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Global Warming
Posted: 4 November 2004

Nothing is said about the US's attitude regarding pollution, CO2 and its effects on the global environment, which is going to make the world a very unfriendly place for our children.
The American leaders don't seem to care about this aspect of the future. The Americans are the biggest energy gluttons consuming more than 50% of all the energy generated, but they are only about 5% of the world population.
The hot-house effect is a fact and probably THE biggest threat of the future, but American leaders spend their time on trivialities.

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Doug Vining Your comment about global warming is valid, but concerns the future 20-30 years from now, not four or six. Very soon China will be the biggest polluter and contributor to global warming, not the USA. Look for a MindBullet on this and related subjects soon.
Posted: 4 November 2004 at 11:28
Wolfgang Grulke One possibility of Bush's second term as President is that he (like Reagan) will take a very different attitude to the world around him. It will take a concerted long-term strategy to reduce America's energy consumption and change lifestyles. Given that, the USA of 20 to 30 years from now could be a very different place. Will it happen? I hope so - but at this stage there is no evidence that it will!
Posted: 4 November 2004 at 11:13
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