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saw-tooth economy
Posted: 20 November 2010

you remind me of a saying [forget the source] that in the history of banking, banks cumulatively have not made a profit, but bankers have been greatly enriched. still true? My own 2020 scenario that I use most has a saw-tooth effect but my argument includes the effects of commodity movements as well. That plus growing complexity will stump us all

How they continued to profit in a sawtooth no-growth economy
Dateline: 31 May 2012
Everyone says they're not surprised, but today's revelations in the New York Times and Britain's The Independent have shaken the masters of the financial universe to their core. Their evidence shows that banks have been using their influence with governments to prevent precisely the sorts of reforms that are needed to pull the economy out of its nosedive. We all know that prior to 2007's ...
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