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An Internet for DNA
Posted: 19 December 2014  
The new age of collaboration will deliver massive benefits - and we've only just begun.
Global Alliance Plans Internet for Genomes | MIT Technology Review
19 December 2014
Scientists are starting to open their DNA databases online, creating a network that could pave the way for gene analysis at a new scale.
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At home on the city farm
Posted: 18 December 2014  
A while ago, seven years to be exact, we published this MindBullet about farms in city skyscrapers. Now it's an actual proposal for a retirement complex in Singapore. Could it work?
18 December 2014
Indoor farming produces fresh food where it's needed - in the store
Dateline: 1 May 2030
New thinking in urban design, plus new technologies, are turning city blocks into self-contained 'country villages'. Hydrogen fuel cells and community ...
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Published on: 18 December 2014  
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India gets free internet and messaging, non-video calls
Dateline: 20 December 2017
Following the successful blanketing of most of the African continent with Facebook's free internet service, Zuckerberg has announced the roll out of similar coverage for South America and Mexico, and the Indian sub-continent. By targeting countries where internet communications are still relatively expensive, Facebook is hoping to become the de facto home network for billions of users. Most people in these communities use smartphones and tablets rather than laptops and PCs, and the free internet ...
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Cellphones without the network!
Posted: 17 December 2014  
It's so easy for a successful industry to think its future is safe and secure, Think of the answering machine business, or the VCR industry, as just two examples. Suddenly a dramatic technological shift occurs that turns your business redundant overnight. It can happen to anyone, for example, the cellular telephone networks....
Really? Surely cellphones and the networks must be the most secure ...
A New Chat App Uses Mesh Networking to Bypass Carriers | MIT Technology Review
17 December 2014
An app called MeshMe lets you communicate without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, providing enough other users are close by.
Human-to-human transmission wins the day for mobile broadband
Dateline: 14 September 2019
First we tied the world in a tangle of copper cables. Next came miles of fiber optics. And all the time, the ultimate communications conduit was right ...
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The new world of touch
Posted: 17 December 2014  
We've already introduced gesture, and to a limited degree, touch, into our daily lexicon of electronic communication. We tap and swipe our phones and tablets without a thought. But what if we could really bring touch into the equation, at a level way beyond today's crude gestures?
The two articles attached - one on the right an one below - discuss breakthroughs in technologies that could ...
Startup Tests Nanobud Touch Sensors | MIT Technology Review
17 December 2014
Stretchy, conductive films made of novel nanobuds could bring touch sensors to more surfaces.
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The future of glass
Posted: 17 December 2014  
Glass is glass, right? Well, not any more. Already the gorilla glass on your iPhone is a remarkable invention, but there's more to come.
Glassmaker Corning is currently spending 8% - that's $800-million - on R&D, to ensure it doesn't get caught short again, as happened earlier this decade when it lost more than half its revenue after its fibre optics business imploded.
Then Corning story - ...
Corning Bets It Can Reinvent Glass Again | MIT Technology Review
17 December 2014
An inside look at Corning’s labs suggests what’s next for the inventor of Gorilla Glass.
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Gasoline, electric or hybrid?
Posted: 15 December 2014  
Electric cars are doing pretty well in some urban markets, with the BMW i3 claiming to have sold 12,000 units in the last year. The market is still very fragmented, and now hydrogen fuel cell cars are making their way onto the scene. Personally I think these are the least likely to get mass adoption, but then, with the oil price dropping, perhaps a return to gasoline-electric hybrids will ...
Fuel Cell Vehicles Aren’t Yet Greener than Hybrids
15 December 2014
Hybrids are a much more cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions than newly released hydrogen fuel cell cars.
There's a resurgence in EVs, thanks to cheap fuel-cell technology and hydrogen
Dateline: 9 August 2016
Once the darling of the US administration, fuel-cell vehicles were the future of clean, green motoring. Fuel cells running on hydrogen produce only water ...
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What is the 'bottom' level for the oil price?
Posted: 14 December 2014  
A few years ago $40 a barrel seemed 'impossible'. But what would happen if the oil price dropped way below that? Take a look at this scenario from more than a decade ago.
Opec willing to push oil price to $40 says Gulf oil minister
14 December 2014
Senior Opec ministers says cartel has no fear of oil prices falling to levels as low as $40 per barrel amid price war with Russia and US shale
MindBullet logo OIL $5 A BARREL!
Dateline: 3 February 2009
Global markets reeled today as America announced a total embargo on oil imports from the Middle East. The move effectively smashes the stranglehold of ...
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Medical uses for iPhone
Posted: 14 December 2014  
How technology changes our lives.
Top Ten Medical Uses of the iPhone
14 December 2014
The iPhone has many uses and application in the field of medicine, to either have an original role as a medical device, or to amplify, or enpower another device
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Oil heading for a wild ride
Posted: 11 December 2014  
When we published this MindBullet not even a month ago, we were pretty sure that oil would drop, but we didn't expect it to be this fast or this far. Perhaps our scenario wasn't crazy enough!

Bank of America forecasts deep structural shifts that will have profound consequences:
"The free market will now set the global cost of oil, leading to a new era of wild price swings and disorderly trading ...
Bank of America sees $50 oil as Opec dies - Telegraph
11 December 2014
The Opec oil cartel no longer exists in any meaningful sense and crude prices will slump to $50 a barrel over the coming months as market forces shake out ...
MindBullet logo GOLD AT $800, OIL AT $64
The mini-boom is on
Dateline: 6 November 2016
Two years ago we saw the first faltering of the oil price, as Brent crude dipped below US$80 per barrel. Gold was also weak, at about US$1100 per ounce. ...
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Published on: 11 December 2014  
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Business in the firing line as governments spar
Dateline: 2 April 2015
Forget about McDonald's trying to outperform KFC or Coca-Cola aiming to increase sales over Pepsi. Those were the days, my friend! Lately, businesses are primarily competing against governments' geopolitical agendas - and then against each other. Let's refer to the best case in point: Russia. Following the Crimean crisis, the 2014 sanctions against Russia and Donetsk have been ratcheted up, but Russia has decided that the party is not nearly merry enough yet. After banning several G20 nations ...
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Now here's a quantum shift
Posted: 9 December 2014  
First evidence that traditional TV is falling out of favour.
Television ownership falls for first time EVER
9 December 2014
The number of UK households with a television has fallen for the first time, with viewers switching to computers, tablets and smartphones to watch their favourite programmes.
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Mind the drone
Posted: 9 December 2014  
With drones becoming an ever increasing part of modern urban life, whether it's geeks having fun, or the more serious side of communications, aerial surveys or surveillance, the chances of light aircraft and jet airliners coming within striking distance of a drone increase significantly.

A recent near miss approaching Heathrow was not an isolated incident. Perhaps it's time to insist that all ...
Drone involved in Heathrow near miss
9 December 2014
An unidentified drone came close to hitting a plane as it landed at Heathrow, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed.
No batteries needed for these delivery drones
Dateline: 7 March 2017
The biggest hurdle for electric aircraft has always been the weight of the batteries, and as nimble as they are, quadrotors and octocopters typically had ...
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Keeping buildings cool without electricity
Posted: 9 December 2014  
Just think of the possibilities of this new material, as the world struggles to supply sufficient clean energy. Vast amounts of electricity are absorbed by air conditioning in countries such as the US. This breakthrough technology could change so much.
How Buildings Could Keep Cool without Electricity | MIT Technology Review
9 December 2014
A new material that requires no electricity uses the universe as a heat sink—even when the sun is shining.
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3D printed bio-electric body parts
Posted: 9 December 2014  
Using 3D printers to produce 'bio-electric' body parts? Sounds like science fiction, but these experiments underway at MIT are real, and hold the promise of radical new medical treatments.
Printing Circuitry for Bionic Implants | MIT Technology Review
9 December 2014
With new “inks” containing semiconductors, researchers have been able to print LEDs for the first time.
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Artificial Intelligence - boon or doom?
Posted: 9 December 2014  
Google is among the new generation companies investing heavily into the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI), and this article explores their intentions following the purchase of the UK company DeepMind. Fascinating stuff, and undoubtedly, AI can bring enormous benefits to mankind.
At the same time, it's interesting to note that some highly significant intellects have been ...
Demis Hassabis, Founder of DeepMind Technologies and Artificial-Intelligence Wunderkind at Google, W
9 December 2014
The man behind a startup acquired by Google for $628 million plans to build a revolutionary new artificial intelligence.
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Think differently for a different future
Posted: 9 December 2014  
To create organizations and institutions ready for a different future we need to develop
And encourage different thinking. Design thinking offers us new clues and ideas! ...
Capitalism Needs Design Thinking
9 December 2014
A conversation between Roger Martin and Tim Brown.
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Thinking differently about old problems
Posted: 8 December 2014  
Innovation isn't necessarily about crating someone completely new. Often, it's about thinking differently about an old problem. And that's what Amazon is doing with shipping goods.
Instead of having human workers (or robots, for that matter) walk to shelves to pick goods that have been ordered, Amazon's newest warehouse has the shelves coming to the human pickets. The benefits, as this Wired ...
Amazon Reveals the Robots at the Heart of Its Epic Cyber Monday Operation | WIRED
8 December 2014
Don't tell the kiddies, but Santa's workshop isn't at the North Pole. It's here in Tracy, California, about an hour east of San Francisco, at Amazon's latest-generation warehouse, a robot-powered marvel of efficiency that in some ways feels even more improbable than flying reindeer.
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Published on: 4 December 2014  
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The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones
Dateline: 20 January 2021
Back in the day, when horse drawn carriages and buggies were the preferred mode of transport for anyone, there was a big fear in Paris, London and New York that there wouldn't be enough stabling for all the horses required in the future, to say nothing of all the manure that was piling up in the streets. Then we invented motor cars, and the problem of peak horse manure disappeared. That's a salutary tale to bear in mind when we talk of peak oil. There will be a time when our consumption of oil ...
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Thought-provoking writing...
Posted: 3 December 2014  
...that really gets those grey cells going. Highly recommend this online magazine!
Science - Aeon Magazine
3 December 2014
Some of our greatest cultural and technological achievements took place between 1945 and 1971. Why has progress stalled?
The pace of technology advances slows as all invention is outsourced to computers
Dateline: 3 March 2033
We are in trouble. We've reached the end of the road. Like the mythical serpent devouring itself from the tail, we have progressed in ever decreasing ...
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