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Computer virus transmitted by DNA
Posted: 15 August 2017

Years ago - 13 years to be specific, I wrote a MindBullet about a computer virus making the leap to a biological system, and infecting a human. Well, scientists have already demonstrated how one part of that loop could be accomplished. They edited a strand of DNA, coding it with malware that infected the machine designed to decode DNA!

DNA is just software, after all...

Malicious code written into DNA infects the computer that readsĀ it
15 August 2017
In a mind-boggling world first, a team of biologists and security researchers have successfully infected a computer with a strand of DNA. It sounds like..
SARS-22 outbreak linked to software bug
Dateline: 13 February 2022
Panic erupted in Hong Kong's Silicon Alley when it was discovered that the latest outbreak of SARS came from a computer virus. Thousands of people demanded ...
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