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Road to the future
Posted: 1 March 2016

Google calls their robocars AVs or Autonomous Vehicles. I dislike acronyms and prefer to call UAVs drones, but we haven't settled on a name for self-driving cars yet. Indeed, it seems that it will be a while before we have fully autonomous cars (autocars) and will more likely have cars with an autopilot mode for some time.

A couple of years ago we published this MindBullet that asks the question: Who is responsible when an autocar causes a crash? Well, it seems the first crash caused by the computer has finally happened. Although not serious, and probably instructive as it will help avoid similar incidents in the future, it points to the intractable problem of mixing autocars and human drivers on the same road. If all the vehicles were driven by computer, and connected to each other, they would have signalled their intentions wirelessly and avoided the collision in real time.

Which makes it all the more likely that, at some point in the future, human drivers will be banned from certain roads.

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