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3D printing times 4-in-1
Posted: 23 March 2018

Perhaps it should be called 12D printing, but that would be trite. An experimental multi-manufacturing printer that uses four different printing methods in a single layer has been shown to be able to print complete electronic components. SO in the future, you could just download the latest smartphone and print it out, complete with battery, screen, internal electronics and speaker. All in one operation.

Four-in-one 3D printer paves way for custom-made robots and phones
23 March 2018
Experimental device is a route to printing smartphones and other electronics.
Printing holograms - in seconds
Dateline: 16 December 2020
Let's say you need a couple of shiny, glittery baubles for your festival tree, or maybe something to fix the garden hose. Now, if you can imagine it, it's ...
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