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Dividing line
Published on: 18 September 2014  
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3-D printing creates unusual alliances
Dateline: 26 August 2016
Five years ago, it would have seemed an unlikely partnership. But the alliance announced today between BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining group, and printing technology company Hewlett Packard, makes perfect sense. And the reason? 3-D printing has gone mainstream as an industrial production technique, and HP-BHP wants to corner the market. There's hardly an industry within which 3-D printing is not hard at work, from construction to aerospace. And the demand for the specialized metal ...
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Portable nuclear power
Posted: 17 September 2014  
No this invention is not cold fusion, or even warm fusion. Rather it is a nuclear power cell, described as a water-based battery. Perhaps it should be called a fuel cell, as the radioactive material presumably gets used up. It's also unclear whether this device can be recharged and discharged, or if it's a one-time use. My guess is that it would be fairly expensive to use in place of a ...
First water-based nuclear battery can be used to generate electrical energy
17 September 2014
For the first time using a water-based solution, researchers have created a long-lasting and more efficient nuclear battery that could be used for many ...
It’s the start of a new low energy nuclear revolution
Dateline: 5 June 2014
Every once in a while we see the introduction of a technology that is so radically innovative that it seems magical, or impossible. The old clichés get ...
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SpaceX gets passengers
Posted: 17 September 2014  
We offer our hearty congratulations to Elon Musk and SpaceX. The final frontier is in sight!
NASA taps SpaceX, Boeing to carry astronauts to space
17 September 2014
In the return of human space flight for the US, NASA awards both private aerospace companies a combined total of $6.8 billion.
Space tourism and satellite launches compete for profits
Dateline: 27 September 2015
The race to launch a successful private space business has been won - and the victor, surprisingly, is not Virgin's Sir Richard Branson, but a 40-year-old ...
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Could the energy industry be ubered?
Posted: 15 September 2014  
In this short video clip Jim Carroll asks whether the energy industry is prepared for disruption, in the same way that the recording industry was blindsided by MP3s. He asks: Could the energy industry be MP3'd? I prefer to ask if the energy industry could be ubered. Because the Uber model of creating a platform, connecting suppliers with customers, often prosumers sharing resources, is bound ...
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Upgrading your body
Posted: 15 September 2014  
Most futurists agree that technology is developing to the point where we can make serious upgrades to our physical bodies, create transhumans, or even alter the path of evolution itself. Where there's significant disagreement is in the affordability of such upgrades. Will it only be for the wealthy? Yuval Noah Harari says the trend to 'improved humans' will marginalise the poor even more than ...
Body upgrades may be nearing reality, but only for the rich
15 September 2014
Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari says expensive human enhancements will lead to a society more unequal than ever
It may already be too late to ask
Dateline: 17 May 2025
New technologies to 'reinvent and upgrade' the human species are causing widespread alarm around the globe. Scientists have perfected a number of ways to ...
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The Great Leap Forward in computer image recognition
Posted: 15 September 2014  
There's a quiet revolution taking place in computing - and it will not be long before your computer is better at recognizing images than you are. The singularity is indeed approaching.
The Revolutionary Technique That Quietly Changed Machine Vision Forever | MIT Technology Review
15 September 2014
Machines are now almost as good as humans at object recognition, and the turning point occurred in 2012, say computer scientists.
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Car or driver; who to sue?
Posted: 12 September 2014  
If a Google Car bashes into you, can you sue Google? Or the human inside the car? What if there was no driver, just a passenger. Or how about a delivery drone that crashes into your house? The legal questions around autonomous vehicles will get vexing. Here's a legal paper that looks at this problem, and our MindBullet published a year ago, asking this question.
Sue My Car Not Me: Products Liability and Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles
12 September 2014
Autonomous vehicles will revolutionize society in the near future. Computers, however, are not perfect, and accidents will occur while the vehicle is in ...
MindBullet logo CAR KILLS 20: WHO'S TO BLAME?
Court rules driver not responsible if car has on-board computer
Dateline: 12 September 2017
Yesterday's court ruling shows two things - just how far technology has gone and why we should fear our kids! The driver of the car that crashed into a ...
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The Uber potential to transform cities is massive!
Posted: 11 September 2014  
A great read on what Uber could become...and it's almost limitless!
Uber — What's Fueling Uber's Growth Engine? - GrowthHackers
11 September 2014
[Growth Study] What began in 2009 as a luxury car service in San Francisco is now valued at $3.76 billion and operates in more than 35 cities worldwide. As ...
Boeing and Airbus in a tail-spin as the allure of personal planes hits air travel
Dateline: 16 July 2020
As the holiday season gets into full swing, some of the major air hubs in Europe and the USA are comfortably quiet. Chicago, Atlanta, Amsterdam and ...
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Robopocalypse now, soon or never?
Posted: 19 August 2014   2 Comments
Forget about the zombie apocalypse, the robots are going to be the real enemy. That's the message from trend watchers and futurists. Even technohero Elon Musk is warning of the nuclear winter that will result from Super AI. And there's a clue to the big issue, because the bots that will really make 2 billion jobs redundant, as suggested by Thomas Frey, are software agents and algorithms, not ...
Scary Smart Video Predicts Automation Will Make Human Work Obsolete
19 August 2014
If you've ever scoffed at the notion of robots one day taking your job, you probably shouldn't watch this very scary video.
Machines that think for themselves are taking over the world
Dateline: 22 February 2022
In our quest to develop smarter, more powerful, less power-hungry computers and devices, we have created artificial intelligence that rivals that of the ...
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Connecting enchanted objects
Posted: 11 September 2014  
As futurists, we confidently talk about the time when every device, every product, and even packaging components are all connected on the web of things. And when that future arrives, there will be trillions of items, sensors and objects with wireless connectivity. The problem is, how do we make a chip small enough and cheap enough to enable these connections? And how will we make these chips ...
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Published on: 11 September 2014  
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Dreamhackers peddle your subconscious data
Dateline: 9 February 2017
We spend a third of our lives with our eyes closed - literally that is. Besides the fact that the physical body regenerates and restores itself during this time, your subconscious also uses sleep to send you messages. The collective subconscious is one of the most powerful weapons (or should we rather say tools) of humanity, because it holds the secrets to our wants, needs and worries. The Shadow app was introduced two years ago with the aim of creating a global dreams repository. It became a lot ...
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Executives may soon be challenged by machines...are you ready for this?
Posted: 10 September 2014  
In the race between man and machine we should think about our personal relevance. do we simply act out the motions of leadership and succumb to process, governance, rules, admin and linear thinking...or are we truly ahead of the game, able to synthesise complex issues and often paradoxical market forces?
Artificial intelligence meets the C-suite
10 September 2014
Technology is getting smarter, faster. Are you? Experts including the authors of The Second Machine Age, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, examine the ...
Researcher makes physics breakthrough with artificial help
Dateline: 2 October 2010
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences shocked the scientific community yesterday by announcing that the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to an ...
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The end of ownership
Posted: 9 September 2014  
In the networked economy, it's increasingly not necessary own assets, if you have access to the services those assets provide. This is well understood in the consumer market, but also applies in the commercial space.

This article contributes to that thinking and concludes:

"Within the next decade, businesses will need to become much more open and collaborative to survive in an increasingly zero ...
The End of Ownership: The Zero-Marginal-Cost Economy
9 September 2014
Within industries like hospitality and transportation, entrants are succeeding not by optimizing production but by eliminating production cost altogether.
Free energy spawns hordes of wetbots and kills off big brands
Dateline: 13 July 2033
"We're closing up shop. Wetbots made us broke." The production chief of iRobot consumer products grins ruefully. "Luckily we've still got our military ...
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The impact of the Internet on Society
Posted: 9 September 2014  
This is a truly fascinating piece of research, worthy of deep consideration. The Internet has indeed become the technology that shapes our societies, in all corners of the earth. Many people surmise it is increasing isolation and making people more lonely than ever. But the research shows the opposite; that use of the Internet in fact increases sociability and builds stronger relationships. ...
The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective - OpenMind
9 September 2014
Internet is the crucial technology of the information age. This global network of computer networks creates a multimodal and interactive communication.
Resistance to digital media spreads
Dateline: 3 November 2015
With every new interactive innovation, with each new communications device, so interconnectedness grows - leaving very little time for face-to-face ...
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Robots in the farmlands
Posted: 9 September 2014  
I've done a few strategy sessions recently for agricultural groups, and the interest in robotic farming is enormous, from using drones to survey soil conditions and check fences, to robots like this one - weaving in and out between corn plants spraying just the right amount of fertiliser in just the right place. Another arena in which human jobs will ultimately be replaced. Our challenge is ...
Cornfield Robot Sprays Fertilizer on Plants | MIT Technology Review
9 September 2014
The latest in autonomous farming is a robot that weaves between corn stalks, applying fertilizer as it goes.
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Pricing your data
Posted: 8 September 2014  
Never mind governments and secret agencies, now startups want to buy your data; and then on-sell the aggregated analytics to companies. Would you swap your personal data for money? Perhaps Datacoup read our MindBullet on this topic?
Why This Startup Wants Your Personal Data
8 September 2014
Datacoup will pay you $10 a month for access to your credit card and Facebook data.
America's biggest creditor wipes out massive debt for quantum data
Dateline: 15 March 2024
China has long been thought as 'owning' the United States because of the huge amount of US debt on its books. But now China will 'own' us in the data wars, ...
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Tools designed to be our friends
Posted: 8 September 2014  
As the internet of things becomes more entrenched in our lives, we will be faced with ethical questions about the behaviour of robots and connected devices. If a driverless car causes an accident, who is to blame? If your home security fails to recognise you, will you have a claim against the vendor? Here's a great quote from this article in the Guardian:

"The spam sending fridge from earlier ...
When fridges attack: the new ethics of the Internet of Things
8 September 2014
The presidential lecture of the Mathematical Sciences Section of the British Science Association, given by Peter McOwan at the 2014 British Science ...
Homeowner dies as home automation system goes haywire
Dateline: 14 August 2018
It's a dream gone horribly wrong. The automated, connected world was supposed to make our lives and our homes better, easier and safer. But now it's turned ...
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Openness and collaboration is the way to go
Posted: 5 September 2014  
Finally big pharma seems to be getting the message. The world has become more open and collaboration initiatives are creating new and exciting progress in solving old and complex challenges. The big pharma business model is creaking. This shift may just signal a better future for healthcare.
GlaxoSmithKline Leads a Surprising Push for Data Sharing | MIT Technology Review
5 September 2014
Normally super-secretive, pharmaceutical companies are opening up in the hopes of jump starting drug development.
Diabetic treatment revolution sidelines the traditional
Dateline: 1 August 2016
Our bodies run on the glucose energy we get from food. The pancreas makes the hormone insulin which helps the body use or store glucose. In people with ...
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Japan shrinks and sinks
Posted: 5 September 2014  
On the current trajectory, Japan is set to become one huge retirement village. The only way to bring in new blood is to have a positive immigration policy. China is not a good source - they have demographic problems of their own. But what about Africa? That's getting younger and more skilled, and could be a good source of fresh talent for Japan.
Japan’s Population Shrinks for Third Year as Aging Increases
5 September 2014
Japan’s population slid for a third year with the proportion of people over the age of 65 at a global record, underscoring the challenge the world’s most- ...
No sex please, we're Japanese
Dateline: 8 August 2026
Celibacy syndrome in Japan is causing the population to plummet, and now it's going into free fall. Most young women of the marrying age would rather go ...
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China to abandon fossil fuels
Posted: 4 September 2014  
Beijing city is planning to dump coal as a fuel for electricity by 2020. That sounds uncannily like the MindBullet we published nine years ago!

Imagine if that scenario came to pass. It would certainly change the world in more ways than one. Personally I was never convinced that it was a workable scenario; after all, even natural gas is a fossil fuel. But if the gains from ever increasing ...
Beijing's coal ban may herald the end of the fuel
4 September 2014
It sounds unlikely, given that demand for the black stuff has surged in the past decade. But Beijing is planning to ban coal burning in its six central ...
Bold energy strategy targets pollution and leadership in world automotive industry
Dateline: 1 July 2008
Just four weeks before the start of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China has played a trump card in global politics. China has taken the pollution bull by ...
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