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Posted: 21 June 2006

I love the GreenScan idea. One of the philosophical and thus debatable issues that arises with any green initiative is "how green is green enough?" This GreenScan service could be the market feedback mechanism that informs business & policy makers what the consumers think. This offers a heuristic learning cycle that could inform the decision-makers whether Greenbucks will be a pure stand-alone market instrument or whether a policy-hybrid is needed with extra incentives. The academics could bench-mark the theoretically required "green" impact against real market trends. Business could use it to refine their marketing approach and improve their competitive advantage.

Sweden leads the race to go green as consumers shun 'dirty' products
Dateline: 8 June 2012
Carbon credits are dead - long live greenbucks! It finally dawned on eco-conscious consumers in the West that their old habit of outsourcing polluting production processes to the East was backfiring on their ideals. At the same time the EU dropped the unworkable carbon tax - carbon credit scheme in favor of direct support for green industries. The shift has caught some manufacturers by ...
Doug Vining Who is the Greenest of them All? - 29 August 2006
Renowned environmentalist group, Greenpeace, has released a report titled "Your Guide to Green Electronics," ranking some of the biggest names in Electronics based on their policies with respect to "use of chemicals and electronic waste (e-waste)".
An early version of GreenScan?
Posted: 29 August 2006 at 18:26
Brett Dawson I suspect it will take a significant amount of sponsorship to put a team and a working model together that has sufficient credibility (with independant audits) to get the idea up and running. Once it is in place and people start thinking about the potential application then I suspect it will be easier to fund, grow and manage. The other issue is the geographic footprint - a local or regional application would be a lot less daunting to establish than a global one. To be highly effective a global footprint is needed. The Chinese proverb comes to mind - "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".
Posted: 20 July 2006 at 11:26
Doug Vining But will anyone take this idea and make it real? I wonder...
Posted: 20 July 2006 at 08:40
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