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Intelligent prosthetics and orthotics
Posted: 5 January 2009

Wonderful!!! As a wearer of a permanent leg orthotic, I can tell you that building some intelligence into any of these devices would make the wearer's life much easier and restore agility that has been lost.
Issues of chafing, skin irritation, pore infection and general discomfort in the prosthetic or orthotic limb contact areas are very real and need constant watching and extra hygiene care.

Currently there is some opposition to the existing intelligent technology because of costs and reluctance of the insurance company's to pay out medical claims. Let's hope this hurdle is resolved.

I'm not sure I agree with your final step of voluntary amputation for replacement cyber limbs as you have omitted the very real issue of phantom or idiopathic pain that inevitably accompanies severing or damage of major nerve pathways. In adults it's a very real problem believe me from first hand experience.
Idiopathic pain management is not well understood with the exception of a few medical specialists.
Refer to the book "The War on Pain" by Scott Fishman MD for further reading o the subject.

Thanks for an interesting Mindbullet.
Best Regards

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