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American solar grows and grows
Posted: 14 June 2018

Despite a slump in solar installations, as a result of Trump's tariffs on imported panels, solar continues to shine in the US, and has overtaken gas and wind power for new installations. The tariffs should make Elon Musk happy, as Tesla is building a huge factory to manufacture their own panels, and their solar roof tiles are also made in the US.

Solar Has Overtaken Gas and Wind as Biggest Source of New U.S. Power
14 June 2018
Despite tariffs that President Trump imposed on imported panels, the U.S. installed more solar energy than any other source of electricity in the first ...
Rooftop, backyard and portable solar is the new meme
Dateline: 15 March 2022
The biggest energy revolution in 150 years has arrived gradually, then suddenly. Now it's here. Personal solar power has displaced central utilities ...
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