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Nuclear Technology Competition
Posted: 7 August 2006

Seems like many countries are putting two and two together in the climate debate and looking at the energy demand vs. supply balance and are coming up with the nuclear conclusion. There are a huge number of different reactor designs out there; some haven't even got off the drawing board yet. We're into the third generation of reactor designs at the moment (incl. PBMR design). Just like the VHS/Betamax race there is bound to be a race for the most commercially viable Nu-Rx (Nuclear Reactor). Thorium is a serious contender, that could put Uranium Rx out of business. Fusion is the dream but it's a long way off from serious commercial exploitation. Nu-Rx design and development is NOT cheap and when one group wins the race there are bound to be some serious losers. So the question is: will PBMR be one of the losers?

Indian breakthrough changes focus of nuclear frenzy
Dateline: 11 October 2009
Indian engineers seem to have set the cat amongst the pigeons of the nuclear energy industry. Yesterday, in a Mumbai press briefing hosted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the newly-formed INEF announced that a new breakthrough would make nuclear reactors fuelled by thorium a commercial reality within three years. India's growth in nuclear energy has always been constrained due to their ...
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