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Opportunity for new political grouping to rise
Posted: 22 June 2006

What a golden opportunity for a valid political grouping to come to the fore. One that can take our strong economic growth and progress to date as a Nation, but combine that with systems that also uplift the poverty-stricken sections of the population.

We have to hold out hope we don't end up in a situation where there is no valid 'opposition' that could step in and run the Country better - too many such examples in Africa.

If we are to continue the miracle transformation into sustained progress for the long term, we need to combine what is strong from a growing economy with the need to cater for the poor in particular. Take the best from both capitalist and socialist systems and move forward from there?

ANC unity crumbles as majority alliance splits
Dateline: 2 May 2009
The May Day celebrations were muted this year as ANC factions licked their wounds and tried to determine what the Good News message could be to members and the electorate after their acrimonious split at the party conference ten days ago. A year of crippling strikes has already delayed construction of major facilities for next year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa and been the catalyst for ...
Shorty Short Mmm .. I'm coming from the truism that "The rich millions will never live in peace if they can't deal with the poor billions" and this leads me to believe there simply has to be a way to mobilise capital with labour to create upliftment. There are many basic projects that could be undertaken like some of the 'Marshall Plan' revitalisation in Europe and didn't 'we' plant forests in the Eastern Transvaal after WWII in an effort to get people on their feet again?

Perhaps Business can lead by bringing the factions together into another World Trade Centre type talks - it worked then so why could it not work now - don't have much time, do we?
Posted: 22 June 2006 at 20:11
Neil Jacobsohn Interesting - and who do you think should be involved in that political grouping? In particular, how does business reclaim its "legitimacy"?
Posted: 22 June 2006 at 16:54
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