source of energy for the world economy. The breakthroughs in innovation ...
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Broadband with a twist
Posted: 11 April 2016  
How do you cram more data into a fibre optic channel? By giving it a twist. Optic data protocols that use twisted light waves could boost speeds by four orders of magnitude - an exponential increase.
By a strange twist of fate, we recently published a MindBullet that suggested we could also increase the power and capacity of wireless signals by transmitting them in a spiral vortex. It seems ...
Twisted light could dramatically boost internet speeds
11 April 2016
The design of a new chip to detect the twisted nature of light waves could pave the way for next generation of optical communication technologies.
Vortex based on the golden ratio boosts wireless signals exponentially
Dateline: 27 January 2020
Nature always chooses the path of least resistance. Nature always seeks to optimize available energy, and the golden ratio, phi, is at the heart of the ...
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Emergent AI needs a concierge
Posted: 8 April 2016  
I love it when our MindBullets scenarios start taking shape in present day events! Just look at this new technology for co-ordinating the many smart devices populating your life:

"Thington is a ‘concierge’ — a sort of domestic AI on your phone—that communicates with you in everyday language. It brings together all your devices in one place and helps you get the most out of them. And it does ...
We’d like to introduce you to Thington! — Welcome to Thington
8 April 2016
Today we want to show you a new product that we’ve been working on for the last year. It’s called Thington and it’s here…
Sensors and gadgets clamour to be heard
Dateline: 13 May 2024
After all these years, we're still stuck with basic artificial intelligence. AI has not matured to the 'general' level, where machines are as smart as ...
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Go big and go slow
Posted: 22 September 2015  
Slow food and leisurely travel, that's the promise of giant air cruisers. Aeros wants to build the first one within five years.

Updated with new image link ...
Production is underway on the world’s largest aircraft - Science Alert
22 September 2015
California-based airship maker Aeros has announced that production has commenced on the Aeroscraft ML866, the world’s largest aircraft. The blimp has ...
End of high-speed flying changes business and leisure travel
Dateline: 26 July 2052
Ah yes, I can still remember the days of dashing from New York to Paris in a few hours. Even a round-the-world trip from London to Australia took less than ...
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Hauling airfrieght cheaply
Posted: 31 March 2016  
When you need to take lots of heavy equipment into inaccessible areas, then it might be feasible to use an airship rather than build roads and runways. That's the latest model behind Lockheed's new cargo airship, which finally has a customer.
Lockheed Finally Inks $480 Million Deal for its Cargo-Hauling Hybrid Airship
31 March 2016
U.K.-based Straightline Aviation (SLA) has agreed to purchase up to 12 of the vehicles for a collective $480 million, enabling the buyer to deliver cargo ...
End of high-speed flying changes business and leisure travel
Dateline: 26 July 2052
Ah yes, I can still remember the days of dashing from New York to Paris in a few hours. Even a round-the-world trip from London to Australia took less than ...
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Google still on the droid track
Posted: 29 March 2016  
Google is selling off the maker of it's scariest robots, Boston Dynamics, but is still heavily invested and interested in other robotic developments. The Atlas humanoid robot, which can walk on mud and snow is amazing, but probably doesn't have enough commercial value in the short term for Google, so they're looking at industrial systems and automation that can leverage machine learning.

Rest ...
Google Hasn’t Given Up on Robots
29 March 2016
Google is selling off a company working on the most advanced problems in robotics, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have robot dreams.
Google's robots do the heavy lifting, drive the dump trucks and haul the garbage
Dateline: 17 July 2018
Now that Google has become the leading developer of robots, including humanoid robots, we can leave them to do all the unpleasant, dangerous, and boring ...
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Filtered by author: Doug Vining
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