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Filtered by author: Doug Vining
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3D printers shaping the future of manufacturing
Posted: 28 September 2016  
Some people are already dismissing consumer 3D printing as a passing fad. They may prove to be right. But one area where 3D printing is surging ahead, though still far from mature, is industrial manufacturing systems. As printing, or additive manufacturing systems become increasingly automated, robotized, and new technologies get developed, we will see large-scale disruption to traditional ...
12 high-end 3D printers shaping the future of additive manufacturing
28 September 2016
The most incredible innovations in 3D printing technology can be found amongst the industry's high-end machines. These are 12 of the most exciting high-end ...
3D printing in space solves problem of launching huge rockets
Dateline: 3 November 2025
A decade ago the first 3D printer to go to space was sent to the International Space Station. It proved to be so useful, more, bigger printers soon ...
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The urban future
Posted: 26 September 2016  
We have published MindBullets before about the inexorable shift to an urban demographic. Key in this trend is China's stated intention to reach 75% urbanization, and Africa will catch up eventually. So, will cities, both economically powerful and housing many voters and tax payers, become the center of influence in the future?
Why The Future Will Be Dictated By Cities, Not Nations
26 September 2016
Cities encourage forward-thinking attitudes that will transcend the rise, fall, and enacting of bad policies by their parent countries.
United Nations blames supersized cities for world's social ills
Dateline: 15 March 2039
In a sweeping move, the United Nations has ordered the 75 largest megacities in the world to come up with strategies to radically reduce their urban ...
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The future of AI
Posted: 19 September 2016  
We published a MindBullet some time ago which postulated that, in the future, AI would come to mean augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence. Elon Musk seems to agree. He thinks the future lies in closer connection between our brains and smart systems. This might involve us becoming symbiotes with an AI linked directly to our neural system. That is exactly the scenario ...
Elon Musk says the future of AI is in linking it to our brains
19 September 2016
Elon Musk has more thoughts on artificial intelligence, but this idea involves merging with computers instead of fighting them.
That wunderkind has got a chip in her head
Dateline: 12 June 2029
We used to think of AI as artificial intelligence, but that's an old concept. Now we use it to mean augmented intelligence; natural human intelligence ...
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Dronesurfing is a thing
Posted: 12 September 2016  
It seems like every day brings a new application for drones. First there was drone video, then drone racing, drone fishing and now dronesurfing, which doesn't appear in the dictionary as one word - yet!
Is dronesurfing the next wave in watersports? | New Atlas
12 September 2016
As a farewell to the summer, Seattle-based Freefly Systems has enlisted one of its drones for dronesurfing, a new take on kitesurfing where the kite ...
The drone apocalypse starts out of someone's garage
Dateline: 8 June 2021
You might be forgiven for thinking that they were filming a new episode of that old movie series, Star Wars. But the drone attack in Los Angeles yesterday ...
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CRISPR cabbage
Posted: 12 September 2016  
"If you thought the pseudo-scientific anti-GMO movement was annoying now, just you wait and hear what they have to say about this! Located in a garden just outside of Umeå, Sweden, there is a special kind of cabbage plant. So special that, despite guaranteed push back by certain neo-luddite activists, we could very well be witnessing the future of food production as we know it."
Order Up! First CRISPR Gene Edited Meal Is Here - SERIOUS WONDER
12 September 2016
The first meal created using CRISPR-Cas9 is finally here and it's set to change the food production industry forever! - B.J. Murphy for Serious Wonder
Modified crops produce food and drink with that feel-good factor
Dateline: 26 July 2017
It's unusual for innovation in California to develop outside of Silicon Valley, but this time it's Napa Valley that's making the headlines. Vineyards and ...
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Dark side of Internet of Things
Posted: 5 September 2016  
The internet of everything will be one of the main technologies driving the 4th Industrial Revolution, and it has already started. But smart devices also have their problems. Here are a few of the biggest challenges.
4 major IoT challenges that stand in the way of success
5 September 2016
Heralded for driving positive transformations in consumer products, retailing, healthcare, manufacturing and more, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises a ...
A rash of incidents floods the world's networks
Dateline: 11 June 2019
I still remember at the turn of the millennium when the 'Internet of Things' seemed to be such a benevolent business opportunity. There were going to be ...
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Electric cars are coming soon
Posted: 31 August 2016  
From the Wall Street Journal comes this column that argues we are heading to a tipping point where electric cars suddenly become mainstream. I'm not sure that will be the case in all countries, but certainly in the US and Europe, it's likely that sooner rather than later, all cars will at least have a charging option.

If scenarios for solar power breakthroughs and widespread micro-distribution ...
Why Electric Cars Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think
31 August 2016
Keywords columnist Christopher Mims writes that in 2015, about one in every 150 cars sold in the U.S. had a plug and a battery. But mass adoption of ...
Like vinyl records of old, retro automobiles are suddenly back in fashion
Dateline: 28 April 2029
It's been a while since manually driven, gasoline automobiles gave way to electric vehicles with autopilot. Just as horses and buggies gave way to motor ...
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Watch your phone assemble itself
Posted: 23 August 2016  
We've talked about 3D and 4D printing, but what about self-assembly beyond the nano scale? Microbes, DNA and proteins can be cajoled into forming structures autonomously, but that's a far cry from a phone that builds itself. MIT have built a basic phone that can put itself together from main components. Check it out.
MIT built a self-assembling cell phone
23 August 2016
Researchers at MIT's Self-Assembly Lab have stepped up their game from an Ikea-like chair that can put itself together: the team built a working cell ...
New process enables home assembly of consumer products from organic materials and minerals
Dateline: 3 April 2021
Today, we are used to seeing biotech being used to grow replacement human organs and houses that grow themselves. Now, Chinese technology giant ...
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Uber drivers might be Ubered
Posted: 19 August 2016  
The first fleet of driverless Volvo Uber cars will start operating in Pittsburgh. Apparently, they will offer free rides to get public support, and will be supervised by humans in the driver's seat, but that just proves the point - disrupt yourself before someone else does!

Ultimately, fully autonomous cars and trucks will change many business models, and create a vast crowd of unemployed ...
This is Uber’s first driverless vehicle–and Uber’s human drivers should be worried
19 August 2016
The ride hailer is set to launch its first fleet of its inaugural driverless cars in Pittsburgh this summer, reports Bloomberg
And Airbnb, iTunes and Netflix are next
Dateline: 5 April 2018
Uber has been taken out by an unexpected competitor - the crowd. It's ironic really, because Uber was the first company to leverage assets it didn't own ...
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Volocopter personal drone
Posted: 16 August 2016  
Here's the first piloted flight of the Volocopter from earlier this year. Is this the future of personal mobility. Projected prices look a little steep!
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Virtual economies get real
Posted: 11 August 2016  
Nine years ago, we wrote about an interface where you could fly around the world virtually, enter virtual copies of real-world stores, and buy goods. Well, it's finally happening. Alibaba is trialling a VR payment system. Who says we futurists can't think ahead of the game?
Alibaba trials virtual reality payments for VR malls
11 August 2016
The virtual world just got a new payments technology and it’s as easy as nodding your head Chinese web behemoth and Amazon stalking horse Alibaba is ...
Virtual world covers two-thirds of the 'real' world
Dateline: 7 June 2017
Google Earth's virtual online buildings, designed and built by the in-world residents, now cover most of the developed world and all major tourism ...
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The future for coal is bleak
Posted: 10 August 2016   1 Comment
The economic impacts of a changing energy paradigm are being felt first in the coal industry:

Hillary Clinton’s $30 billion plan to revitalize communities threatened by coal’s decline promises to do more. But even that money might not be enough. “There is too much focus right now on ‘How do we replace these 10,000 good-paying jobs?’” says Peter Hille, the president of the Mountain Association ...
Climate change is already having severe economic impacts, beginning in coal country
10 August 2016
The demise of the coal industry should start a discussion of how we will respond to the economic upheaval caused by global warming.
Nano solar films bring cheap energy to sunshine states
Dateline: 5 May 2018
It's hard to believe that a mere decade ago fossil fuels were at a premium, and everyone talked of 'peak oil' and the high prices of natural gas and coal. ...
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Dissolving battery
Posted: 8 August 2016  
And here's the battery for these self-destructing electronics - This battery will self-destruct in 30 minutes:
The technology is neutral, the applications not
Dateline: 12 December 2023
It's a dream come true for gadget geeks and Bond-aficionados alike: tech toys that self-destruct and leave no trace. That's not always a good thing. Initial research conducted by the US military lead to the development of VAPR (Vanishing Programmable Resources) systems. Labelled "Snapchat for hardware," VAPR aimed to develop an electronic system that could literally disappear into thin air ...
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Computers that think like people
Posted: 4 August 2016  
A while ago we published this MindBullet about cognitive systems, computers that think, and behave, like people do. Now IBM has advanced the progress towards these systems with the first artificial neurons that operate like those in our brains.
IBM creates world’s first artificial phase-change neurons
4 August 2016
They behave like biological neurons, including low power usage and dense scaling.
Machines that think for themselves are taking over the world
Dateline: 22 February 2022
In our quest to develop smarter, more powerful, less power-hungry computers and devices, we have created artificial intelligence that rivals that of the ...
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Artificial photosynthesis
Posted: 29 July 2016  
The holy grail of solar energy is to do what leaves do - turn sunlight into useable fuel. We wrote a MindBullet about the possibilities of such technology seven years ago. Now it seems that there has been a breakthrough on this front. More recently we published a MindBullet about catalysers that capture carbon. This new 'breakthrough' both captures carbon from the atmosphere and produces ...
Breakthrough solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel
29 July 2016
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have engineered a potentially game-changing solar cell that cheaply and efficiently converts ...
Nano-machines do photosynthesis better than leaves
Dateline: 12 June 2030
What started as a bold project at Imperial College London in 2009, has now reached its first stage of commercialization in the deserts of north ...
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High tech Olympics pics
Posted: 27 July 2016  
Six years ago, we wrote about how high-tech interactive media could add value to major sporting events, like the Soccer World Cup. Now Getty Images has plans to make a big impact with the latest in photo technology at this year's Olympics. They're finally catching on!
‘Incredible evolution’: How Getty Images will cover the Rio Olympics with robot cameras, 360-degree
27 July 2016
Getty Images will capture and transmit imagery from the 2016 Summer Olympics using technology in ways that it hopes will leave a long-lasting impression.
New technologies give massive boost to the bottom line
Dateline: 28 June 2018
It seems like the furor around 'the bizarre secret society of fallible referees' that so dominated the 2010 World Cup is now a distant memory. Technology ...
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Electric planes
Posted: 20 July 2016  
I used to scoff at the idea of electric cars becoming mainstream. While that's still not likely in Africa in the near future, the popularity of the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model 3 have changed that scenario. But electric aircraft? Surely not anything bigger than a drone? Siemens have showcased a new electric motor for a small conventional aircraft, and it flies. One thing they don't say in the ...
Siemens Showcases Brand-New Electric Motor That's Super Light, Super Powerful, And Perfect For Elect
20 July 2016
The German parts supplier completed a successful test flight of an electric airplane fitted with a brand-new electric motor that boasts unprecedented power ...
There isn't one: No pilots and no air traffic controllers
Dateline: 10 July 2019
When NATS, the UK National Air Traffic Control Service, was partially privatized in 2001, with the state retaining a 49% share, it started a long-running ...
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Breathing without air
Posted: 19 July 2016  
Or rather, live without breathing! We only need to breathe so that we can get oxygen into our bloodstream, to keep our brain and heart functioning, and ultimately all the cells in our bodies. But what if you could deliver oxygen straight into the bloodstream, without involving the lungs? Scientists have invented oxygen nanoparticles that can be injected into one's veins.
Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing
19 July 2016
A team of scientists at the Boston Children’s Hospital have invented what is being considered one the greatest medical breakthroughs in recent years. They have designed a microparticle that can be injected into a person’s bloodstream that can quickly oxygenate their blood. This will even work if the ability to breathe has been restricted, or even cut off entirely.
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Atomic data
Posted: 19 July 2016  
We've written before of using DNA to store data. Now comes a nanotech method of storing data with individual atoms, the densest memory system yet.
Densest-ever memory system uses individual atoms to store data
19 July 2016
Scientists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) have developed a memory technology that achieves the ...
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
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When is a robot an animal?
Posted: 13 July 2016  
When you make a gadget that moves, and you can control it, then it's a machine, right? Like a robot. But if the things that make it move are muscle tissue, bits of living organisms, then it's an animal, not so? Neither - it's a biohybrid. Expect to see more of these short-lived 'creatures' emerging from the lab. I wonder if they will ever perfect the dragon we wrote about ten years ago?
Scientists Create Successful Biohybrid Being Using 3-D Printing and Genetic Engineering
13 July 2016
Scientists genetically engineered and 3-D-printed a biohybrid being, opening the door further for lifelike robots and artificial intelligence.
GeneTech's new fantasy pets set the world on fire
Dateline: 8 July 2025
It was a scene out of some fantasy epic that greeted Reginald Dobbs as he arrived home last night. His house was on fire and a dragon was perched on the ...
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Filtered by author: Doug Vining
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