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Is this the end of inovation
Posted: 21 June 2010

Remember back in the days of the idle aristocracy that they had servants and minions to do all the hard work and so they did several things - spent time bored to tears, went to war or found ways to indulge their sexual and other fantasies such as art. As a result they were not known for their left brained intellectual prowess and most of the inventions of the industrial revolution in fact came from the working classes
Lawrence Durrell was often quoted having said that the Dodo [extinct bird] was so stupid that it would not be out of place taking a seat in the British House of Lords.
Also to quote Tennysson "Mankind becomes the slave of what his slaves create"

Good article!!!

The pace of technology advances slows as all invention is outsourced to computers
Dateline: 3 March 2033
We are in trouble. We’ve reached the end of the road. Like the mythical serpent devouring itself from the tail, we have progressed in ever decreasing circles, until we reached the point where we are in danger of disappearing up our own metaphorical orifice. Let’s be clear on what we are discussing. The ability of the human species to perpetually innovate and invent new, better, smaller, ...
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