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Wonder wine
Posted: 25 June 2018

Four years ago we 'predicted' that at some point, Californian wine makers would introduce wine with a touch of cannabis. Well, that is happening this year, but in a quirk we didn't foresee, they are removing the alcohol, so it will be alcohol free but laced with THC.

This US winery is making a Sauvignon Blanc wine laced with cannabis
25 June 2018
But now, the varietal is about to get a lot greener as one vineyard is working on a complex wine which swaps out alcohol for cannabis.
Modified crops produce food and drink with that feel-good factor
Dateline: 26 July 2017
It's unusual for innovation in California to develop outside of Silicon Valley, but this time it's Napa Valley that's making the headlines. Vineyards and ...
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