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Turning a warehouse into a farmhouse
Posted: 1 March 2016

Almost nine years ago we 'predicted' this development in vertical farming. Why import everything into cities when you can grow it fresh in the basement, using LEDs? And of course, high tech urban farming results in less waste and better upcycling, so it aids the environment, and the circular economy too! 'Farmhouse' now has a new meaning.

Aerofarm has built the world's largest vertical farm
1 March 2016
AeroFarms' New Jersey HQ grows crops up to the ceiling using aeroponic mists and LEDs, Marc Oshima explains
Indoor farming produces fresh food where it's needed - in the store
Dateline: 1 May 2030
New thinking in urban design, plus new technologies, are turning city blocks into self-contained 'country villages'. Hydrogen fuel cells and community ...
Doug Vining This quote from the article really made me think:
"AeroFarms' agricultural optimisation relies on algorithms that continually monitor nutrients and lighting at different points in the plants' growth cycles. By optimising light wavelengths and the nutrient-filled mist, operators can endow plants with different tastes, textures, colours and yield."

AI farming indoors. Wow!
Posted: 1 March 2016 at 14:29
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