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Windows that harvest solar power
Posted: 17 July 2017

Windows that harvest solar energy to create electricity? What an obvious idea! Yet it has taken until now for the first installation, in a bank building in the Netherlands...not exactly a country known for copious sunshine!
Imagine the impact in high-sunshine countries.
Then there are Elon Musk's solar-generating roof tiles - and the advent of solar paint is not far off, as our MindBullet alongside explains.

These Transparent, Solar Power-Generating Windows Are the World's First
17 July 2017
Trying to make large buildings energy-neutral, companies are taking advantage of building windows' surface area to harvest solar energy.
Just paint that wall for instant solar fuel
Dateline: 23 June 2022
It's taken five years to come to fruition, but the magic of solar paint is finally something every building owner can benefit from. Why pay for costly 3D ...
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