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Nanobots cleaning your bloodstream
Posted: 21 June 2018

An old MindBullet we wrote years ago suggested that by 2017, we could have nanobots cleaning our arteries. Well, that was a little optimistic, but now engineers have developed nanobots made from gold nanowires coated with cell membranes that clear toxins and bacteria from blood - powered by ultrasound. So perhaps, in the future, these scenarios will become commonplace!

Cell-like nanorobots clear bacteria and toxins from blood
21 June 2018
San Diego, Calif., May 30, 2018 -- Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed tiny ultrasound-powered robots that can swim through ...
And a microspider "roto-rooter" cleans my arteries
Dateline: 27 March 2017
Who's old enough to remember "Fantastic Voyage", the 1966 film in which a team of scientists were shrunk to microsize and injected into the bloodstream of ...
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