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Published on: 8 December 2016  
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Combining biotech with 3D printing and robotics creates quantum leap
Dateline: 7 December 2019
Another breakthrough has been revealed, this time in the arcane science of biobotics; not bionic appliances for humans, but organic robots. These are machines built with ceramics, metals and living tissue - usually cells cultured from lab rats. Biobots are not really living machines like radio controlled cockroaches or zombie moths. Rather they are a combination of biological material like muscle and synthetics like silicon, controlled by electronics, enzymes and light pulses. In 2016, scientists ...
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Amazon Go video
Posted: 6 December 2016  
Watch how cool it is to shop at Amazon Go.
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No checkout required at Amazon Go
Posted: 6 December 2016  
Amazon's grocery store in Seattle is so convenient, you just take the goods and walk out. It's automatically scanned and charged to your account!
Amazon wants you to feel like you’re shoplifting from its new grocery store
6 December 2016
You can simply scan your phone, pick your food up off the shelf, and walk out.
MindBullet logo AMAZON OPENS 100th CITY STORE
Amazon eStore Hong Kong joins the high street line-up
Dateline: 22 October 2013
Amazon opened its one-hundredth city store yesterday, with queues of eager shoppers waiting to snatch up the opening specials on offer. And no, it's not ...
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Can't stop viral power
Posted: 6 December 2016  
Earlier this year, we published a MindBullet about micro generation and consumption of solar power, particularly in under developed areas like Africa. Now people who have abundant sunshine are leapfrogging the industrial-age model of a centralised power utility, straight into the future of basic electric power at almost zero cost!

Not even Trump can reverse this trend. ...
Off the grid solar is increasingly solving power problems in parts of rural Africa
6 December 2016
Pay-as-you-go solar systems have begun to light up homes in underserved parts of the continent, but will need to pack more punch to leapfrog the grid.
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities ...
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Jobless growth threatens jobs
Posted: 5 December 2016  
We believe that jobless growth - driven by robotics and AI - may be the single greatest social problem facing the world, This latest report underscores our concerns. This is an issue that we need to grapple with today.
3 of the world's 10 largest employers are now replacing their workers with robots
5 December 2016
CLSA, WEF, and Citi have all been mulling what to work as robotics and automation advance. Will we have more leisure time or more poverty and inequality?
Millions of jobs have gone to the machines – and now at the top end too!
Dateline: 26 September 2020
It was way back in 2012 that we predicted that by 2022, your boss would be a machine. We were wrong. It's happened this year, 2020, a full two years ...
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Nothing to sniff at when it comes to detecting bombs!
Posted: 5 December 2016  
Sometimes nature just beats technology!
Why dogs' noses out-sniff the most advanced bomb detectors
5 December 2016
In 2010, after spending billions on research, Pentagon officials admitted that there was no better bomb detector than a dog's nose. Now scientists say the reason for this might lie simply in the way they sniff.
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African solar set to power Europe
Posted: 5 December 2016   1 Comment
Don't say we never told you! Way back in 2009 and we wrote the MindBullet alongside, that sunny African states would dominate the future energy market. And its happening, right now, with a giant solar plant in the deserts of Morocco.
The colossal African solar farm that could power Europe
5 December 2016
We visit a vast power plant at the door to the Moroccan desert that is helping to define the energy future of the world.
Solar energy at the centre of an economic storm
Dateline: 11 May 2020
It's been just a year since the Afro-European solar energy initiative was launched to harness the deserts of North Africa to supply European countries with ...
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'Tis the season to be artificial!
Posted: 5 December 2016  
'Tis the season to be jolly, for children to sing sweet Christmas songs, a time of gifts and decorations - and artificial intelligence! Yip, have a listen to one of the world's first Christmas songs written and performed by an AI. Christmas will never be the same....
Neural Story Singing Christmas
5 December 2016
This is "Neural Story Singing Christmas" by Hang Chu on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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Published on: 1 December 2016  
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Should your own things be able to rat you out?
Dateline: 10 January 2018
Gone are the days when a highway surveillance system or patrol cop were the only triggers for your traffic infringements. Welcome to a brand-new world. Gregor Kashniv from Moscow had a few too many vodkas last Friday and when he eventually surfaced late Saturday afternoon, he found himself in a cold, dark jail cell in the inner city. He vaguely recalled being arrested within 300 metres of his home. Apparently he protested heavily, saying that he was definitely under the limit and that he has no ...
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The age of digital gold
Posted: 29 November 2016  
How long before we get the world's first digital currencies issued by a major country - the digital dollar, or the digital yuan, or the digital rouble? And it will be based on Blockchain technology, one of the most fundamental instruments of change in our modern world.
And in addition to the Royal Mint's digital gold, Senegal is issuing a digital Blockchain ...
Royal Mint to issue digital gold
29 November 2016
The Royal Mint, a 1000-year-old institution owned by HM Treasury, is partnering with CME Group to create a digital gold product that will be stored and ...
US Dollar slides as gold-backed RMB becomes the online and offline currency of choice
Dateline: 15 March 2015
China's monetary authority has done it again. After surprising everyone but a small group of futurists by partially adopting a gold standard to back their ...
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Machines that spot criminals before the crime
Posted: 24 November 2016  
Can a computer identify a criminal just by looking at their face, without comparing it to a database? Apparently yes:

"The worry, of course, is how humans might use these machines. It’s not hard to imagine how this process could be applied to data sets of, say, passport or driving license photos for an entire country. It would then be possible to pick out those people identified as ...
A deep-learning machine was trained to spot criminals by looking at mugshots
24 November 2016
The effort aimed at identifying criminals from their mugshots raises serious ethical issues about how we should use artificial intelligence.
Using online behaviour and social activity, government looks to catch terrorists and criminals in advance
Dateline: 1 April 2019
Reports from the Dark Web are filtering through: China has activated its 'predictive policing' platform known as the Peoples' Public Security Evaluation or ...
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Cryptocoin similar to block chain kind of transactions?
Posted: 23 November 2016   1 Comment
I tried to learn and understand the difference between crypto coin and block chain digital payments

Kindly can i get some clarity on this?


Andrew ...
Say goodbye to forex spreads and broker commission
Dateline: 27 July 2019
The new Blockchain Equitable Spread Trading system or BEST has banks and brokers in a tizzy. They've effectively been disintermediated, which is probably what they deserve, for years of fleecing consumers and investors. Most of us, at one time or another, have had that uncomfortable feeling of chagrin, when faced with a bank or forex dealer's spread of prices. "We buy US dollars at 0.89 euro ...
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Published on: 24 November 2016  
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New college teaches thinking, learning and unlearning skills
Dateline: 21 September 2018
You've probably heard the old cliché: "By the time you've finished your business course or degree, everything you've learned will be out of date!" Well it's true; even more so, today. Now there's a new college to tackle this problem: The UnVarsity College. It's got nothing to do with the UN; rather it focuses on a new qualification, the MBL, or Master of Business Learning. It's the business school of tomorrow. "The problem isn't learning, it's unlearning. In every aspect of business, we are ...
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a thought provoking dystopian scenario!
Posted: 23 November 2016  
this certainly highlights the potentially fatal social flaw in capitalism. Left to its own devices, it will boil our entire existence down to a net value. If Adam Smith is to be believed, then the individual optimisation of this net value should mean the greatest public benefit. But not without social bounds. Inequality is the cancer of capitalism, and if not dealt with would mean its ...
It all depends on your digital life value
Dateline: 30 October 2024
Last week's unfortunate multiple vehicle collision was unique in several respects. Not only was it the first time the OTTO beer truck was involved in a major collision, it was also the first 'test' of the Survivability Option System (SOS). Put simply, SOS allows participating entities, when alerted to an impending collision, to bid in real time to increase their survivability. Naturally this ...
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How to rack up $18-billion sales in 24 hours!
Posted: 17 November 2016  
What happens when you combine Big Data, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into a shopping experience?
The answer is you get Alibaba's 2016 Singles Day extravaganza, which happened on 11 November - and which brought in a staggering $17.8-billion in sales in 24 hours!
The numbers are mind-boggling. Orders coming in at 175,000 a second; 120,000 payments completed every ...
Big Data Game-Changer: Alibaba’s Double 11 Event Raises the Bar for Online Sales
17 November 2016
The ever-expanding Double 11 Global Online Shopping Festival showcases Alibaba’s innovations in key technology areas such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.
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Published on: 17 November 2016  
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Now various city 'passports' are vying for your attention
Dateline: 4 March 2029
People used to compare and evaluate national passports in terms of what they offered and how many doors such a document would open for them. Now it's not so much about countries competing against one another; instead megacities are trying to appeal to skilled workers by throwing numerous benefits into the mix. The first signs of this revolution appeared in 2019 when, after Brexit, trade and financial services in London were allowed to attract foreign workers to their industries in exchange for ...
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The world in 2076
Posted: 16 November 2016  
Long term predictions and forecasts are risky - they are bound to be wrong. New Scientist takes a look at some scenarios for 60 years' time.
We've seen the future, and it will blow your mind
16 November 2016

New Scientist is 60 years old this week, and what better way to celebrate a landmark birthday than to wax lyrical about another time. But we’re not going ...

The future will always surprise us
Dateline: 11 August 2026
Back in the 1950s, seventy years ago, people made all sorts of predictions about what the future would be like. We'd have flying cars and robot maids, it ...
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3D printing aviation engines
Posted: 16 November 2016  
3D printing has come a long way since the certification of a single printed part for aircraft was big news. General Electric Aviation has gone considerably further in the development of its Advanced Turboprop (ATP) for the Cessna Denali single-engine aircraft.

When completed, the 1,240 bhp ATP itself will have 855 conventional components reduced to just 12 printed parts, which include the ...
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Understanding artificial intelligence
Posted: 15 November 2016  
I think it's fair to say that most of us are fascinated by artificial intelligence, but we don't understand it. The idea of smart machines, that don't only understand natural language, but think like humans (if that's possible) conjures up all sorts of scenarios for the future. But even developers of advanced algorithms and deep neural networks can't explain exactly how they work, or rather ...
Understanding the four types of AI, from reactive robots to self-aware beings
15 November 2016
We need to do more than teach machines to learn. We need to overcome the barriers that separate machines from us – and us from them.
Sensors and gadgets clamour to be heard
Dateline: 13 May 2024
After all these years, we're still stuck with basic artificial intelligence. AI has not matured to the 'general' level, where machines are as smart as ...
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Published on: 10 November 2016  
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After one term in office, America has had enough of the Orange POTUS
Dateline: 10 November 2020
At long last, the United States has a female head of state. Hillary Clinton's big mistake was one of timing. She couldn't beat Obama, and when up against Trump, she failed to inspire or engender trust. Many voters saw her as a has-been. But now the tables have been turned. Trump, like Jimmy Carter, has failed to secure a second term. And his ouster is a woman. To some extent, Trump was his own worst enemy. Having exposed himself, his thinking and biases, the kind of person he was deep down, ...
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