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We did it first though :)
Posted: 20 February 2009

The mass exodus of businesses from the Johannesburg Cbd to that "greener pasture" that was Sandton/Rivonia way back when. I think it's likely many businesses now in the Sandton Cbd could be in the second phase - looking for greener pastures again.

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Individuals and businesses in Hong Kong take off for greener pastures
Dateline: 11 November 2011
"Hong Kong has all its eggs in one basket - and that is labeled 'stocks and shares and property'." So screamed one headline in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (the SCMP) in early 2010. With the bottom of the credit crisis nowhere in sight, China's export market has been severely dented, taking Hong Kong's trading business along with it. Lack of available credit has forced many SMEs to ...
Government 2.0 Reality at last
Posted: 11 September 2008

NOW we're s-a-mô-king. Dateline should rather be next year though :)
Do we have a handle on how close the top African Continent large Cities are to realising this? ...

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Cities show national governments the way
Dateline: 28 November 2015
Government designed from the bottom up. Democracy coupled to a strong service ethic and ubiquitous participation. The world's leading cities are harnessing the power of connectivity and information to change the role of government services into real-time value-added products. Since the first stumbling steps in the public service in the 1990s, the UK's e-Government ideas were being ...
China on Your Doorstep
Posted: 7 February 2008

And a worthy outlet for Oil Tankers refurbished as factories? Could be a whole lot cheaper than building new. Could be a useful employment for Africa's jobless millions too.

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Not off their shores - off yours!
Dateline: 7 February 2010
In an amazing New World manufacturing coup, China has delivered 170 factory ships just outside the territorial waters of the United States. These are not fish factories, but fully functional floating industrial enterprises, with their own power, workforce quarters, clinics, broadband communications and regular supplies of raw materials. Now you can order any Chinese commodity you need, and ...
How would we Earthlings react?
Posted: 15 November 2007 2 Comments

Would we "Colonise" and subjugate the place? Would we hold endless "High-Level" meetings to decide what to do ... and for the most part do nothing? Would we wait until there were reports of WMD there that are claimed to threaten our existence? Would we immediately engage the new situation and build a better place for all?

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Evidence of complex life confirmed on Gliese 581c
Dateline: 12 June 2030
The images that arrived back at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics last night are nothing short of astounding. They clearly show large 'animals' the size of dinosaurs standing in what appears to be swampy marshland on a steamy planet. The new LAMP (Light Amplification by Matrix Propagation) technology has beamed back images from multiple sources across more than 20 light-years, ...
Other forms of Travel will soon become targets
Posted: 12 September 2006 1 Comment

It will only be a matter of time for smaller airlines and train travel to become equally enticing targets.

I think the day of the 'Body Chip' implant has also now dawned and there must be huge opportunity in this field of personal ID. Where can I go to get my modern version of the 'dog-tag'? ...

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Passengers demonstrate against new travel elite
Dateline: 20 May 2007
"It's discrimination and it's un-American!" So says Elizabeth Negroponte of the American Association for Civil Liberties. Over the past two months a new travel elite has emerged. If a passenger chooses to volunteer and join the 'Super-Passport' queue at major airline departure points around the world, they are treated with the kind of respect normally accorded to visiting heads of state and ...
Additional thoughts
Posted: 2 June 2006

Great thought - but just imagine the concomitant increase in
communications technology alone that would accompany such a move as proposed. The economic ramifications should be explored. All manner of controls for eliminating double (or worse) votes would be needed and would we all really want to be bombarded with virtually everything Politicians do and say (in order to form a fair and proper ...

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Democrats propose to vote someone out of government each month
Dateline: 1 April 2008
The traditional run-up to the presidential election is being heavily influenced by the seventh season of American Idol. Yesterday's final garnered more than 100 million votes - almost twice the number of any presidential election. The Democrats have been quick to pounce on these lessons from reality television. "Big Brother showed us how to get real democratic participation and now we have ...
Opportunity for new political grouping to rise
Posted: 22 June 2006 2 Comments

What a golden opportunity for a valid political grouping to come to the fore. One that can take our strong economic growth and progress to date as a Nation, but combine that with systems that also uplift the poverty-stricken sections of the population.

We have to hold out hope we don't end up in a situation where there is no valid 'opposition' that could step in and run the Country better - ...

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ANC unity crumbles as majority alliance splits
Dateline: 2 May 2009
The May Day celebrations were muted this year as ANC factions licked their wounds and tried to determine what the Good News message could be to members and the electorate after their acrimonious split at the party conference ten days ago. A year of crippling strikes has already delayed construction of major facilities for next year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa and been the catalyst for ...

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