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Wikileaks and Future Governments
Posted: 13 January 2011

Passing events, such as the Wikileaks debacle, merely serve as indicators, a barometer if you will, of where certain aspects of the world are heading into.

I think, the primary indicator for our future, in this story, is the fact that so many individuals, corporations, and I suspect some governments as well, are actively campaigning in favour of Wikileaks's proliferation against the US Government and perhaps its allies. It has taken on a very-threatening diplomatic position of its own.

When the US government threatened to take over all IP networks and to close down communications if they wanted to, I was expecting a social backlash of some sorts. However, Wikileaks exploded and astounded me with its political will. It was the year's wow! factor for me.

Websites and data networks are not to be regarded as media anymore, but rather as the eventual arrival of virtual governments. Such governments would increasingly have voices of their own, thereby providing an exponential factor to the fragmentation of global politics, and thus rule.

In the future, anything political would indeed become possible - even the total shutdown of the Internet.

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