Published on: 29 June 2017

Clean meat comes to market

Dateline: 28 June 2019

It's common cause that the meat industry is not very kind to animals, and intensive cattle farming is not very good for the environment in general. What's more, more than enough food is grown globally to adequately feed the world's growing population, but a large part of crop production goes to feeding cows, so that affluent people can enjoy nice juicy steaks. All this while the poor go hungry and survive on foreign aid in times of drought. In the interests of social justice and animal humanity, ...

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India shuts down 37 coal mines
Posted: 28 June 2017

In January, China announced it was closing down 103 coal plants as the price of renewables continues to tumble. And now, India has announced it is shutting down 37 coal mines for the same reason.
In May, India's solar company was able to sell power generated by solar at 2.44 rupees per kWh. Power produced from coal-powered plants is selling at 3.20 rupees per kWh. There's no contest!
The ...

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World's Biggest Coal Company Closes 37 Mines as Solar Prices Plummet
28 June 2017
India's energy market is undergoing a rapid transformation away from fossil fuels.
Renewables deliver power for 6-m Chinese
Posted: 28 June 2017

Another milestone in the unstoppable march of alternative energies - and another nail in the coffin of hydrocarbon fuel sources. And unexpectedly, from China.

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6 Million People in China Received All of Their Energy From Renewables for a Whole Week
28 June 2017
China is proving a future powered solely by clean energy is possible.
Your phone won't be a phone
Posted: 27 June 2017

Expect your phone to evolve into a voice controlled set of wearables. Just as we suggested in our MindBullet.

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In 10 Years, Your iPhone Won’t Be a Phone Anymore
27 June 2017
Apple Inc. will still sell an iPhone, but expect the device to morph into a suite of apps and services, enhanced with AI and AR, part of a ‘body area ...
Voice is the new mobile computer interface
Dateline: 21 September 2019
The company that brought us the world's first true smart phone has done it again. A dozen years after the launch of the iPhone, Apple has completely ...
Reusable rockets
Posted: 10 April 2017 2 Comments

SpaceX has successfully recovered eight of their first stage boosters, and has also reflown, and recovered again, the rocket known as Core 1021. Now Elon Musk says they want to be able to recover the second stage as well, and reuse almost 100% of the rocket. His vision for human space flight includes landing the crew capsule under power for reuse too!

Soon space tourism will be a regular ...

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Elon Musk Wants To Reuse All Of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket By 2018, Slashing Cost Of Space Travel
10 April 2017
As noted by Fortune, space entrepreneur Elon Musk now says he wants to achieve complete reuse of the entire SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2018.
Welcome to the hotel at 'the edge of the world'
Dateline: 22 December 2017
The Stella Hilton officially opened for guests in time for the Christmas holidays. The glittering 'first night' featured Senator Charlize Theron and ...
Predictions for the coming decade
Posted: 16 January 2017

Eric Schmidt shares his predictions for the future in this concise and well-articulated video.
(Updated with new video link) ...

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Which CEO's will survive?
Posted: 26 June 2017

The attributes and skills of CEO's and senior executives, actually all leaders, will shift fundamentally in a world of AI, machine learning, quantum computing etc. What makes humans relevant today will not guarantee long term relevance. Are we preparing ourselves fast enough for tomorrow's world?

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Jack Ma: In 30 years, the best CEO could be a robot
26 June 2017
Billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma says he sees decades of pain ahead as the internet continues to disrupt the traditional economy. Even CEO's could be ...
Millions of jobs have gone to the machines – and now at the top end too!
Dateline: 26 September 2020
It was way back in 2012 that we predicted that by 2022, your boss would be a machine. We were wrong. It's happened this year, 2020, a full two years ...
China tests a blockchain cybercurrency
Posted: 24 June 2017 1 Comment

Looks like our MindBullets scenario from August 2012 was spot on (see alongside). China is indeed set to become the first country in the world to launch a cryptocurrency based on blockchain.

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China Becomes First Country in the World to Test a National Cryptocurrency
24 June 2017
Cryptocurrencies have the potential to not only benefit China, but the rest of the world, due to their basis in blockchain.
US Dollar slides as gold-backed RMB becomes the online and offline currency of choice
Dateline: 15 March 2015
China's monetary authority has done it again. After surprising everyone but a small group of futurists by partially adopting a gold standard to back their ...
The demise of oil
Posted: 23 June 2017

Will demand for oil continue to rise indefinitely, or will exponential technologies hasten a peak in demand, and a shift to alternative fuel and energy sources? Bloomberg gives us a view of what the demise of oil could look like.

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This Is What The Demise of Oil Looks Like
23 June 2017
Seismic shifts in technology and policy could slow demand growth
The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones
Dateline: 20 January 2021
Back in the day, when horse drawn carriages and buggies were the preferred mode of transport for anyone, there was a big fear in Paris, London and New York ...
Clean, limitless fusion energy one step closer
Posted: 23 June 2017 1 Comment

The relentless drive of alternative energies, from solar to wind to hydro and now, as well, fusion, is unstoppable. The fossil fuel industry days are truly limited.

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Fusion Breakthrough Puts Us One Step Closer to Limitless Clean Energy
23 June 2017
A new study could help make nuclear fusion the power source of the future.
It’s the start of a new low energy nuclear revolution
Dateline: 5 June 2014
Every once in a while we see the introduction of a technology that is so radically innovative that it seems magical, or impossible. The old clichés get ...
Eric Schmidt is optimistic about the future
Posted: 23 June 2017

'Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent company), is optimistic about the future. “We’re entering what I call the age of abundance,” he says. “And during the age of abundance, we’re going to see a new age … the age of intelligence.

“By 2020, most human beings will have access to the internet. When you have everyone harnessed with this information, the world gets more ...

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Google's Eric Schmidt: We need critical thinking now more than ever
23 June 2017
The Alphabet boss says the world is entering an age of abundance, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning


Published on: 22 June 2017

Just paint that wall for instant solar fuel

Dateline: 23 June 2022

It's taken five years to come to fruition, but the magic of solar paint is finally something every building owner can benefit from. Why pay for costly 3D printed solar panels and film, when you can just slap it on like paint - literally. Discovered back in 2017, solar paint is a special mixture of synthetic molecules and titanium oxide, which has been used in paint for decades. It turns out the oxide helps the paint absorb the sun's energy, while the molybdenum molecules act as a catalyst, splitting ...

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Free cross-border payments with blockchain
Posted: 21 June 2017

Circle is now a payments company that doesn’t make money from payments. Using blockchain technology, Circle has launched a fee-free ethereum-powered cross-border person-to-person payments capability.

That sounds like a mouthful, and it is, but it's exactly the sort of development that we 'predicted' in our MindBullet from last year! When will banks wise up? ...

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Circle Launched Free Cross-Border Payments on Blockchain — When Will FIs Follow?
21 June 2017
Person-to-person payments have gained traction among banks and other financial institutions recently. Many of the incumbents, like Bank of America, Wells ...
Say goodbye to forex spreads and broker commission
Dateline: 27 July 2019
The new Blockchain Equitable Spread Trading system or BEST has banks and brokers in a tizzy. They've effectively been disintermediated, which is probably ...
China's sharing economy
Posted: 20 June 2017

Sharing cars, bikes, power banks, basketballs, even umbrellas - China's sharing economy is going crazy!

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China’s sharing economy charges, pedals and bounces into overdrive
20 June 2017
30 bike-sharing apps launched already, with a dozen players fighting it out in the smartphone power bank sharing market, and six more dedicated solely to ...
There are 29 million bicycles in Beijing - and that's a problem
Dateline: 29 October 2019
The craze for 'dockless' share bikes in China and elsewhere soon led to a massive problem; piles of discarded bikes all over big cities, clogging up ...
Solar ready to surpass coal
Posted: 19 June 2017 1 Comment

The combination of increasingly cheap solar power and new-age batteries is rewriting the rules of energy worldwide. And this means that the days of coal's decades-long supremacy are numbered. That's what we wrote in our MindBullet back in April 2008. And now it is happening.

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As Cost Plunges, Solar Power is Ready to Surpass Coal
19 June 2017
Within the next four years, solar power will finally be cheaper than coal nearly everywhere, aligning economic and environmental interests.
Nano solar films bring cheap energy to sunshine states
Dateline: 5 May 2018
It's hard to believe that a mere decade ago fossil fuels were at a premium, and everyone talked of 'peak oil' and the high prices of natural gas and coal. ...
Stratolaunch megaplane for orbital rocket launches
Posted: 20 June 2017

We've been saying for years that space is the next big business frontier, and Elon Musk has been dominating the news in that area. But another entrepreneur, Paul Allen, has been behind building the world's biggest plane to launch space rockets from the stratosphere into orbit. After four years it has emerged from its hanger for testing and could demonstrate launch capability by 2019. Will ...

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Meet the Stratolaunch Megaplane Taking Satellites Into Orbit
20 June 2017
Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen rolls out the Stratolaunch, a 385 ft. plane designed to carry satellites into low Earth orbit.
Space tourism and satellite launches compete for profits
Dateline: 27 September 2015
The race to launch a successful private space business has been won - and the victor, surprisingly, is not Virgin's Sir Richard Branson, but a 40-year-old ...
Retail world shaken by tech moves
Posted: 19 June 2017

What a revolution is happening in the world of retail! Earlier this year Amazon launched its new "Amazon Go!" technology - no lines, no checkout, just take what you want and go! The really clever part of this technology is that it places Amazon, through your Amazon account, at the heart of the transaction.
Then last week Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for a staggering ...

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No cash, no staff: a store of the future is being tested in China
19 June 2017
Wheelys tests a 24-hour store run entirely by technology.


Published on: 15 June 2017

New players dominate financial services

Dateline: 26 August 2022

It was Microsoft founder Bill Gates who famously said in 1994 that we need banking, but we don't need banks. It's taken nearly 30 years, but he was dead right. Worldwide, financial services have moved out of the hands of traditional banks and into an array of mobile, FinTech and data companies. Some forward-thinking banks grasped the new world of collaboration and entered into early partnerships and have survived, albeit in a different form. Others have failed or, at best, become simply the ...

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Hacking the grid
Posted: 13 June 2017

We have published a number of MindBullets over the years, that examine the potential for cyber criminals or hackers to damage or destroy physical infrastructure, like the power grid. It seems the Russians or someone may have tested this capability against the Ukraine last year, with powerful malware known as 'Crash override' or 'Industroyer'. Remember Stuxnet? This is a lot scarier!

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Meet Industroyer - malware that can bring down a city's power grid -
13 June 2017
Researchers at ESET believe that Industroyer may have been responsible for shutting down power in the Ukraine last year.
It's the most dangerous malware ever developed, and it's available free to anyone
Dateline: 2 January 2013
During 2011 the Stuxnet worm targeted Iran's Natanz nuclear facility, specifically the Siemens components in it, and several other key industrial ...
Elon defends his boring tunnels
Posted: 8 June 2017

In this TED interview, Elon Musk defends his boring idea, saying that they will make tunneling so much cheaper that there could be an 'arbitrary' number of tunnels to absorb any level of demand. He also has some interesting views of the future.

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Tesla Tunnels aren't boring, they're totally congested
Dateline: 7 June 2027
Since Elon Musk's Boring Company provided automated underground highways to move traffic underground, it's been wonderful to walk the streets again. The high street has become more like a pedestrian mall, and the occasional, electric, car that passes is quiet and discreet. Electric cars quickly get swallowed up by the new Tesla Tunnels, or TT, that permeate the city links; the airport and ...