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Blurring world boundaries
Posted: 14 August 2007

Online worlds such as Second Life in which users create almost everything that furnishes and populates the place are harbingers of a future where the line between the real and virtual becomes almost impossible to draw.

"Cyberspace will be leaking into the real world," said science-fiction visionary Vernor Vinge during a session at the Siggraph conference that discussed whether the rise of user-generated worlds was a fad or the start of something more profound.

Artificial DNA used to make live replicas of game characters
Dateline: 8 August 2028
Now that scientists have perfected the technique of synthesizing DNA, it is possible to take computer-generated characters from virtual world environments and make physical copies of them. Following on the craze of designer pets, kids can now design their own version of notorious game heroes, and have them 'grown' by BioSynth Inc. Reminiscent of the action figure toys of yesteryear, these ...
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