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Age of Transparency...for some?
Posted: 17 January 2011

As we hurtle towards a world of openness and transparency, why is it still so difficult for some industries and businesses to respond...and to make it really clear and simple for customers to 'get it?'.

When mobile operators need to issue 'clarification statements' one has to wonder why tariffs, data rates and the multitude of customer options can't be simplified and made VERY easy to begs the question as to what is being hidden and why?

In a world where trust has become a scarce attribute, the opportunity to create unprecedented customer loyalty through total openness is up for grabs...who will move first to claim that space? Is there anyone courageous enough out there?

T-Mobile offers more clarification on new 'fair usage policies' for data
17 January 2011
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Doug Vining I agree. The plethora of voice and data bundles offered by Vodacom in South Africa is totally confusing and obviously designed to maximise revenue yield, minimising customer utility. Other operators are similar, but sufficiently different to make comparisons impossible. And yet in Kenya, call rates are as low as ONE Kenyan Shilling per minute, which is about 1.5 US cents! With a low simple tariff like that, customer usage rates will boom.

Why can't we take the lead on this continent? Don't we understand 'Naked Leadership' at all?
Posted: 25 January 2011 at 11:59
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