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Basement broccoli
Posted: 13 February 2015

More than seven years ago, we proposed a MindBullets scenario for solving the big problem of trucking fresh food into the big cities on a daily basis. Ever-increasing fuel and transport costs make this a good target for innovation. Even with the falling oil price, there are obvious benefits to growing food indoors or on roof-tops, even in artificially-lit basements. It's always organically fresh and available on the spot.

Now this idea is getting serious attention, in London. Soon there will be Bomb-shelter Salad on the menu!

Sun-free farming: Indoor crops under the spotlight
13 February 2015
It tastes great, is hyper-local and is available all year round. But is growing food indoors in our cities really sustainable?
Indoor farming produces fresh food where it's needed - in the store
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