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Now its only five years
Posted: 9 July 2010

Europe Will Be Powered By Saharan Sun in Five Years
“The EU and many European companies are helping to fund a large scheme of solar projects in Northern Africa called Desertec in hopes of using that energy to meet a target of having 20 percent of its energy come from renewables by 2020. The first phase of projects will have a capacity in the hundreds of megawatts, while over the next 20 to 40 years, the capacity will reach hundreds of gigawatts. The electricity will be transmitted to Europe with new inter-connector cables being constructed under the Mediterranean Sea, but will also service African nations.”

Solar energy at the centre of an economic storm
Dateline: 11 May 2020
It's been just a year since the Afro-European solar energy initiative was launched to harness the deserts of North Africa to supply European countries with clean, renewable energy. Yesterday afternoon, a meeting of the OAEEC (the Organization of African Energy Exporting Countries) voted to turn off Europe's energy supply unless new immigration rights for their citizens were agreed. What had ...
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