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Re: Picasa helps you see better - without glasses
Posted: 11 November 2010

Love the scenario - here are some more future perspectives from the optometric profession:
** A unique feature of the software it that, for drivers of self-drive vehicles on remote roads, it limits the enhancement facility to x3, as to the normal x 50 on automated highways on which human drivers are not permitted.
** The International Olympic Committee has already commissioned its ethics committee to develop scrambler software that will nullify the effect of PicPerfect in sports where it will give the athlete an unfair advantage.
** The military is working on an upgrade, dubbed "Chameleon" whereby the software will allow the user to uncouple his or her binocular vision and turn each eye independently via links to the frontal lobes, midbrain and vestibular center, without the confusion of diplopia (double vision). This will allow police and SWAT teams a "panoramic" view of their surrounds without cumbersome headgear or orientation confusion.

First photo-editor downloaded into the visual cortex
Dateline: 12 December 2021
Yesterday's press conference at the Institute for Optometry showcased a step-change innovation in health care, but it must have sent shivers down the spines of the optometric profession. PicPerfect, a spin-off from Google's Picasa photo-editing software business, showed off twenty patients who had their eyesight dramatically improved through an in-body chip downloaded with the firm's active ...
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