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New "rages"
Posted: 25 April 2006

Sounds like telephone rage! Think about it...all the different rages sprouting up...telephone, road, billboard, flying, queuing, shopping, government, youth, banks ...its becomming one mighty angry world!! Add to this the growing wealth gap, global poverty, inadequate savings for retirement thats about to become apparent with the imminent retirement of millions of boomers...and its a powder keg out there!

Consumers don’t want to talk to machines any more
Dateline: 12 June 2007
The consumer campaign against infuriating automated call-centers is gaining momentum. Last year, US computer expert Paul English created a ‘cheat sheet’ to get you straight past the most-used call-center prompts, straight to a human being. That was then and the revolution is now! Yesterday's announcements by SonyEricsson have certainly put consumer power center-stage. These facilities to ...
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