Chemical energy on demand
Posted: 22 May 2017

Here's another energy invention that promises to change the game. Australian researchers have built a reference model of a chemical loop energy system which essentially uses natural gas or electricity to 'charge' chemical particles in a reactor vessel. When that mixture is allowed to oxidise it releases heat, which can drive a turbine and heat water. They are not saying what chemicals they ...

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The revolutionary redox system that produces and stores energy in the home
22 May 2017
Imagine having a fridge-sized box in your home that generates and stores electricity, heats and cools the house, provides hot water and churns out oxygen ...
New energy storage system saves summer's heat for winter's chill
Dateline: 25 January 2021
We humans like our comforts, and temperature is one of the most important. In summer, we want our homes and offices to be pleasantly cool, and warm and ...
Politics cannot save coal in the future
Posted: 22 May 2017

Whether you believe in climate change or not, it's abundantly apparent that coal as a primary energy source has a limited future. Globally, it will still take many years for alternative technologies to supplant coal, but as we can see happening in the United States, the economics of cleaner alternatives will make coal-fired power simply obsolete. In 2017 alone, 8 coal power stations have ...

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In 2017 alone, enough US coal-fired plants have announced closures to power all of Qatar
22 May 2017
Trump's coal magic has worked—but not in the way his voters had hoped.
Nano solar films bring cheap energy to sunshine states
Dateline: 5 May 2018
It's hard to believe that a mere decade ago fossil fuels were at a premium, and everyone talked of 'peak oil' and the high prices of natural gas and coal. ...
Google Lens is AI for cameras
Posted: 22 May 2017

Google's new app for cameras, Lens, is designed to let a connected camera, like the one in your smartphone, to understand the image and find related information about it. It's like Shazam for pictures. And although the demos were for identifying flowers and reading signs, you can be sure that it will also work for identifying people you meet. I can just imagine the scenarios that might ...

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Google Lens will let smartphone cameras understand what they see and take action
22 May 2017
At Google's I/O developer conference, CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new technology called Google Lens. The idea with the product is to leverage Google's..
With Google Screen you get more than just television, broadband and games
Dateline: 26 August 2015
Google has launched its pay TV service, with regular television channels on a broadband connection. But unlike 'on demand' services, this is an entirely ...
Fake blood means no donors required
Posted: 19 May 2017

Well, it's not really fake - it's blood cultured in a lab from your own stem cells. Why go to all the trouble and expense of getting blood safely donated when you can "grow your own"? Biotech advances will revolutionise healthcare and extend human longevity. The future potential is amazing.

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Stem-cell research a step closer to making blood donation redundant
19 May 2017
Two different teams have managed to train stem cells to replenish a mouse’s blood supply.
Artificial blood saves earthquake victims
Dateline: 17 April 2021
"We're out of blood," was the chilling statement released by Sichuan University School of Medicine in Chengdu. 4,700 people were left homeless following ...
Battle in the clouds
Posted: 18 May 2017

Google's announcement of new hardware for sale is interesting - because you can only buy it as a service. The second generation of Google's TPU chip is optimized for machine learning jobs, and is available as an option to users of Google's Cloud Platform. As a cloud provider, Google is currently running third behind Amazon and Microsoft, but they definitely want to improve on that position. ...

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Google unveils next-gen TPUs to both train and run machine learning models
18 May 2017
At Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai said Google's high-power chips should make Google Cloud Platform the best public cloud for machine learning.


Published on: 18 May 2017

China leads the push for Globalization 2.0

Dateline: 4 July 2035

It's taken two decades, but the demise of the United States as top nation was predicted way back in 2015. Now China is firmly #1 in economic terms, and the west looks decidedly lower-middle class. The global power shift to the east has been driven partly by demographics, but also by China's determination to expand its sphere of economic influence, and to co-opt key nations en route. Central to this ambition was the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, which links up dozens of nodes from Guangzhou to ...

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Neuralink will open the door to the Matrix
Posted: 12 May 2017

Elon Musk's new company Neuralink has the ambition to create a whole-brain digital interface, so that you can communicate with people and computers just with your thoughts - pure thoughts undistorted by language or descriptions. Imagine if you could install a 'wizard hat' on your brain that made the cloud completely accessible at the speed of thought, on demand. Pretty scary stuff, but pretty ...

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants to turn cloud-based AI into an extension of our brains
12 May 2017
Elon Musk has been working on a Neuralink, a human-computer brain interface company, in whatever spare moments he has between running Tesla and also ...
Now you can upload new skills to your brain
Dateline: 10 April 2029
Need a new skill or ability? There's an app for that! Neuroscience and neuroprosthetics have advanced to the point where, if you need to learn Arabic in a ...


Published on: 11 May 2017 1 Comment

Now you can upload new skills to your brain

Dateline: 10 April 2029

Need a new skill or ability? There's an app for that! Neuroscience and neuroprosthetics have advanced to the point where, if you need to learn Arabic in a hurry, or how to make sense of DNA analysis, you can just upload it to your brain. On demand, just like an app for your phone. The first breakthrough was the 'hardware'; memory chips wired into the brains of stroke and accident victims have been replaced by nanoparticle 'liquid electronics', implantable with minimally invasive techniques. They ...

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Melting permafrost may release deadly diseases
Posted: 6 May 2017

We worry about terrorism; we worry about the rise of the Right; we worry about seas rising because of global warming. But here's something new to worry about: the melting of the permafrost is freeing ancient bacteria and viruses that may reintroduce long-forgotten dread diseases to mankind.

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Climate Change Is Freeing Ancient Infections From Their Icy Prisons
6 May 2017
Deadly viruses and bacteria are another side effect of global warming.
SpaceX heads for cyberspace
Posted: 5 May 2017

Will thousands of internet satellites plug the digital divide in under-served areas, or will fibre and terrestrial wireless make the satellites too slow, and obsolete by the time they've launched? It's a gamble, but I think Elon Musk has a good idea - a mesh network of satellites close enough to earth to keep response times quick and cover huge areas currently not connected. It could be a ...

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SpaceX will start launching more than 4,000 broadband internet satellites in 2019
5 May 2017
Potentially ideal for people currently residing in rural areas of the world, SpaceX is moving forward with launching a mesh network of satellites that will ...
Upstart satellite operator creates bandwidth flood
Dateline: 15 May 2011
The Google-funded satellite communications company O3b has transformed the cost of internet access in all those hard-to-reach places, by launching dozens ...


Published on: 4 May 2017

There are 29 million bicycles in Beijing - and that's a problem

Dateline: 29 October 2019

The craze for 'dockless' share bikes in China and elsewhere soon led to a massive problem; piles of discarded bikes all over big cities, clogging up sidewalks and alleyways, malls and stations. The boom in bike manufacture, almost exclusively in China, accelerated, as bicycles essentially became disposable items. With large, automated production runs, producing a standardized bike every 10 seconds, the price per unit plummeted further. Cycle manufacturer Fushida and others together now produce ...

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Can we forecast the future?
Posted: 1 May 2017

We have never believed in forecasting or predicting. The speed and nature of the change around the world, affecting everyone and all industries, suggests that all one can do is understand the forces shaping our future and develop an intuitive feel for the options and opportunities that these may create. And then ensure that one's business is capable, in every way, to respond fast and with ...

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We're moving fast. But nobody knows where we're going
1 May 2017
The telegraph, the internet, and the smartphone reshaped the world for every generation that witnessed them. What if similar inventions show up twice a ...
MindBullet logo 2010-2020: A DECADE OF STEP-CHANGE THINKING
A review of the past decade’s most important trends – PART 2
Dateline: 1 January 2020
Boeing Buys Bombardier as Air Travel Goes SmallBoeing last month outlined their view of the future: pilotless small planes that can land at any local ...
Fusion energy UK
Posted: 28 April 2017 1 Comment

A private company has turned on their latest attempt at delivering nett energy from a fusion reactor, in the UK:

Speaking after the ST40 reactor was officially turned on and achieved “first plasma”, Tokamak Energy chief executive Dr David Kingham said: “Today is an important day for fusion energy development in the UK, and the world.
“We are unveiling the first world-class controlled fusion ...

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UK reactor takes first steps towards fusion - News for the Oil and Gas Sector
28 April 2017
Britain’s newest fusion reactor has been fired up and taken the UK one step further towards generating electricity from the power of the stars. The heart ...
Power from nuclear fusion is forever beyond our grasp
Dateline: 12 May 2026
The greatest nuclear fusion experiment, ITER, has been mothballed barely a year after being switched on. "It's unlikely we'll ever achieve ignition," said ...
Creating a new liberated Internet
Posted: 28 April 2017

The Internet has liberated us, democratising information and changing the way we live, learn, socialise and do business. But in exchange we have effectively given away what could be the most valuable commodity in the world - our data. This quote from Yuvan Harari, author of Homo Deus, sums it up perfectly:
'In the twenty-first century, our personal data is probably the most valuable resource ...

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Blockchain Technology Has The Power to Let Us Build An Entirely New Internet
28 April 2017
Blockchain has the potential of revolutionizing the internet. Decentralizing information will lead to greater transparency.
MindBullet logo THE NEW GOLD OF THE 21st CENTURY
Data drives massive profits for the new corporate titans
Dateline: 23 October 2026
It's certainly not oil, it's not even water. The new 'gold' of the 21st century is data. And a range of corporate giants are using it to drive massive ...


Published on: 27 April 2017

Water in plentiful supply as 'Star Wars' tech makes it out of fresh air

Dateline: 24 April 2020

The first Star Wars movie featured Vaporators on the planet Tatooine for water farming from the atmosphere. Now they are available on Earth, although they look slightly different in real life. It's been known for many decades that condensing water vapor from the air holds the key to water supplies in arid, inland areas; but getting that water from dry rather than humid air was the challenge. By the same token, desalination has offered a solution for coastal cities, but only at substantial energy ...

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Saying goodbye to fake news
Posted: 26 April 2017

Is this the end of fake news, or is it the beginning or something much worse: sanitized news, approved by those who want to control what we see, hear and consume, perhaps even think?

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Google Rewrites Its Powerful Search Rankings to Bury Fake News
26 April 2017
Google isn’t planning to rid fake news from its search results -- but it’s trying to purge it from the top.
'Pants-on-fire' detector comes to the rescue
Dateline: 29 May 2021
The Internet and globalization brought hordes of information with it, but unfortunately no easy way of verifying the truth or validity of all those search ...
Solar fuel and clean air
Posted: 26 April 2017

Solar power works, but it's not very efficient, mainly because it only uses a small part of the sun's light spectrum, mainly UV. What if we could make a photo-reactor that used visible light to generate chemicals? That's what a chemistry professor in Florida has developed. A metal organic framework (MOF) that uses blue light to convert CO2 into usable carbon-based fuels. The idea is to ...

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Scientist invents way to trigger artificial photosynthesis to clean air
26 April 2017
A chemistry professor in Florida has just found a way to trigger the process of photosynthesis in a synthetic material, turning greenhouse gases into clean ...
New process integrates solar power into the hydrocarbon economy
Dateline: 26 February 2026
A new process for capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turning it into usable liquid fuel has been commercialized and scaled up. Originally ...
Loss is the new black - crazy or a new game?
Posted: 25 April 2017

Has Amazon redefined the game for companies used to kowtowing to analysts demands for predictable, visible profits? Or is it a bubble that will burst at some point - you be the judge....but don't ignore the value of constantly innovating, challenging incumbents and seeking new future relevant solutions for amazing customers.

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How Amazon is Dismantling Retail and Destroying Brands - ecommerceIQ - Ecommerce in Southeast Asia,
25 April 2017
Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing at New York University, Stern School of Business & Founder of L2 speaks at L2’s Amazon Clinic about how ...
Consumers no longer choosing devices but platforms
Dateline: 10 December 2012
The Christmas sales in New York and London have exposed what is being called "a war to the death" for digital adversaries Apple and Amazon. The opposing ...
Flying cars will be a reality
Posted: 18 April 2017 1 Comment

One of our science fiction dreams has always been flying cars...and yet they have sadly failed to materialise. But watch this space! This is just one of many companies working on the dream. And check out the video of a working demonstration of the military model that is already flying.

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Is this the flying car you've been waiting for?
18 April 2017
For the past several years, Israeli aerospace firm Urban Aeronautics has been developing a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft that was first known as the AirMule, and is now called the Cormorant. Although the vehicle is aimed mainly at military applications, the company has previously mentioned that its Metro Skyways subsidiary is exploring the possibility of a civilian aircraft ...
Space debris threatens our future
Posted: 22 April 2017

Over the past few years, we have published a few MindBullets about the dangers of space debris - see below. But this latest documentary from the European Space Agency puts the issue into stark perspective. ...

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