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Moores Law on steroids?
Posted: 23 July 2016  
Many suggest that Moores Law may be nearing its end, and the rate of technological change and hence disruption is coming to a welcome end. However others believe the journey is just starting! Best one buckles up then as the ability to store, manipulate and work with data at atomic level suggests that the rate of tech advancement is a long way from slowing down!
World's Smallest Hard Drive Writes Data Atom-By-Atom
23 July 2016
Using this breakthrough technology, all the books in the world could be stored on a device the size of a postage stamp.
Amazon, Google and eBay dominate internet hardware
Dateline: 5 September 2009
Why buy cows when all you need is milk? Have you noticed how no-one buys any server hardware anymore? In fact, I can't remember the last time a company ...
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AI drives costs lower and changes the energy game
Posted: 21 July 2016  
Another win for AI in the energy space is its application to optimising energy demand and cost.
Google uses AI to save on electricity from data centres - BBC News
21 July 2016
Its artificial intelligence division, DeepMind, has cut Google's data centres' energy consumption by 15%, using a machine-learning algorithm.
Home users embrace cheap bacterial fuel cells, leaving the utilities dependent on business customers. Is it too little, too late?
Dateline: 29 February 2016
After reporting a massive loss in sales to the domestic sector, Electricité de France, the world's largest utility, announced today that its survival would ...
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Published on: 21 July 2016  
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Investment boom in Edinburgh triggers housing shortage
Dateline: 25 June 2020
London, a city which at its peak had almost 8.5 million residents, feels like everyone has gone away for the summer. You can always get a table, even at the trendiest restaurants, and the Tube is only half full. Over the past three years, as major employers have moved their corporate headquarters, or restructured to keep their European markets, hundreds of thousands have left. Following the loss of the UK's banking passport, Frankfurt and Dublin have emerged as new centres of finance, gaining the ...
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Electric planes
Posted: 20 July 2016  
I used to scoff at the idea of electric cars becoming mainstream. While that's still not likely in Africa in the near future, the popularity of the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model 3 have changed that scenario. But electric aircraft? Surely not anything bigger than a drone? Siemens have showcased a new electric motor for a small conventional aircraft, and it flies. One thing they don't say in the ...
Siemens Showcases Brand-New Electric Motor That's Super Light, Super Powerful, And Perfect For Elect
20 July 2016
The German parts supplier completed a successful test flight of an electric airplane fitted with a brand-new electric motor that boasts unprecedented power ...
There isn't one: No pilots and no air traffic controllers
Dateline: 10 July 2019
When NATS, the UK National Air Traffic Control Service, was partially privatized in 2001, with the state retaining a 49% share, it started a long-running ...
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Could li-fi replace wi-fi?
Posted: 20 July 2016  
We started talking about Professor Harald Haas's li-fi concept back in 2011 - li-fi being the ability to transmit data over LED lights rather than through cables or wireless signals. Now it is moving closer to the centre. This is a technology that has enormous potential to disrupt existing markets.
Could Li-Fi be the new Wi-Fi? - BBC News
20 July 2016
How LED lights could one day can act as gateways to the internet
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SA company develops MIT MOOC
Posted: 20 July 2016  
The world is indeed becoming flatter - and smart ideas can arise anywhere on the planet. So we find that a small South African company is behind a major MIT online course - a so-called MOOC (massive online open course). And SA;'s lower cost structure helped too.
South Africa exports online courses back to the West - BBC News
20 July 2016
A lower cost base and partnerships with western universities is helping South Africa to develop online courses for students around the world.
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Towards a zero-emission world
Posted: 20 July 2016  
The drive towards effective alternative energy solutions is unstoppable. Here's news that the port of Los Angeles will become the first marine terminal to generate all its energy from renewable sources.
Port of LA to open world’s first off-grid terminal
20 July 2016
The Port of Los Angeles is breaking ground on what will be the world’s first marine terminal able to generate all of its energy needs from renewable sources, using zero and near-zero emission technologies. The onsite, 1.03-megawatt solar micro-grid will power zero-emissions cargo moving vehicles.
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Breathing without air
Posted: 19 July 2016  
Or rather, live without breathing! We only need to breathe so that we can get oxygen into our bloodstream, to keep our brain and heart functioning, and ultimately all the cells in our bodies. But what if you could deliver oxygen straight into the bloodstream, without involving the lungs? Scientists have invented oxygen nanoparticles that can be injected into one's veins.
Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing
19 July 2016
A team of scientists at the Boston Children’s Hospital have invented what is being considered one the greatest medical breakthroughs in recent years. They have designed a microparticle that can be injected into a person’s bloodstream that can quickly oxygenate their blood. This will even work if the ability to breathe has been restricted, or even cut off entirely.
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Atomic data
Posted: 19 July 2016  
We've written before of using DNA to store data. Now comes a nanotech method of storing data with individual atoms, the densest memory system yet.
Densest-ever memory system uses individual atoms to store data
19 July 2016
Scientists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) have developed a memory technology that achieves the ...
High performance computing is embedded everywhere and virtually free
Dateline: 22 September 2022
Moore's Law says, in essence, that computer processors become twice as powerful, and half the price, approximately every two years. Over time that sort of ...
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3D printing just got real!
Posted: 16 July 2016  
Science is moving quickly! A moving 'living' Ray has just been 3D printed! Just read the story, cast your mind forward 20 years and tell me your'e not astounded , if not a little nervous!
3D Printed Living, Moving Stingray
16 July 2016
Who thought a Rat, some Gold and Silicone could turn into a tiny stingray?As odd as it sounds, a team of scientists have recently conducted a research ...
3D printing in space solves problem of launching huge rockets
Dateline: 3 November 2025
A decade ago the first 3D printer to go to space was sent to the International Space Station. It proved to be so useful, more, bigger printers soon ...
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Blockchain beyond Bitcoin
Posted: 15 July 2016  
Combinatorial innovation is the next opportunity for the world. New applications in old industries! Blockchain application in the energy world is just one such example.
How Blockchain Technology Can Reinvent The Power Grid
15 July 2016
The Internet of Things is challenging regulated utilities.
The rise of the distributed autonomous company has disrupted markets and nations
Dateline: 17 February 2027
CarCoin has ubered Uber. AppCoin has upstaged Apple. And Africoin has made African countries irrelevant; fiscally and economically at least. Based on the ...
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Published on: 14 July 2016  
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New construction models will enable reassembly in 21 days
Dateline: 27 June 2021
After a massive flood, caused by a higher-than-expected rise in sea-level for this year, the Bangladeshi textile industry has been mired in chaos. The behemoth factory of Indami textiles is a mess of drenched material and soiled garments. Critical machinery has also been rendered totally useless. They have cancelled all orders and are only expected to be back in production six months from now. Fortunately, not everyone remained unprepared. The owner of the small, but always nimble Dashy factory ...
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Comment to Solar Goes Viral
Posted: 13 July 2016   1 Comment
This thinking is great, It's green & clean yet installing the panels is costly (as already said). What people loose out of sight is that there is a large segment of people renting property. Along with that the people who live in high rise compartments lack both the finance and space to install the panels. We need a different design that's both cheaper and possibly something that a tenant ...
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities completely for individuals, homes and small businesses. What's more, large businesses and corporate campuses are also contributing to the energy internet, sharing their excess power in slack times, and buying back from the smart grid when they ...
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When is a robot an animal?
Posted: 13 July 2016  
When you make a gadget that moves, and you can control it, then it's a machine, right? Like a robot. But if the things that make it move are muscle tissue, bits of living organisms, then it's an animal, not so? Neither - it's a biohybrid. Expect to see more of these short-lived 'creatures' emerging from the lab. I wonder if they will ever perfect the dragon we wrote about ten years ago?
Scientists Create Successful Biohybrid Being Using 3-D Printing and Genetic Engineering
13 July 2016
Scientists genetically engineered and 3-D-printed a biohybrid being, opening the door further for lifelike robots and artificial intelligence.
GeneTech's new fantasy pets set the world on fire
Dateline: 8 July 2025
It was a scene out of some fantasy epic that greeted Reginald Dobbs as he arrived home last night. His house was on fire and a dragon was perched on the ...
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Backing up the grid
Posted: 12 July 2016  
Seven years ago we published a MindBullet about a revolutionary new type of battery that could be scaled up to power a whole city - with liquid batteries. That hasn't materialised as yet, but Los Angeles is planning a massive lithium ion battery array that could take over the peak load in summer.
World's Largest Storage Battery Will Power Los Angeles
12 July 2016
More than 18,000 lithium-ion battery packs would replace a gas-fired power plant used to meet peak demand
New York City runs all night on a single charge
Dateline: 21 April 2015
In the city that never sleeps, the lights burn all night. But don't worry, they're not consuming precious fuel or polluting the environment, because the ...
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Alvin Toffler warned us! The Future WILL shock and most executives are not ready for it.
Posted: 11 July 2016   1 Comment
Alvin Toffler has left us prematurely for such a great mind! He predicted that we would suffer from a disease that he called 'Future Shock' which would lead to a lack of preparedness for the future of dramatic and exponential change. he was not wrong. Preparing for an unknown but very different future is not easy and so many executives choose to ignore it and then bleat about its impact on ...
Alvin Toffler obituary
11 July 2016
Author and futurist whose books accurately predicted much of the social upheaval brought about by fast-paced technological change
News from the Future - now more accessible than ever
Dateline: Today
Today is the start of a new future for MindBullets. We're giving it a fresh new face - easier to display, search and browse on your device of choice, and ...
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Blockchain no longer a 'secret'...even banks are talking about it!
Posted: 8 July 2016  
Only two years ago I recall audiences being astounded by stories of what blockchain might be able to deliver and the disruption it may cause. Now even central bankers are accepting its disruptive potential and are talking about it publicly! Speed of acceptance, adoption and disruption is abundant!
The rise of the distributed autonomous company has disrupted markets and nations
Dateline: 17 February 2027
CarCoin has ubered Uber. AppCoin has upstaged Apple. And Africoin has made African countries irrelevant; fiscally and economically at least. Based on the ...
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Fintech threat to London
Posted: 7 July 2016  
There's a consequence for every action and every decision in life...not least Brexit. Will London retain its crown as the financial capital of Europe, and as the FinTech startup mecca? As this article states, the vultures are circling - some more aggressively than others!
The vultures are circling: EU states eye up London's finance crown
7 July 2016
As states across Europe eye up London's business riches and dust off their EU-friendly fintech credentials, German centre-right political party Freie Demokraten is taking a cheekily direct approach, driving a giant billboard truck into the heart of the capital emblazoned with an invite for Brexit-scarred startups to move to Berlin.
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America the wonderful
Posted: 7 July 2016  
People love to criticise the United States, and point out its many failings. America is not the perfect society. But despite all that, it remains the biggest economy by far, and home to much of the innovation and business growth that is driving global development. These 16 charts show how dominant America is. China has overtaken Japan as America's greatest rival, but has a long way to go ...
16 charts that show why America is the most amazing country in the world
7 July 2016
To celebrate America's Independence Day, we've put together several charts that show why, despite all of its problems, this US is the most dominant country ...
Lighting up the sky with a meteor shower is the latest special effect for big-ticket events
Dateline: 4 July 2018
Forget fireworks; they're so last century! This year's Independence Day celebrations included a multicolor shower of shooting stars - in glorious red, ...
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Published on: 7 July 2016   1 Comment
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Lighting up the sky with a meteor shower is the latest special effect for big-ticket events
Dateline: 4 July 2018
Forget fireworks; they're so last century! This year's Independence Day celebrations included a multicolor shower of shooting stars - in glorious red, white and blue; and gold. Commissioned by POTUS, but launched from a private micro-satellite, the meteor shower filled the skies above Washington DC, where Independence Day parades and celebrations went on long into the night. "Traditional fireworks are noisy and dangerous; they scare pets and create fire hazards," said Katy Chang of SkyBurst. ...
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