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Embedded intelligence
Posted: 26 June 2018

Key to the mass adoption of machine learning and intelligent things, is the ability to drive intelligence to the edge, in everyday devices and sensors, rather than relying on supercomputers in the cloud to do all the heavy lifting. A startup called GraphCore is developing an IPU to replace GPU and CPU in machine learning, promising dramatic improvements in performance. So it's not just Intel building chips for the future of 'intelligence everywhere.'

Data shows scalability of new artificial intelligence chip -
26 June 2018
Early data from GraphCore‘s first chip for machine learning and artificial intelligence is showing a dramatic speedup for AI algorithms and the ability to ...
Intel's new brain-like chip puts machine learning in the heart of your device
Dateline: 29 September 2018
AI is dead. Long live accelerated AI. Now deep learning by computers has been internalised in the CPU, the very heart of the machine. It's called ...
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