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Amazing, but...
Posted: 2 September 2010

I think that IBM invented the e-gatekeeping strategy. In this case however, the envisaged supply line would be completely exposed to Network availability. In the general future, governments would own and control the national IP networks, and with it the e-commerce and e-people activities.

Governments would become the "gate keepers" of such an inflexible, global supply line, and history has shown how "gate keepers" tend to charge exorbitant "pay-to-play" fees. Taxation would become a real-time activity, as would other directives of governance. Non compliers would be excluded by simply getting "switched off", or unplugged from the Global Logistics Network. IBM's Integrion would eventually serve its design purpose as governmental corruption would enter a truly "invisible" dimension via the "hostile acquisition" of organizational activities.

For now, organizations should make the money they can from this opportunity, but they should not jump onto the bandwagon to follow the trend. Market leadership of the future would demand uncontrolled access to non-governmental, secure, digital infrastructure. Rephrase your core competencies very carefully, and grow towards maximum flexibility. The line between enterprises and governments are becoming blurrier by the month.

From designer straight to desk-top manufacturing at the point of usage
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