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Turning back the clock of age
Posted: 26 June 2016

We've been talking about science reversing the ravages of aging for a long time now. One of our favourite biotechnology professors used to open his sessions with our clients by stating:" 'The first children that will live to be 120 years old have already been born...'
And now, it seems to be on the verge of happening. The first human volunteers are preparing to test a drug that has shown remarkable promise in reversing aging in mice.

First Science-Backed Anti-Aging Drug to Be Tested in Humans Next Month
26 June 2016
Nicotinamide mononucleotide, which has been proven to reverse signs of aging in mice, including decline in eyesight, metabolism, and glucose intolerance, ...
Actuarial data point way to long working lives
Dateline: 12 November 2030
The UK's Institute of Actuaries has blown the whistle on the continued political battle over the official retirement age in the EU. For the past few years ...
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