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District 9
Posted: 29 April 2010

The thought is eery...this may become the option for most of High Crime and Population based countries.

Just the way Landfill and waste disposal is probably the most high profit yielding businesses due to exploding population and generation of waste...

Similarly, it will have people communions trapped in the same web...

State-specific laws creating 'District 9' - say critics
Dateline: 10 October 2018
It's been a turbulent decade for law-makers in the USA. Beyond regulations controlling the banking industry, the number one divisive issue has been legislation around migration into the US and how to handle transgressors. Mexico's uncontrolled drug wars have led to a continued escalation of illegal migrants entering the US, taking greater risks against ever-tightening controls by the border ...
Wolfgang Grulke When everything is going swell with an economy there tends to be a rise in idealism. It's when an economic crunch bites that these kinds of social and community issues bubble to the surface and people are forced to confront their 'basic' selves - it becomes 'them' vs 'us'! And you know who will be preferred. The movie 'District 9' put this brilliantly into a modern context, reflecting the historic context of SA's apartheid era. It takes just one small step over the edge for the fall to happen.
Posted: 29 April 2010 at 12:02
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