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Rise of a Modern Vampire
Posted: 24 January 2019

This is likely to give rise to A Modern Day Vampire - "People who live on the blood of younger people".
While they may not have fangs like Dracula and suck the blood out of their victim, they still live on the blood of other people.
This may also result young healthy people being forced to give blood against their will.... for the benefit of modern vampires.
Technology, may also enable ...

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Young blood rated tops for healthy aging
Dateline: 2 March 2020
Donated blood used to be good enough if it was free of infection and if it was the same type as the patient's. But now there's another criterion on which it is rated: the age of the donor. When a geneticist published research in 2018, concluding that plasma from young blood improves the physical health of older individuals, every second start-up wannabe took notice. It is claimed that the ...
The Birth of the Borg
Posted: 17 November 2011 1 Comment

"Next step, surely, must be sensors under our skins?"

From sensors under the skin we will move on to GPS receivers and cellphones under the skin. Social Network Technologies will provide the communication medium with the Collective. Before you know it we will have witnessed the Birth and Evolution of "The Borg" -

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The multi-billion dollar business in 'wired' footwear and smart clothing
Dateline: 20 November 2014
Remember when shoes used to be just, well, shoes? Not anymore! Today's footwear does so much more than cover your feet. Footwear has evolved tremendously in the past few years, creating a massive new multi-billion-dollar industry for fashion and electronics. Think of those kids' shoes that flashed lights as the little dears scampered around. Today those same shoes can - and have, in some ...

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