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Filtered by author: Doug Vining
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Holland's things get connected, nationwide
Posted: 30 June 2016  
"As from today the KPN LoRa network is available throughout The Netherlands," KPN said in a statement. "This makes The Netherlands the first country in the world to have a nationwide LoRa network for Internet of Things (IoT) application."

In the initial phase, the network was rolled out in Rotterdam and The Hague in November. But it was stepped up across the country due to "substantial ...
Netherlands gets first nationwide 'Internet of Things'
30 June 2016
Dutch telecoms group KPN said Thursday that The Netherlands had become the first country in the world to implement a nationwide long range (LoRa) network ...
Sensors and gadgets clamour to be heard
Dateline: 13 May 2024
After all these years, we're still stuck with basic artificial intelligence. AI has not matured to the 'general' level, where machines are as smart as ...
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Americans' view of the world in 2036
Posted: 30 June 2016  
Survey results show that many Americans expect the future to be filled with tech. Some are obvious, like driverless cars and robots, even drone deliveries. But a significant portion are also 'predicting' that we'll have cloned humans and avatars as romantic companions. Which just goes to show, as Gerd Leonhard likes to say, that "Humanity is increasingly being defined by Technology." Probably ...
Here's what Americans think the world will be like in 2036
30 June 2016
The year is 2036. Cloned humans walk the earth, artificial intelligence machines sit on the board of major corporations, and pizza is delivered by ...
You can't live forever, but your avatar can - with your brain
Dateline: 23 June 2025
There's a battle brewing in the avatar industry. The battle for your mind. Your brain. Or to be more specific, the backup of your brain. The contenders ...
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Jet pack flies in New York
Posted: 27 June 2016  
It's 2016, and we're still waiting for those jetpacks promised 50 years ago. But one of the prototypes has recently made a flight in public. The JB-9 jetpack has two jet engines and runs on liquid fuel, which means you get about five minutes of usable flight. Not enough to be a commercial success in my opinion, but it might get a cult following, involving a race series, which is planned.

I ...
JB-9 jetpack makes spectacular debut flying around Statue of Liberty
27 June 2016
The dream of personal flight took a great leap forward last week as Jetpack Aviation unveiled its high speed, high altitude, high endurance JB-9 jetpack in ...
MindBullet logo JET PACK TAKES OFF
Talk about being upwardly mobile!
Dateline: 25 June 2016
After more than 35 years in development, the world's first commercially available jetpack is now on sale. The sticker price is a mere US$ 150,000. Made ...
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Solar power in a box
Posted: 24 June 2016  
This is a pretty cool idea. A solar power mini-plant that fits in a shipping container, and can be unpacked and operational within hours. Great for off-grid villages who need basic power for light and phones.
IKEA of energy delivers clean, green solar power-plant in a box
24 June 2016
A start-up offering flat-packed solar generators is hoping to give a boost to poor villages off the grid
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities ...
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Flying car fantasies and factories
Posted: 23 June 2016  
Despite several failures like the Skycar, there seems to be an abiding fascination with flying cars, and some people, like Larry Page, are willing to put big money behind their development. Perhaps it's a burning desire to see a childhood dream come true. My personal opinion is that a flying car is the wrong concept. A personal drone seems like a better idea, one that flies itself, and takes ...
Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories
23 June 2016
With Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, the Google co-founder looks to the skies.
Computer piloted 'transformer' vehicles cleared for public use
Dateline: 8 May 2021
Ever since DARPA's 'Flying Hummer' known as the Transformer X made its debut, people have been champing at the bit to get a chance to use them for personal ...
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Mobility as a service
Posted: 22 June 2016  
"Ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Ola and Lyft are not only challenging taxi drivers around the world, they are also disrupting the car industry as a whole as people prefer to hail a ride than buy their own set of wheels."
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China is top of the flops, for now
Posted: 21 June 2016  
China's new supercomputer 'Sunway TaihuLight' is the new No. 1 system with 93 petaflop/s (quadrillions of calculations per second) on the LINPACK benchmark.
New Chinese Supercomputer Named World’s Fastest System on Latest TOP500 List
21 June 2016
FRANKFURT, Germany; BERKELEY, Calif.; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—China maintained its No. 1 ranking on the 47th edition of the TOP500 list of the world’s top ...
Supercomputer breaks the exaflop barrier
Dateline: 27 January 2019
China's Tianhe-9B has trumped America's Oak Ridge Labs in the race to exascale computing, with a full 1,000 petaflop record. Despite all their tweaking, ...
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Doing away with borders
Posted: 20 June 2016  
As the New Scientist says in this article, nation states are an increasingly poor way to organise and run a planet. The current migration crises prove that here and now, in 2016, borders are a problem that can't easily be solved. Are they morally and philosophically defensible? In a future where national currencies are replaced by blockchains and tax regimes compete for residents, will ...
End of nations: Is there an alternative to countries? - New Scientist
20 June 2016
Nation states cause some of our biggest problems, from civil war to climate inaction. Science suggests there are better ways to run a planet
Migration is the new normal as ultra-mobility ramps up
Dateline: 28 October 2023
In the face of a constant flood of political and economic refugees, as well as 'citizens of the world,' geographic borders are becoming an increasingly ...
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Combining exponential technologies
Posted: 17 June 2016  
Re-enforcing our theme that it's the combinatorial nature of emerging technologies that gives them the power to create exponential change, comes this story about a bus developed by Local Motors. It is mainly 3D-printed, driverless of course, and uses artificial intelligence to talk to passengers. That's mobility as a service, coming soon to a city near you!
Driverless bus harnesses IBM's Watson to shoot the breeze with passengers
17 June 2016
Olli is an autonomous electric bus unveiled by Local Motors today just outside Washington DC?. The on-demand bus, most of which is 3D-printed, will ...
Private cars banned in New York and London
Dateline: 17 August 2019
Four years ago, it was proposed that gasoline and diesel vehicles be banned from certain cities and states; but the new trend towards mobility as a service ...
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Space mining gets a boost
Posted: 13 June 2016  
When the idea of mining asteroids or other planets was first floated, I admit that I was sceptical and inclined to dismiss it as pure wishful thinking. But the possibilities - like a single asteroid containing more platinum than earth's entire reserves - make it worth thinking about. Now Luxembourg is seeking to entice a completely new industry to their territory, by offering a fund and laws ...
Luxembourg Establishes €220 Million Fund for Space Mining
13 June 2016
Luxembourg has just set up a $227 million fund to help develop space mining as a viable industry and entice companies to set up shop within its tiny little ...
Earth-bound technology thwarts ambitious galactic venture
Dateline: 9 June 2020
Eric Anderson kick-started the space tourism industry at the age of 23. His company, Space Adventures, sent seven bold millionaires into space on Russian ...
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Commercializing the Moon
Posted: 10 June 2016  
Little-known space company Moon Express has caused a stir by requesting permission from the US government to land a probe on the moon. As a US company, Moon Express needs approval from the US authorities to launch rockets and fly beyond Earth's orbit. On the other hand, SpaceX has already announced its intentions to fly a mission to Mars. No other countries have private companies launching ...
Permission to land: US draws up rules for commercial moon travel
10 June 2016
Government agencies work on solution to cover regulatory gap governing space activities by private companies
Fancy a walk on the dark side?
Dateline: 15 June 2029
It's fun to go away for a summer holiday, and what better, more exotic place than the moon? That's assuming you can afford the fare, of course. For the ...
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Rent a flying car
Posted: 9 June 2016  
Six years ago we published this MindBullet suggesting that the flying robot taxi of the future would be rented on demand, and you wouldn't need a pilot's skills to fly it. That was some time before drones became so commonplace! Now here's an article suggesting that our scenario wasn't so far fetched after all. Las Vegas has given the go ahead for the Ehang taxi drone to start trials later ...
Flying robot taxi to start trials in Las Vegas
9 June 2016
A drone that can transport humans has been given the go ahead to carry out trials in the US.
Computer piloted 'transformer' vehicles cleared for public use
Dateline: 8 May 2021
Ever since DARPA's 'Flying Hummer' known as the Transformer X made its debut, people have been champing at the bit to get a chance to use them for personal ...
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Disrupt yourself
Posted: 8 June 2016  
Peter Diamandis reminds us in this article that it's important to disrupt yourself - before someone else does it.

It's also important to listen to the signals, not always from the big guys in an industry, though sometimes they are. A good example of a pending disruption is the new jet engine being tested by GE. It's got carbon fibre blades in front, and 3D-printed titanium blades and fuel ...
Vital Lessons on Disruption From the Demise of Corporate Giants
8 June 2016
This post is about how to not to be disrupted and, perhaps more importantly, how to disrupt yourself before someone else does. I had the chance to sit down ...
And Airbnb, iTunes and Netflix are next
Dateline: 5 April 2018
Uber has been taken out by an unexpected competitor - the crowd. It's ironic really, because Uber was the first company to leverage assets it didn't own ...
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Paint your own "reality"
Posted: 26 May 2016  
Now you can paint anything you like - and it's all virtual.
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Future of motoring
Posted: 23 May 2016  
Will the future of motoring be defined by next generation cars like Tesla and BMW iNext, or will a completely different model for mobility as a service dominate? Watch this space!
BMW's First Self-Driving Car to Come Out in 2021
23 May 2016
CEO Harald Krueger has announced a third electric model in their BMW i series: a self-driving, intelligent luxury car named i Next, to be released by 2021.
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Beyond Moore's Law
Posted: 20 May 2016  
It's uncanny how exponential technologies continue to surprise, even when we think we've reached the limit of advancement along a particular path. Googles secretive Tensor chip claims to advance algorithmic computing by three doublings over current technologies. Just a month or two ago, NVidia unveiled their latest supercomputer for machine learning, claiming 12-times faster performance over ...
Google's Tensor Processing Unit could advance Moore's Law 7 years into the future
20 May 2016
Google unveils custom TPU chip, which it says advances computing performance by three generations.
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
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Black market brains
Posted: 26 April 2016  
As we speculated in this MindBullet from a year ago, it's only a matter of time before rich people will buy additional brain capacity in the form of electronic enhancements, making them super-intelligent compared to the average person. And if it's outlawed, they will go to the black market - the gains are just too tempting!
Biohackers are turning to the black market for BRAIN implants
26 April 2016
Presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan, claims he knows two Americans who are travelling abroad to get the technology. He says it could become a widespread ...
That wunderkind has got a chip in her head
Dateline: 12 June 2029
We used to think of AI as artificial intelligence, but that's an old concept. Now we use it to mean augmented intelligence; natural human intelligence ...
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Finding faces
Posted: 18 May 2016  
Ever spotted a stranger and been curious to know who they are? Findface, an app launched in Russia, will search through billions of faces in seconds to find a match. Perhaps our MindBullet on this subject - published three years ago - was on to something?
Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity
18 May 2016
FindFace compares photos to profile pictures on social network Vkontakte and works out identities with 70% reliability
MindBullet logo I KNOW YOUR FACE...
Even though we've never met
Dateline: 12 January 2015
"I'm sure I recognize you from somewhere. Have we met before?" We've all heard or used this line before, to initiate a conversation with someone who looks ...
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Gas power in Africa
Posted: 17 May 2016  
In Rwanda they are finally getting electric power from gas, and they don't even have to go to the trouble of fracking. The gas is simply extracted from the deep waters of Lake Kivu, where it occurs naturally. Although this is a relatively small scale plant, it's the first of its type in the world, and could be expanded to provide significant power in a region that is critically under-served. ...
Rwanda Inaugurates Groundbreaking Methane Power Project
17 May 2016
First-of-its-kind project to extract gas—and avert catastrophe—comes online on Central Africa’s Lake Kivu.
Unconventional oil and gas alters the geopolitical balance
Dateline: 4 July 2025
Over the last 20 years, North American oil and gas reserves have been boosted by the large scale exploitation of so-called unconventionals - mainly shale ...
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Exponential technologies
Posted: 12 May 2016  
One of the exponential technologies that are going to radically change the world - in combination with others - is driverless cars. Ford says it's going to do this within five years.
Ford: Self-driving cars are five years away from changing the world
12 May 2016
The technical leader of Ford's autonomous car project speaks about what it's like to be driven by a driver-less car, and how big a deal self-driving ...
Like vinyl records of old, retro automobiles are suddenly back in fashion
Dateline: 28 April 2029
It's been a while since manually driven, gasoline automobiles gave way to electric vehicles with autopilot. Just as horses and buggies gave way to motor ...
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Filtered by author: Doug Vining
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