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3D Printing continues developing
Posted: 18 May 2011

The cynics still dont 'get it' with 3D printing. Yet this exciting innovation will transform manufacturing as we know it. I cant wait to avoid the weekly shopping trip and simply print what I need!

GE and EADS to Print Parts for Airplanes - Technology Review
18 May 2011
Lighter load: A conventional hinge for the cover of a jet engine (top) could be replaced by the more intricate one at bottom, which is just as strong but ...
No more paper or ink, but everything else goes
Dateline: 17 June 2012
I spent a frustrating few days at the World Printing Industry Showcase in Beijing this weekend. As an old-timer of the printing industry, I simply didn't ...
Wolfgang Grulke Well said!
Posted: 18 May 2011 at 18:20
Doug Vining There's no doubt that 3D printing is indeed the 'killer app' that is going to change the way we make stuff in the future. With randomizing algorithms and personalisation of products, the idea of mass produced identical products for the mass market will seem a quaint anachronism!
Posted: 18 May 2011 at 18:04
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