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Handy interfaces!
Posted: 20 February 2011

There's huge focus on a new generation of interfaces between humans and computers, including cell phones (which are increasingly becoming complex computers) - from "mechanical" devices to speech to thought control. It all underpins the massive connectivity revolution taking place - and that's what behind everything from the political to social and business upheavals we are witnessing. What are you doing in your company to understand this revolution?

Coming soon: Wave your hand to control your phone
20 February 2011
Extreme Reality's touchless gesture interface software runs on a bulky TI system for developing mobile phones, but it'll arrive on real-world models later ...
Latest craze is 'living' other people's lives - to the full
Dateline: 19 September 2019
This weekend I climbed Everest. Next weekend I'm thinking of walking on the moon. But for both, I don't have to leave my armchair in London. Environmental ...
Anton Musgrave In 2011 XBox recognized hand movements and facial expressions and instantly translated these into a reaction by the game. By 2020 will we transmit an email by thought? How will we interface with every object on the planet...all of which will be linked by smart nano-sensors? Scary but really possible! What if this were true?
Posted: 20 February 2011 at 14:14
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