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why drive?
Posted: 6 May 2010 1 Comment

why drive at all, sure there will be an application by which you simply send your car to the supermarket and it brings home the goods !!!

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Road rage and accidents are a thing of the past now that we've got Apps-for-Cars to keep the traffic moving along
Dateline: 15 March 2017
It all started before I even got out of bed! A message on my bedroom smart-wall warned me that a burst water main was slowing traffic, and suggested I spend the first few hours of the day working from home. One word to the smart-wall informed my office and simultaneously alerted several other co-workers who take the same route into the city - and started my coffee-maker! Later that morning ...
business potential
Posted: 8 April 2010

I think it is time for companies which secure online monetary transactions to start something securing content access as well.

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MindBullet logo FREE ONLINE NEWS? THAT'LL BE £1!
The young generation says: You've got to be joking
Dateline: 1 December 2010
Since the Murdoch group of newspapers, including The Times and The Sunday Times, started charging for online news from June this year, their revenue expectations have fallen far short. First it was consumer anger at "the cheek" of new £1 per week subscriptions, and then the reality of portability between business PC, home PC and private smart phones. "This has made the simple pleasure of ...
start at home
Posted: 25 March 2010

Well, while it definitely looks like a daunting task to change this 'online' behaviour, I think this change has to start at home and with our children, so that we can bring up a generation of 'non techie humans'. Curb the amount of time they spend on the net or on computer games and encourage outdoor play, but i guess that will happen only when we as parents get time off our social networking ...

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Resistance to digital media spreads
Dateline: 3 November 2015
With every new interactive innovation, with each new communications device, so interconnectedness grows - leaving very little time for face-to-face relationships. It is estimated that in first-world countries people now spend an average of more than ten hours a day connected to the internet; working, being educated or entertained, or playing games. No one's quite sure how we got to this ...

Filtered by author: Jyoti Hariharan