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Martian soil crops are edible
Posted: 28 June 2016  
It's been science fiction for generations....the idea of man colonising another planet. But as conquering space becomes increasingly privatised, and consequently more efficient and exponentially less expensive, the idea edges closer day by day. So now we discover that plants grown in Martian soil are perfectly safe and edible...
Crops Grown in "Martian Soil" Are Healthy And Edible
28 June 2016
Dutch scientists have successfully grown crops in soil developed by NASA to simulate the composition of Martian terrain. Tests done on four of the ten crops prove they are safe for humans to eat, and do not contain dangerous levels of metals.
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Jet pack flies in New York
Posted: 27 June 2016  
It's 2016, and we're still waiting for those jetpacks promised 50 years ago. But one of the prototypes has recently made a flight in public. The JB-9 jetpack has two jet engines and runs on liquid fuel, which means you get about five minutes of usable flight. Not enough to be a commercial success in my opinion, but it might get a cult following, involving a race series, which is planned.

I ...
JB-9 jetpack makes spectacular debut flying around Statue of Liberty
27 June 2016
The dream of personal flight took a great leap forward last week as Jetpack Aviation unveiled its high speed, high altitude, high endurance JB-9 jetpack in ...
MindBullet logo JET PACK TAKES OFF
Talk about being upwardly mobile!
Dateline: 25 June 2016
After more than 35 years in development, the world's first commercially available jetpack is now on sale. The sticker price is a mere US$ 150,000. Made ...
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Turning plastic into fuel
Posted: 26 June 2016  
Plastic is a massive source of pollution on our planet, and in our seas. It;s heartbreaking to visit some of the most remote Indonesian islands, for example, and find the surf churning with plastic bottles, and the beach a wasteland of plastic.
Some cities have now banned plastic bottles, but throughout history, banning things has seldom solved the root problem. So this might be a much better ...
New technique turns common plastic waste into fuel
26 June 2016
Used to make most of our disposable food and beverage containers, polyethylene is produced at a staggering volume of over 100 million metric tons each ...
EU to ban plastic packaging for groceries - unless you can eat it
Dateline: 29 January 2018
It started slowly. First we stopped giving away plastic bags for free. Then water bottles died a quick death. Now, in a revolutionary move, European ...
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Autonomous ships set to take to the seas
Posted: 26 June 2016  
There's plenty of discussion and media coverage about autonomous cars and trucks. But what about autonomous ships plying the seas? Rolls-Royve has been quietly working on this idea for some time now - and tells us it's only four years away.
Rolls-Royce predicts robotic ships will be on the water by 2020
26 June 2016
This week at the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2016 in Amsterdam, the Rolls-Royce-led Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications initiative (AAWA) presented a white paper outlining what autonomous cargo vessels might be like and what hurdles stand between them and the open sea.
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Printing anything you want from atoms
Posted: 26 June 2016  
Ads I said in a previous post - fact is increasingly becoming stranger than fiction! Read the MindBullet alongside, written by FutureWorld founder Wolfgang Grulke way back in 2003 - and then read the attached article...
Star Trek Replicators Become Reality With NASA's New 3D Printer/Recycler - SERIOUS WONDER
26 June 2016
NASA aims for a Star Trek future by transforming replicators into a real-world technology using a 3D printer/recycler! - B.J. Murphy for Serious Wonder
Dinner from Sony – made atom by atom, molecule by molecule
Dateline: 9 February 2010
Pushing the trolley around the supermarket looks soon to become a thing of the past. You can now make almost anything you want, custom-built, right in your ...
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Taxing the robots
Posted: 26 June 2016  
Now here's a great debate, and one that has been readily explored in movies and novels...should robots be recognised as 'human' personalities?
The EU might even go further, if current legal [proposals are adopted. They;re considering taxing the robots, just as our MindBullet of 2015 suggested. Truth is frequently becoming stranger than fiction! ...
Robots in Europe May Become "Electronic Persons"
26 June 2016
The European parliament's committee on legal affairs submitted a draft proposing the taxation of robot employees, asking companies employing them to pay ...
With robots paying labour tax, the 99% can be as idle and as comfortable as the elites
Dateline: 4 July 2025
We're living in the age of abundance. The age of the algorithm. The age of... well, automated utopia. Who would have thought that this soon, with machines ...
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Turning back the clock of age
Posted: 26 June 2016  
We've been talking about science reversing the ravages of aging for a long time now. One of our favourite biotechnology professors used to open his sessions with our clients by stating:" 'The first children that will live to be 120 years old have already been born...'
And now, it seems to be on the verge of happening. The first human volunteers are preparing to test a drug that has shown ...
First Science-Backed Anti-Aging Drug to Be Tested in Humans Next Month
26 June 2016
Nicotinamide mononucleotide, which has been proven to reverse signs of aging in mice, including decline in eyesight, metabolism, and glucose intolerance, ...
Actuarial data point way to long working lives
Dateline: 12 November 2030
The UK's Institute of Actuaries has blown the whistle on the continued political battle over the official retirement age in the EU. For the past few years ...
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Printing human organs in space
Posted: 24 June 2016  
Now here's a great blend of new sciences in action - 3D printing and space. The goal: to print human organs to save lives.
3D printing heart parts at 30,000 feet
24 June 2016
Recently, aboard a plane simulating weightlessness, a 3D bioprinter spit out heart and vascular structures created with human stem cells as part of a project that could one day lead to better and more plentiful human organs.
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Disaster relief drones to the fore
Posted: 24 June 2016  
The potential uses of drones seem limitless. These tests by the UN and Red Cross point to great opportunities in disaster relief, using drones.
Ship-to-shore delivery shows real-world potential of disaster relief drones
24 June 2016
Drones are shaping as hugely promising tools in disaster relief and a ship-to-shore medical delivery carried out this week with UN and American Red Cross ...
No batteries needed for these delivery drones
Dateline: 7 March 2017
The biggest hurdle for electric aircraft has always been the weight of the batteries, and as nimble as they are, quadrotors and octocopters typically had ...
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Who should your driverless car kill - you or someone else?
Posted: 24 June 2016  
This has become one of the new-age philosophical debates as the age of autonomous vehicles approaches: who takes the fall? Interesting to see the human survival instinct is as strong as ever.
Would you buy a car programmed to kill you for the greater good?
24 June 2016
In a series of online surveys, nearly 2,000 US residents have indicated that they would buy an autonomous car that would try to preserve their lives at any ...
Road rage and accidents are a thing of the past now that we've got Apps-for-Cars to keep the traffic moving along
Dateline: 15 March 2017
It all started before I even got out of bed! A message on my bedroom smart-wall warned me that a burst water main was slowing traffic, and suggested I ...
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Solar power in a box
Posted: 24 June 2016  
This is a pretty cool idea. A solar power mini-plant that fits in a shipping container, and can be unpacked and operational within hours. Great for off-grid villages who need basic power for light and phones.
IKEA of energy delivers clean, green solar power-plant in a box
24 June 2016
A start-up offering flat-packed solar generators is hoping to give a boost to poor villages off the grid
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities ...
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Flying car fantasies and factories
Posted: 23 June 2016  
Despite several failures like the Skycar, there seems to be an abiding fascination with flying cars, and some people, like Larry Page, are willing to put big money behind their development. Perhaps it's a burning desire to see a childhood dream come true. My personal opinion is that a flying car is the wrong concept. A personal drone seems like a better idea, one that flies itself, and takes ...
Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories
23 June 2016
With Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, the Google co-founder looks to the skies.
Computer piloted 'transformer' vehicles cleared for public use
Dateline: 8 May 2021
Ever since DARPA's 'Flying Hummer' known as the Transformer X made its debut, people have been champing at the bit to get a chance to use them for personal ...
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The end of passwords
Posted: 23 June 2016  
Won't that be a grand day...the end of pesky passwords. But what new and grisly criminal tactics will arise?
The New York Times
23 June 2016
Some of the nation’s largest banks, acknowledging that traditional passwords are either too cumbersome or no longer secure, are increasingly using fingerprints, facial scans and other types of biometrics to safeguard accounts.
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Published on: 23 June 2016  
MindBullet picture
'Weapons' and casualties have just increased by an order of magnitude
Dateline: 1 March 2027
It was supposed to be the last ditch, 'in-case-of-emergency-break-glass' solution to climate change. Unfortunately, geoengineering - or climate hacking as it is also called - has now become the latest weapon in the arsenal of petty and desperate governments who want their way. Weather patterns have been going haywire. In Kenya it's been raining for three weeks straight; in Mumbai the average high temperature has increased from 33°C to 45°C; and in Texas the number of tornadoes for the first ...
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Dread disease breakthrough
Posted: 23 June 2016  
This could be a breakthrough moment in the battle against dread diseases such as cancer. The remarkable CRISPR technology, which effectively creates biological 'scissors' enabling scientists to simply 'edit' DNA, is probing to be a powerful weapon.
Approved: First Ever Human Trials Involving CRISPR Gene Editing
23 June 2016
A team of Physicians at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine now has their project of modifying the immune cells of 18 different cancer patients with the CRISPR-Cas9 system approved by the National Institute of Health.
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Mobility as a service
Posted: 22 June 2016  
"Ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Ola and Lyft are not only challenging taxi drivers around the world, they are also disrupting the car industry as a whole as people prefer to hail a ride than buy their own set of wheels."
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China is top of the flops, for now
Posted: 21 June 2016  
China's new supercomputer 'Sunway TaihuLight' is the new No. 1 system with 93 petaflop/s (quadrillions of calculations per second) on the LINPACK benchmark.
New Chinese Supercomputer Named World’s Fastest System on Latest TOP500 List
21 June 2016
FRANKFURT, Germany; BERKELEY, Calif.; and KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—China maintained its No. 1 ranking on the 47th edition of the TOP500 list of the world’s top ...
Supercomputer breaks the exaflop barrier
Dateline: 27 January 2019
China's Tianhe-9B has trumped America's Oak Ridge Labs in the race to exascale computing, with a full 1,000 petaflop record. Despite all their tweaking, ...
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Doing away with borders
Posted: 20 June 2016  
As the New Scientist says in this article, nation states are an increasingly poor way to organise and run a planet. The current migration crises prove that here and now, in 2016, borders are a problem that can't easily be solved. Are they morally and philosophically defensible? In a future where national currencies are replaced by blockchains and tax regimes compete for residents, will ...
End of nations: Is there an alternative to countries? - New Scientist
20 June 2016
Nation states cause some of our biggest problems, from civil war to climate inaction. Science suggests there are better ways to run a planet
Migration is the new normal as ultra-mobility ramps up
Dateline: 28 October 2023
In the face of a constant flood of political and economic refugees, as well as 'citizens of the world,' geographic borders are becoming an increasingly ...
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Say goodbye to your lightbulbs!
Posted: 19 June 2016  
A new, brighter future awaits!
Say goodbye to your household light bulbs
19 June 2016
Incandescent bulbs that revolutionised daily life have largely already gone and the energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs that replaced them are now also on their way out.
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Dubai plans to become 3D biomedical global leader
Posted: 18 June 2016  
In the past few weeks, we say Dubai announcing the launch of the world's first fully-functional 3D printed office building. Now Dubai's Health authority reveals ambitious plans to become a world leader in 3D printed biomedical devices, from tissue to limbs. Amazing what visionary leadership can do.
Dubai Health Authority reveals initiative for $100 3D printed artificial limbs
18 June 2016
The Dubai Health Authority has just revealed plans for a huge (bio)medical 3D printing initiative that is expected to be worth $350 million by 2025 and ...
Prosthetic limbs are the latest teen craze
Dateline: 20 December 2020
"I'm getting them upgraded for the New Year," beams a happy Deon Pretorious, aged 15. Pretorious is one of thousands of teenagers around the world ...
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