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It's all happened before...
Posted: 7 December 2010

Bill Bryson's book on the History of Everything has a brilliant chapter that talks about the life of bacteria, almost turning them into rock stars! This is seriously different life! They were here before we were and they will definitely outlive us. In a sense, we are just visiting THEIR planet!

Life found in space - but not quite what we thought
Dateline: 25 December 2018
The world awoke this Christmas morning to the dramatic news that the answer to one of the great questions of all time had been found - we are not alone in the universe! But the discovery of life on a distant planet with the unprepossessing name of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb is hardly the stuff of science fiction. Far from green-skinned, one-eyed, tentacled monsters, the life discovered by a joint ...
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