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Posted: 6 November 2006

Ther woudl ahve to be specific restrictions on basic financial services, advice etc. Perhaps limited to transactional banking (with volume/value limits?), advice limited to 1 free consultation p.a. or perhaps compulsory courses in financial planning/budgeting etc at school - at higher levels of value than currently offered?

I dont see free life insurance unless it is severely limited to 1 years income or something like that?

Radical tax proposals could include no tax on first R500k profit/income for all?

To unleash any meaningful ecenomic power we need to deregulate labour law and ease business regulation dramatically as well - red tape is stifling everyone!

Swedish and South African governments unleash human and economic potential
Dateline: 12 November 2009
Personal communications and basic financial services have joined shelter, education and health care as basic human rights. Within weeks of each other, the Swedish and South African governments have unleashed a visionary future in which cities and the state will be responsible for providing free broadband wireless services and free personal banking to all residents, and visitors. Countries ...
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