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Twitter by thinking
Posted: 19 November 2009

University of Wisconsin's Adam Wilson tweets by EEG signals!

Also reda his Twitter log...

The convergence of in-body and in-home networking is here
Dateline: 15 September 2010
The chip business hasn’t exactly set the world on fire the last few years but today two consumer giants Sony and IBM got together to launch their entry into the ‘in-body’ chip market - the PersonalCell chip. Designed to be implanted under the skin, this chip, smaller than a grain of rice, effectively replaces your passport, ID card and, some mobile phone functions. It provides wireless ...
Doug Vining This holds promise for the SEVENTH SENSE scenario, where you can send your friends updates just by thinking about it, and read their replies on your augmented reality specs.
Posted: 19 November 2009 at 06:18
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