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Oil & Water
Posted: 4 September 2006

It sounds a bit strange to compare water to oil, considering that they don't mix. I'm not sure whether the paradox is intentional so as to grab the readers attention? The first sentence implies the link is based on the value of oil, following the boom in prices. Oil used to be called "black gold", maybe the world has entered a new standard in value: the oil standard?

What's interesting is that much of the scarcity is in the Middle East, which is already under strain - implying that this region will become even more of a melting pot in future.

We can no longer rely on natural water sources says World Bank
Dateline: 11 August 2016
Since oil prices peaked with political uncertainty in 2006, the next big boom industry turned out to be water - and it’s now worth more than US$ 1 trillion. There seems to be no limit to the heights that water can reach. “Water is hot property and world demand is insatiable,” says Standard Chartered economist Gluckman Ho. Exploding urban populations are driving global water shortages and a ...
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